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something most people have but...

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you'd love to rid yourself? For me its my microwave. That old dinosaur won't die. We still heat up leftovers, water for tea and mirco popcorn in it. My family would have a fit if I got rid of it. However, I resent the space it takes up. We do only heat in glass at least. Oh and our toaster. Oh and our food processor. All three of those can go as far as I'm concerned. But my dh would have a fit as he cooks to and uses the processor twice a year: : :

Maybe I should offer him a deal...get rid of the processor and toaster and I will pay him well for them
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My DH has funny little kitchen items that he loves and I tolerate. I don't mind the microwave because when we do use it, it's really useful and fast. And it's nice to have things quickly for my two year old. But I have a toaster oven that is used about once a year that I could part with. And a few HUGE pots and pans. I should put them downstairs for a year and see if we've missed them. If not, I'll donate them.
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The oven. I only bake enough at once to justify using the oven like once a year. Everything else can fit in the toaster oven.

My ideal kitchen would have those convection burners built in as part of the counter top design, and a small wall oven with a toaster option. In my ideal house, this would also somehow be used to help heat the air of the furnace system when the heat was on.
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The waffle iron. Seriously - a cooking appliance you can't submerse? The thing has been used twice since we were married 10 years ago, and it is disgusting. I just can't get it clean. And it's got a non-stick surface so I can't really scrub it. Dh has this thing about having a waffle iron, though. So it stays. At least it's small.
Also the toaster oven. I never use it. The outside gets so hot, so I'm paranoid about the kids touching it and getting burned, or it catching on fire or some weird thing.

mom to dd (5 1/2), ds (almost 3) and #3 due in June
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I love ALL my kitchen appliances and use them all regularly. I want to get a waffle iron too so I can make waffles. I love waffles and I hate the frozen kind. (plus they are expensive)
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Calebsmom-I wish I would have known that as I Goodwilled a waffle iron not but two weeks ago. Perfect condition and everything. :
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We don't have a microwave - I don't like microwaved food, it becomes soft and mushy, and microwave popcorn is just grows. I make it fresh on the stove, and it tastes soo much better and is cheap! I don't have a waffle iron either, but wish I had one I have a hand mixer for mashing potatoes and to puree soups, which I totally love, and it is small. I don't need a toaster as we mostly use the oven anyways. I could never get rid of an oven, which we use almost daily.

I am not so sure about the food processor either, because it does come in handy when chopping vegetables for carrot soup, latkes, french fries, onion cakes, apple strudel etc. However, I am considering since a while now to get a big kitchen mixer, as we do bake a lot and make our own bread, and kneading takes a long time. I would in turn get rid of the food processor and just get an adapter for the kitchen mixer. Any thoughts on that?
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Our microwave finally died and we got rid of it. I love not having one. The guys in the family whined for a while, but they got over it. We eat a lot better without the microwave to fall back on!
I'd love to get rid of the coffee pot, but I don't think anyone would stand for that. I also think I'm going to get rid of our small food processor and a few other things I haven't used in a while.
I loove our waffle maker, though. fresh waffles It gets used at least twice a month.
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I'm hoping to lose the microwave in our next move. I use it so seldomly that it's not worth the counter space it takes up. However, it's one of those things that DH would refuse to part with.
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The kitchen table. I'd love to have a Japanese tea table height table and some pillows to go around it. So much better for keeping a strong back and posture, plus you could easily make it where you could use all of the floorspace if you needed it. However, if we did this, I don't think I'd ever be able to get any of my family to come visit again!

For that matter, I wouldn't mind just having floor cusions instead of my couch and chair, but once again, I think the company I keep would.
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We do not have an electric coffee machine, just one of those little italian stove top coffee makers - we got it for 50c on a yard sale and love it. We do not have a coffee grinder, but use a pestar and mortar to grind our own coffee.

There is also no couch in our house. We have 2 rocking chairs (from yard sales for 5$ each, they needed cleaning and some fixing) for guests. And we do not have a bed, we sleep in our futons and roll it up every day (in the japanese style), so our bedroom is an extra room during daytime.

We don't have a dryer, on central heat, and our fridge is one of those dorm size fridges.
We don't have curtains No TV, no AC.

I keep forgetting, what things are normal in other families home, but I am pretty sure, there are things we have others consider redundant.
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Originally Posted by Merilin View Post
We do not have a coffee grinder, but use a pestar and mortar to grind our own coffee.
Wow that is impressively dedicated! I can't imagine

For me it is the microwave. I rarely use it, except to heat hot water for tea in the evenings. If we move this summer I would love to ditch it, but since I am prone to distraction , I must get a whistling tea kettle to replace it DH might protest about the microwave though.

I *love* my toaster oven - I use it daily! I don't have a regular toaster though - no need!
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Some great ideas in here.

I would love to get rid of the microwave, but DH would probably object. Pretty much the only things it gets used for are cooking rice and heating up bed warmers (in the winter). Occasionally I will use it to make hot chocolate (single serving), but if I'm making more than one, I get out a pan. Oh, and melting small amounts of butter.

When I told the kitchen designer I didn't want it built in, but wanted it put inside a cabinet behind closed doors she tried to convince me I was crazy, as if I don't know how little I use it (and how ugly it is).

The rest of my "gadgets" get used, sometimes only a few times a year, but enough to make it worth keeping. I do store the less used items away until I need them, though.
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Originally Posted by Codi's Mama View Post
I loove our waffle maker, though. fresh waffles It gets used at least twice a month.
I make waffles at least once a week : sometimes more : . I probably have around 5 different recipes I use on a regular basis. REAL BUTTERMILK is the only way to go . Once I started making everything from scratch with real buttermilk I was hooked. DH also prefers waffles to pancakes.

I don't get the cleaning thing. I have never had to clean my waffle iron. : And, I've never had things sticking either.....hmm.....

I actually own 3 waffle irons...and I am very decluttered. To me being decluttered means getting rid of things you don't want or use on a regular basis. I am a waffle specialist. I just make waffles so much that I can justify it. One is for Waffle House styled waffles, the other is for belgium waffles....PLUS the hello kitty waffle iron that my DH got for DD for her birthday. It makes kitty, mimmy, melody and teddy.

I hate the toaster oven though....but use it all the time...sigh. Our last toater oven was great. Large, easy to clean. But, then the door fell off and it was dangerous as it could land on you and you could burn your hand when opening it. So, we got a new one. Stainless steel, and very difficult to keep clean (the heat somehow stains it) and I have to scour it...not just wipe it like the old one. It also is smaller. Sigh.
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Our car! We hardly ever use it. We live in the city and walk, bike, or take public transportation everywhere. We'd love to get rid of our car and just use car sharing when we need a car. The only reason we haven't done that yet is that DS's car seat is so big and heavy and it seems like a hassle to drag it to the car share and install it each time.
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Coffee maker! It is a monster of a thing.
DH bought it when family were in town over Christmas, over a year ago. It never ever gets used as neither of us like coffee! So it sits, and takes up precious space in my kitchen cupboard.
I am so tempted to take it to the thrift store, and just buy a small coffee press for when family, and friends are over.
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Julie there are little four cup pots that would take up the same amount of space as a press for like 10$. Just a thought.
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I'd like to get rid of the microwave as well. Now that we don't do microwave popcorn (I read about how chemical laden it is so I bought a hot air popper -- tastes better and cheaper!) we only use the microwave to heat a few foods. We've even switched to stove top reheating for many items like pasta and rice. DH won't give it up, though, and I can't use the space arguement because our microwave is mounted over the stove where the hood would be (it has a built in ventilation fan).

I did, however, get DH to part with his beloved electric griddle and all of our non-stick cookware, so I can't complain too much. Otherwise he might try to get rid of my electric tea kettle, with which I will NOT part.
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I think my microwave is gross. It perpetually smells like nasty popcorn and likes like hell inside. I guess I should clean it more regularly? (gross, I know)

I think DH would freak if I got rid of it---he must have popcorn....and I do defrost things quite a bit in it.

I love my waffle maker also! I got sick of buying waffles and they are so easy to make. And...me too- I never clean it- every pops right out. The only thing that gets messy is my counter top!!!
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