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Has anyone gotten really sick from their kefir? :(

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Ive been drinking water kefir for several weeks. I had three 2-quart batches going at a time and was drinking quite a bit each day with no ill effects.

One time one of the batches had gray scum at the top and on the sides of the jar. I thought it was from using non-organic dried cranberries so I threw it out and started over with the same grains and organic fruit. However another batch I made with the cranberries came out fine.

Sunday night I had about 4oz of a new batch before bed. I had a few more sips in the morning and I got VERY ill. I had the chills, sweats, cramping, diarrhea and was in bed all day . I am better but still not feeling well.

Today I noticed that that batch of kefir has the same scum floating in it. Im guessing these are the same grains that produced this last time.

Could it have made me so ill? Has this happened to anyone else???

I gave away a jar and these were the only grains I had going so now I need to thrown them out and will have none : Hopefully my friend gets hers to grow so I can get some back from her.
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I had some stuff on the bottom of my grape juice kefir. I just poured until I that stuff started to come out them I washed the rest down the drain. It never made me sick. It is odd that it only showed up in some of your batches. Very weird.

I hope you're feeling all better soon.
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I got sick like that after a few weeks of making and drinking water kefir. I didn't connect it with the kefir right away but I saw a post on this board a few weeks later that sounded very similar to what happened to me so now I do suspect the kefir made me sick. My DS had been drinking the Kefir too but only a few small sips. He had one diarrhea diaper and then was fine. I however had 2 weeks of stomach cramping and diarrhea until I thought to take some wild oregano oil and Acidophillus capsules. I was fine after that. I did use non organic cherry juice in the batch that I think made me sick. It didn't taste good so I thew it all out and haven't used anything non organic in my kefir since.

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Thank you Kim for sharing your experience.

I usually take acidopholus when I remember so Ive made sure to take some today and I will continue to. I looked up Oregano Oil and several sites said not to take it while nursing - do you know anything about this?

Im so grossed out to think I may have some nasty bacteria inside of me I have had stomach cramps all day although I am better than yesterday.

Lesson learned: never, ever, ever use non-organic fruit in your kefir! :
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I wonder if you could have picked up some sort of mold? That sounds like a bad reaction!
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Im feeling better today after taking lots of acidopholus yesterday - although I havent eaten yet so that will be a true test.

I was so sad to throw my grains away :

Hopefully my friend can grow the ones I gave her quickly and pass some back.

oh and I lost 5lbs - cant complain about that
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