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Phew! Tackled my evil horrible bad area (pics)

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I hope it's ok to post this. I spent the entire day cleaning, organizing, downsizing, and scrubbing. My hands are raw! This is the area that I seriously dreaded doing, and have been procrastinating on for months (as it got worse and worse). It feels SO good to be done. So I thought I'd post pics to show what I've been up to today.

My March declutter challenge went from 350 items to over 1000 items out of the house.

Laundry/Craft Room Declutter

It's so nice to be able to actually walk through the room.
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Wow huge improvement!! It looks so neat and organized! Way to go mama

It feels so great doesn't it!
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WOW! What a transformation. I had to go back and look at that first picture again when I got to the clear desk because it was such an improvement Good luck keeping it clean (that's my problem.. you should see *my* desk.
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wow! such inspiration for me! i'm going to tackle my basement and garage to do a similar transformation for spring cleaning/garage sale prep!
thanks for the pics!
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Wow! It is beautiful!
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Great work!
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Thanks! I'm hoping it'll be easy to keep clean. Everything is super organized, and I got rid of a TON of stuff (I had craft items that have been waiting to be turned into something since uh...elementary school Yes, I finally tossed out stuff I've been hanging onto for over 20 years.)

The next step is to paint the room. Any color suggestions?
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Wow! Looks awesome! You must have worked hard!
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Wow- that's great!
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Good for you!!!

I say paint it a nice pale green or a bright yellow?
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AWESOME! talk about inspiration
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that is so inspiring!

mine are the kitchen and my bedroom. my bedroom is the absolutely worst. I'm doing that one LAST. LoL.
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It looks so great!

Wow, those before pictures, you had to do laundry in there? Do you have a ton more free time now just because you don't have to fight with things?
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That's some impressive work right there!!!
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Great work!!
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Good for you!! It looks great .
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Holy Schmoly! What an awesome job! You could get a TV show.
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Nice work! I'm so impressed. I like the green and yellow color suggestions. I need bright happy colors to make me do laundry
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Great job! I'd go with a bright cheery yellow. My laundry room is green and it's faded into a weird shade. I'm thinking of painting it yellow now that I finally have it clean.

What's your next project? Could it be my house?
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mama! thats awesome!!!!
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