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antibiotics & stomach pain for newborn

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hi mamas~ has anyone experienced this? Our 2 day old baby is having high pitched screaming fits with lots of tummy growling, gas, burping & so on, pulls off the boob to scream, real "I'm hurting stuff"
we had 2 IV runs of antibiotics during labor for GBS & I am wondering if the antibiotics could be causing some tummy problems.
calling our fabu ped. today but wondered if anybody had had such experience after IV aniviotics,
I am already taking probiotics, my milk hasn't come in yet, and I also have powered bifidolacto-whaterever-derium (Baby Life) that I can put on my nipples for him, but wasn't planning on giving it so soon
TIA any experience/advice on this!
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Congratulations on your new babe! I don't have any experience with antibitoics in a newborn (but I'm so glad you're taking probiotics since I do have LOTS of experience with thrush ). But the behavior your describing in your ds sounds a lot like the way my ds was acting before I cut out dairy. Dairy is a common allergen in babies, and can be transmitted through your breastmilk. It might be something to keep in mind if you find out that the antibiotics aren't at fault.

I hope the bfing is going well; those first couple of weeks can sure be overwhelming!

Congrats again!

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Congratulations on your baby! I got double doses of IV antibiotics - for GBS and then again when a c-section became necessary. Even though I've had yeast problems in the past, it didn't cause us any problems. One Dr. told me IV antibiotics are less likely to cause yeast problems cause they're a one dose thing rather than a 14 day oral treatment.

My baby did do that screaming stuff on day 2-3 though. I think it was the passing of the meconium, she pooped about 8 times in one day. Also she was hungry, my milk hadn't come in and she was getting frustrated I think. She screamed so much I couldn't get her latched on though. I wouldn't worry about the popping off this early , baby is still learning how to latch.

Your milk will come in soon. That colustrum she's getting acts as a laxative so maybe the gas and stuff is just her body getting rid of all that meconium. My dd screamed hysterically every time she peeed or pooped those first 2 weeks.
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Wow, Maria... Congratulations!!!

I am so excited for you!!!! I just wanted to say that it sounds like you have things under control... also that when Spawn was 2 days old he also screamed like we were torturing him, pulling off the boob and generally behaving like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. It was *really* hard, we felt so inept! But after a day or so it did get better. Also he is still coming into his skin, so to speak... Spawn really enjoyed being massaged (olive oil is great if you don't have baby massage oil) and it really helped him seem more at home in his body.

I agree that it probably has to do with meconium/milk not yet in, because once our little guy passed his M and was getting some actual milk he was a lot happier. Now, if he would just sleep long enough to let us pick out a name for him....

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