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Babyshower gift help

Poll Results: Shower gift-which would you give?

  • 20% (10)
  • 50% (24)
    Dr. Sears book:any title
  • 25% (12)
    Mothering mag sub.
  • 4% (2)
    cloth diapers
48 Total Votes  
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Have a babyshower to go to and don't know what the best gift would be...can you help?
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This is my dh's step sister whom we do not know all that well but she is a sweet person and is really open minded.
I guess I want to throw something AP at her...lol.....subtle like...
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I liked all your suggestions, and it would depend on the person. I voted Sears in your case, and I would give The Baby Book. That covers slings, cloth dipes, bf-ing, cosleeping...it's all in one!
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I voted a subscription to Mothering. That was honestly my favorite gift that I recieved.
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I voted for Mothering too because it's a gift that keeps on giving for a whole year!!!

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I think "The Baby Book" would be the best gift. It introduces all the ideas of using a sling, cloth diapering, etc
With those ideas planted they might have a chance to grow. Sometimes you need to have the baby before certain parenting ideas sound good to you.
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I'd give a sling, I think - in fact, it's what I decided to give a HS friend who has a baby on the way. Slings are so wonderful and convenient I think every mom should have one! I think any Dr. Sears book would be a good second choice.

Mama to Aaron, 1/26/03
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I voted Sears... Mainly because all I know is MAINSTREAMERS... So normally onies, Gift Certificates, or a pack of diapers works for me...
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I voted "sling", because I generally like to pick out my own reading material. I have a friend who gives slings to new moms, and they're always well received. It's something people might not think to buy, but once they have it, they may enjoy using it - especially if you'll be around to demonstrate.
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I voted Sears book. If she is open-minded, she may just change her whole outlook because of the book. You don't know what her ideas are now about raising kids, right? This could have a huge impact. I'd go for that impact above the usefulness issues of say, slings and CDs, which if she is going to be mainstream-style parenting she wouldn't get much use out of anyway.

If you have extra $ to throw around I'd get a mothering mag. subscription. OR, I'd get the subscription and hand-me-down her a couple of your old books, a sling, etc if you can spare them (I wouldn't do the hand-me-down as a shower gift, but I would do it at some other time, maybe before or after the shower).
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i voted sling because it is hard to find a good one if you don't know too much about them. also i really like the 25 things book by martha sears
also i like even just one copy of mothering... that is how i got started on the ap road
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my standard baby shower gift is a sears book and a sling that i make. always well received

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I always give dr. sears baby book, the no cry sleep solution, and super baby foods along with something small off the registry.
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Dr. Sears' Baby Book saved my butt. My dd had reflux. No other book mentioned it. So that's my vote. I also like to give the Boppy Pillow with the toys attached so if she BFs, she's got the Boppy. If not, she's got the baby propper with toys.

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Thanks friends

I am getting :
Dr. Sears Baby Book
and One issue of Mothering
..I loved that idea Lisa!
TYVM all!
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ohhh.... thats a hard one! I'd like to receive them all so its hard to vote for just one!
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