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Probiotics while Pregnant?

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Is anyone taking probiotics while pregnant? I used to take them daily (garden of life), but my chiro said you really shouldn't take them daily unless you've been on an anitbiotic..I'm not sure I agree. Is is okay/good to take while pregnant? thanks.

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I have continued to take them while being pregnant. Also, I read a couple of weeks ago that a baby receives 85 % of its probiotics flora (from the mother's available bacteria) when descending thru the mother's birth canal. The rest it obtains from food and environment. SO I would think it is important and to definitely keep them up!
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I'm taking them, "Nature's Way Primadophilus Optima". But to be honest I never asked my OB about them. My son's developmental pediatrician (who is a former OB) suggested I take them while pregnant in case I have to have antibiotics at the birth. My son is gluten intolerant and the doc thinks there could be a link to his gut problems and the antibiotics I had during his birth.

So anyway...............I guess what I'm saying is a pediatrician who used to be an OB told me it was okay.
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Hmmm...I wonder why they said that?

Of course you'd really want to take them religiously while on an antibiotic in order to keep your gut flora going/replace it as the antibiotic worked, but there shouldn't be any reason NOT to take them no matter what was going on.

After all, you certainly wouldn't tell someone not to eat yogurt (or any other nutritional source of probiotics) during pregnancy. Or tell someone not to drink cranberry juice if they don't have an active UTI. You'll simply pass whatever you don't need and it should actually be helpful in terms of staying ahead of any germs/deficiencies/infections/etc.

Maybe your chiro has a problem with something in that brand of probiotics specifically? I have to admit I don't use a supplement unless I've been or am starting to feel a bit off, but I do have two bowls of home cultured yogurt every day.
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Yes. I've taken Acidophilus when I've had tummy problems. I'll be taking them prior to my c-section as well so that I have a boost to prevent thrush and vaginal yeast after the birth.
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I can't imagine why you couldn't take them during pregnancy. They are found naturally in cultured yogurt and I haven't heard anyone say not to eat yogurt. Not sure what the difference would be. Never heard of a person being "overrun" with good bacteria.
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Wow, I don't think your chiro is well read in this area or maybe like the pps mentioned he's thinking of a certain brand. You *should* be taking them while pregnant.

1. From an allergy standpoint there has been research recently that I will try to research for you from very reputable sources that has shown that moms who actively take probiotics during pregnancy have babies/children who have fewer allergies.

2. My CPM told me to start taking them before I got pregnant. I have had in the past constant UTIs and most likely yeast infections that I didn't realize. This pregnancy I am almost 30 weeks now and I've been able to keep them at bay which is completely amazing.

3. I take Juice Plus which is a wholefoods based vitamin for lack of a better word (they're not processed at all just pure fruits and veggies-17 varieties of them) and they include acidophilus in every one. There has been research on this as well for pregnant moms having statistically significantly healthier babies. These are what I take for my prenatals.
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last time i had GBS, and had antibiotics during the birth, but i was scared to take probiotics while pregnant, so i didn't start them until delivery. DS has some mild sensitivities... so i wonder if that has something to do with it.

this time i've been taking probiotics if i have a yeast infection, and have pretty much been taking them daily in the last trimester to help make sure i don't have GBS. since i started taking them daily i've had looser, more frequent stools... so that's a bit of a drawback, but at least i have a sense that they are really having an effect on my digestive system.
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My MW specifically told me to take them.
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I'm really, really curious now to know why your chiro told you not to take them. If/when you talk to him/her again would you mind sharing?


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Originally Posted by Drewsmom View Post

2. My CPM told me to start taking them before I got pregnant. I have had in the past constant UTIs and most likely yeast infections that I didn't realize. This pregnancy I am almost 30 weeks now and I've been able to keep them at bay which is completely amazing.
Agreed! M/W was all for me taking probiotics!
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i drink about 8 oz of kefir daily. do you think doing that is beneficial enough? i'd prefer not to take another pill! i'd appreciate any thoughts.

oh, i also take acidophilus pills a few times a week---they have helped me in the past w/ preventing yeast infections.
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Doing the kefir alone I don't think would do it but if you're taking acidophilus pills also then it should. I take Juice Plus for my prenatals and it has acidophilus in it. When I feel things creeping up then I add some more acidophilus to my diet. You can buy it in powdered form and just add it to your food or drink or take it in chewable form (I have some for my kids as well).
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I hope noone here is a chiropractor...um...but I don't know how much they really know about stuff like that. I've had two chiros who just weren't worth their salt. One failed to recognize my scoliosis and kept accusing me of not doing my exercises, and another just kept pushing these stupid enzymes on me even though I kept telling him I wasn't interested. Maybe they're valid, but I've just never recieved valid medical advice from one.

That said, I know some people who have good chiros who really help them, and know what they're doing. I just haven't met any. Maybe it's just my bad luck. Hope I didn't offend anyone... I'm just saying I'd be more likely to listen to the advice of people who have experience with it, like women who have been pregnant and taken it/are taking it, and OB's and Pediatricians.

Just my thoughts, hope I didn't speak out of turn.
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