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Anyone having blood tests?

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I had a slip for a blood test right away since I was doing fertility treatments. My first beta was 24 at 12dpo and 109 today at 15dpo. I'm really happy about that and praying for it to keep increasing. I have two more slips for blood work but I think I'll wait until next week. What kind of numbers does everyone else have?
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I just got my progesterone back today from a draw yesterday (day 29 of cycle) and it was 30..I was told that was good. I had another draw for serum/hcg today and am praying for a good number tomorrow. I just hope he gives me another slip to get it drawn again to make sure the numbers are going up correctly...ya know? So far I'm not too crazy about the rules and regulations at my new OBGYN office...I have yet to speak to my doctor..everything is done through the nurses...I"ll be praying for you too!

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My beta at 13dpo was 237 and my prog 51. I have another test tomorrow morning. These are higher than with my son, so I'm staying positive.
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I have the results of my first blood test, I think they are from 17 days post O, but it could be 19. HCG was 1598, progesterone 46.1. I hope that is ok, my primary care physician is NOT giving me a slip to get the HCG taken again on Monday since it is out of their expertise they say! I didn't want to find an OB until I was sure this was progressing, so it is definitely frustrating.
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Jennifer those are great numbers! How can it be out of their expertise. The numbers double every two days at this stage of pregnancy. All they have to do is put their signature on the paper!
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I know, I am so frustrated. Basically they gave me HALF a test, because the hcg # on its own doesn't mean that much. They told me they just do not have the expertise. Hmmm, if she can not read a simple test like that I don't think I will be going to her for anything else, I've lost confidence!
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to all of you. All of the numbers are sounding good. Keep us up to date on everything!
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Today's blood test was 2934. I'm happy with that - maybe now I can stop going to get my blood sucked!
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Originally Posted by lesliesara63 View Post
Today's blood test was 2934. I'm happy with that - maybe now I can stop going to get my blood sucked!
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I am having some done tomorrow for progesterone. I was having some hormone therapy done before I found out I was pregnant and this was part of it. My progesterone was low then, so I am hoping it is not low now.
How long do these tests take to come back?
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My hcg tests are always ready in about 5 hrs. The progesterone I'm not sure since they won't tell me over the phone. I'd just call your doctors office and ask when they expect it, then you won't have to stress so much waiting.
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I'm going to have to go to a lab, like Quest Diagnostics. Do they still come back that quick?
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not in your ddc, but i'm due 11/26, so close enough.

Just wanted to give hope to those who have numbers that don't seem right. Either low or not doubling.
18dpo: 157
20dpo: 439

things were iffy for two weeks, but we saw a hb on tuesday and everything looked great! Good luck everyone.
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I'm new...this is my first post. My friend directed me to this site...she's in the May Due Date Club.
Anyway, I have been TTC for about 2 years. Finally, out of nowhere, I'm pregnant. No meds, no RE assistance....we're 5 weeks tomorrow. My first beta came back today at 255 (about 17-18dpo). The doc said it was a little low, but that I'm barely pregnant, and he isn't concerned. He said he generally doesn't even test that early. So we'll test again next week. He said it should be over 1000 by then.
Congrats to all of you who are also expecting in December. May our journeys be uneventful and healthy. I look forward to getting to know you all.
Oh yeah, my due date is around Dec. 7th.
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Also, I have a progesterone issue. I'll get those numbers tomorrow (hopefully) and post them.
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Jill, that's great! Thanks for sharing!
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My progesterone level just came back. At 17-18dpo it was 15.3. I thought that was REALLY low, but they said they like to see it over 12, and they don't see a need for supplements. Any searching I've done on the net says for the first trimester it should be between 9-47. They'll run it again when they do my next beta on Tuesday.
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i've only had 1 test- it was wednesday- and i was 4weeks, 4 days (i think) and the number was 13000. i don't really know what that means, but my midwife said it was great.
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