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i work in a hospital kitchen (i never finished hs but did do a year of college)
i make a lot an hour.
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If you're interested in computers, IT is a good choice - you can get a starter job at a Help Desk or in an IT call center without much experience.

IT is a good field long-term because there is high pay. But, a lot of jobs have on-call stuff.
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Lots of good ideas here. My husband makes a decent amount of money in the parts department of a car dealership.
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Another idea if your kids go to school would be to be a lunch lady in the district (and then you'd have an in to advocate for better food!) - in our district they get paid decently, and work like 9:30-2, I think.
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This is VERY dependent on where you live, but I got my real estate license a while ago and did very well with that for a while. Times have changed so I have been doing temp work but I know that in certain areas of the country you can do so well in real estate w/o college instruction (you just need to get certified by taking a test) and usually you can be flexible w/ hours, a big bonus!
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I think becoming a nurses assistant is a good thing. After you get certified and get a few months training, you can work for an agency. (go to different nursing homes, you don't work for any of them specifically, since you work for a staffing agency) You can make about $15 an hour or so. My best friend has been a CNA for 10 years now. She makes $16 an hour and she works in a nursing home, not for an agency. My dh's friend is a CNA and he works for an agency. He is making $1200 a week! Or if you wanted to work in just one place, many places will pay for you to go to college to become an LPN or an RN. Its back breaking work, but very rewarding mentally. I used to work as a CNA while I was in nursing school. Its great, since nursing is a 24 hour a day job. You can work around your dh's schedule. You get paid more to do evenings or over nights. Good luck in whatever you decide!
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You don't need a high school diploma to do business via e-bay and then you can stay home. It can be very lucrative provided you have a niche.

I agree with Gooey RN, though, that nursing is also an option. It's a two year degree and you can make a LOT with overtime- especially working nights.

She went part-time to nursing school so you could do that while working as a CPN. Something to consider. Of course- being a nurse is hard as eich-ee-double-hockey-stick.

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Airport security only takes a high school diploma. You have to do a test for it but it pays pretty well.
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You might want to spend some time looking at the Occupational Outlook Handbook. http://www.bls.gov/oco/ It gives educational requirements and typical incomes for many professions, as well as forecasts of employment stability.
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