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Breastfeeding failure and circ

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My SIL, who is totally mainstream, gave birth by C-section to a boy a month ago. She didn't see the babe for almost 20 hours after he was born even though both of them were fine healthwise :, and he was given formula in the nursery as his first feeding. So here she is with this sleepy overfed C-sec baby, never nursed before, and he's acting like a typical newborn and falling asleep at the breast after about 2-5 min. His latch is OK, but needs work. In short, even with the bottle first, he might have been a good bfeeder if she wouldn't have given him any more bottle feedings.

I call her in the hosp on Day 3 to see how she/he is feeling and ask her if the baby is sleeping in the room. She says no, he's gone down for his circ and he should be back soon since they took him a few _hours_ before (!!!). She knows how I feel about circ, so, swallowing my nausea and anger, I ask how the bfeeding is going and she says he had improved and had nursed well that morning for about 10min before falling asleep.

I talked with her a few times since then and she's been having lots of problems bfeeding so she's been giving bottles.

Then she tells me that in the 24hrs after his circ, he woke up to eat twice. Both times by bottle, of course, since he wouldn't/couldn't nurse.

AARRGH. BTW, their older son was adopted at 8wks and taken to hosp for circ at 10wks.

I hope they only have daughters from now on.
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Ugh... girls don't work either...so they can raise some closed minded women with a fear of normal genitals? No... I don't wish for girls either.

That whole girls would be a solution to the compulsion to cut male genitals... it never sits with me. The problem is not in the penis of the child, it is in the head of the circumciser. Even without any penises to cut- the problem still exists, and it is not solved until people don't have the desire to cut genitals, not simply the acess to cut genitals.

Imagine a school superintendent who says, "We don't have a problem with racism in our school- we are all white."

I'll hope that something happens that gives those parents a understanding. then they can explain to the boy why they were circumcised in error and that their own children should not be circumcised to match decisions which were regretted.

Love Sarah
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Yikes, never thought about it like that. Better to hope/pray for a change of heart.
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Sarah, you're awsome. I admit, my friends who didn't know the gender who were going to circ if it was a boy, I was desperately praying for a girl. But that's just a temperary fix. You're very right.

Those friends ended up with a boy. The mom called me later and asked if I had troubles bf'ing my son. We did have a rough start, sore nipples and such; but we made it through it (I can be really stuborn if I think it's the right thing to do, hence 30 hours of unmedicated labor that hurt like a son of a biscut eater). She mentioned that after the circ, her son latched on better. She knew it was a risk that the baby would have a worse time nursing, but it didn't seem to apply. (My guess is the poor baby wanted comfort so bad he latched on for dear life.) But now, she has "insufficient milk" problems. Her milk came in on Sunday, she was engorged, didn't get into a lactation consultant until Tuesday (3 days engorged!!!! Holy $#!+!! It's amazing she's lactating at all!) It hurts and the baby's being supplimented with formula. Her mode of thinking is now, "as long as he's getting fed, it doesn't matter how he's getting it." To me, this is an inch away from giving up bf'ing all together. Ironically, we live about 30 minutes away from Kathleen Huggines (author of The Nursing Mother's Companion) and she offers a free seminar once a month, but my friend didn't make the time to go. It's possible she didn't know that the engorgement could jepordize her nursing abilities. I honestly think her baby's pain is part of the problem, but she will never admit that.

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