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Who is planning on tandem nursing with this babe? - Page 2

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Haven't done it before, but expect to. dd will be about 30 mos, and she's cut back greatly with the low supply and me limiting her time to 10 mins/session, but with more milk and less pain on my part I expect she will continue with zeal.
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DS is 17.5 mos and I am sooooooo excited to have the milk come back in so he can nurse again. It went away fairly early in the pregnancy and while he still "nurses" I don't think anything comes out. Maybe colostrum? I feel like I've been depriving my baby of his nutritious milk so not long now! He's night weaned so I'm not at all worried about that. He's a spirited non sleeping baby and about a month or two ago I moved out of the bedroom and DH took over night duty and we're all happier...I get a few mos of sleep before the new baby comes, DH loves the close time he gets to spend with DS before he gets to big for that kind of thing (dh works a lot) and DS comes running out of |the big bedroom" in the morning into the "baby play room" and snuggles and nurses with me on the bed in there before I make breakfast, it will be so great when there is milk to give him. His daytime behaviour is better too. I don't get it, but DH says he's sucking up to me because he's not with me at night. The new baby and I will sleep in there I think until DS is a better night sleeper, and until we see what this new one will be like.
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I'm so glad I found this thread! I never got to nurse my daughter normally. From lots of difficult circumstances I exclusively pumped for her for a year. She will be 2 and a half when this baby gets here. We have been talking about baby sister nursing and I have shown her with baby dolls what it will look like. She lately, has been asking if she can have milk too. I am totally open to this but how will I go about it? I mean, it's not like she will know how to latch on properly, or will that even be something I need to worry about? I know that as of now she says she wants to have mommy's milk too which I am thirlled about I just don't know how it will work since she's not a nursling alum.

Any suggestions or advice for me?
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I will be tandem nursing...
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I am facing the possibilty of triandem nursing. Luckily my older nursling only nurses every couple of days now that he has all of his teeth.I lurked on the multiples board to get ideas on positioning two young ones since most info I found was for 2 year olds and older.Since they were 16 months apart time limits don't always work.I used lots of pillows and took up the couch in the begining and then latched the new one on and then let the older one to come to me.At night time I would stack the new one on top of the older one or roll from one to the other.When were out and about I found sitting on the floor against a wall helped when I didn't have any pillows.Sometimes I did try to cover but most of the time I was so covered by children that noone knew what I was doing even when they were looking at me and talking to me.
I loved having the older nursling because he drained my breasts when I got engorged and there was always plenty for my newborn.I also hardly leaked during growth spurts.
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