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Best sling for newborn?

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I know this has been asked before, but what is the best sling for a newborn? Our little guy is 8+lbs and is already trying to hold his head up, if that helps. TIA!

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Hi XM! Hope you're hanging in there....

I was totally sling-inept for months, even though I had done all sorts of research ahead of time. : I used the New Native pouch for a while, when ds was really little and liked being all squinched up in there. DH was the one who got the hang of the Maya Wrap much more quickly than I did.

In hindsight, I would have bagged the pouch and gone straight to the Maya Wrap. For several reasons: one, because the MW is more versatile for babies through toddlers IMO; two, because it's adjustable; three, because both partners can wear it and not worry about size; and four, because with the tail you can cover up while breastfeeding (if you feel like it), and put stuff in the pocket. There's definitely a learning curve but it just takes practice.

Try snugging Spawn Boy upright high up on your chest in the Maya Wrap; Evan really liked that hold. You might also get a little pillow (New Native sells one that's good) for propping SB up a little if you find he's swimming down in the pouch if you put him in horizontally.

I've gotten to be somewhat of a sling collector but the Maya Wrap is the one I would never give up. My second choice after that would be a Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch, which I got only a couple of months ago so didn't have in the newborn period, but it's very soft and comfy for both mom and baby. Also with the snaps you can adjust for size between two adults.

www.kangarookorner.com and www.peppermint.com both have good comparison pages on various types of slings.

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I vote for the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder.
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My babies and I loved the new native slings when they were newborns. DP, my mom, and both of my sisters also slung one baby or the other, and all were able to use the NN easily (though we do have two sizes). Everywhere we went, people were asking us where we got our slings. I find that some of the padded slings are just too bulky to use with a newborn. The baby would get lost in them.

It's too bad that it's so hard to find slings sold in shops (as opposed to online). It would really be ideal if you could just take your babe and go try out a bunch of kinds. Everyone has a different opinion about what works best.

Congrats on your new little Spawn!

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I just started using the dopey NOJO from Babies R Us when Reilly was about 3 weeks old because the Bjorn was killing my back. SHe took to it immediately and I liked it because I didnt' need to fiddle with all the fabric like the Maya. I had a Maya with Kieran and just could not get it together. I thought a pouch would hang too low for her right now and wasn't sure I wanted to commit the $$ I am very happy with my generic little sling, it is padded and works great for now still but I think if I keep slinging I'm gonna need to upgrade. Its padded, if you need you can go get it same day. ANd it was cheap I think. Anyway... certainly I am not a sling expert but my dd LOVES being slung. I did a 3 hour Target trip with her at 12 lbs and never even felt strained. YAY!

BTW, MUCH CONGRATULATIONS to you and your new baby boy. I was checking up on you often (as I know many many MDC mammas were) and was so happy to hear your news. Did you decide on a name yet ? Enjoy your babymoon !!
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we have a new native that both of us just love . amber likes to look around, so i dont have her in the cradle hold. she is 10 lbs. now & i keep her up high on my chest so she can see & be close.

my sis just gave me the baby bijorn. i like it & dd likes it until she wants to fall asleep, then she likes to be more womb like in the NN.


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Thanks, mamas... we do have a NoJo, bought it before I came here and saw that it is far from being a preferred sling IYKWIM! I am definitely interested in a New Native (because they come in black, to match more of my clothes, I may be a mama but I still like to match!) We tried him in the NoJo the other day and he was swimming in it. What carries work for a NB in the NoJo?

And I agree!! There should be a store where you can try different slings with your babe and let your back and babe decide!

We are hoping to have a name for him soon... it would help if he'd stay asleep long enough for us to bathe, eat, *and* crack open the name book! Right now I am happy to just pee within 20 minutes of realizing I have to go...

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Maya Wrap and Rebozo. But the rebozo is kind of hard to master.

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XM--We loved the new native too. IT worked great for us. HOwever, w/dd (our first) I used a OTSBH and it worked okay too. I worked on it every day (unsuccessfully) for a week and tehn we were finally in business.
Now, though, I'd say a MW would work better.
BUT NN is my first choice for a newborn. Just remember to move once you put him in. Otherwise they start to fuss usually.
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i also was slightly sling inept in the beginning. i have a 6mo old now and we love the maya wrap. my problem what when she was very little, i couldnt get the ones with padding, such as the over the shoulder baby holder, tight enough to feel hands free with it. but the maya wrap no padding, and you can tighten each side individually. plus it is also good up to 35 lbs, and has beautiful paterns. i get comments on mine where ever i go. and now i couldnt live without it!!
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Our baby is small & less than 2 months old, but so far we've tried several carriers. I think it's helpful to have a choice because different carriers come in handy on different occasions.

Ultimate Baby Wrap: probably our favorite in terms of support for a newborn. he feels very secure and snug, with good head support. unfortunately it takes a few minutes to put on, which is sometimes inconvenient. i usually use this when i'll be wearing him around the house for a long time during naps.

Kissaluvs (unpadded): nice because it's easy to tote around and very adjustable.

Nojo (padded rail): at first i never used this because i thought it was too big. but lately I've found I really like it in the "backwards" position, so that the shoulder pad is a pillow for the baby. this one is good for NIP and "wearing down" for naps

Fleece pouch: despite the raves this hasn't worked for us.

Never tried a Maya wrap. What makes it special?
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Try the sling baby from Walking Rock Farmwww.walkingrockfarm.com

super easy to use, cozy and comfy for NB up to about 15-18 lbs. It isn't as versatile as other slings, eg maya, but for ease of use you really can't beat it. I had a fleece one that was 3rd hand by the time it got to me, and now my (very mainstream) friend is using it, and can't live w/out it I'm so proud whenever I convert a mainstreamer!
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Definetely New Native!!! easy on and off, and I can breastfeed him in it. No adjusting to mess with either. It took a few days before I really felt comfy with it, but the other day I managed to make banana bread, do the dishes and clean out my cupboards all with DS in the NN.

Only problem is it is a bit too small for DH to wear it.
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