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Originally Posted by nessam View Post
Exclusively BFing mothers, how old was your babe when your period resumed?

I have just read a GREAT book about this. She comments that 'exclusive breastfeeding' isn't enough...the baby not only needs to be getting all his nutrition from you, but also all his sucking (ie, no binkie). Furthermore, if he's not waking and nursing at night (or not much) then your fertility will probably return too. SO, if you're relying on bf to keep AF at bay, you have to watch those two things very carefully.
The book is older--published in the 70s I think. It's called "Breast Feeding and NAtural Child Spacing: the ecology of natural mothering" by Sheila Kippley. According to her studies, if you follow the bfing rules she lists (basicallywhat I said before) the average time before AF returns is 14 months.

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With ds, I got my cycle back at 14 mos. He was ebfed for 12 mos, all sucking needs met at breast.
With dd, it came back at 10 mos, she uses a pacifier.
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With ds#1, he night weaned at 2 yrs and that's when I ovulated and got pregnant with ds #2 who is now 6 mos old (no periods yet, it's been a looooooong time!)
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DS is 13 months and still no period. No complaints here!
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Hmmmm, i must be a freak...

First- She started sleeping through the night (spontaneously, 12 or 13 hours a night) at ten and a half weeks. It was about that time that she started sucking her thumb. By the time she was four months old she was only nursing four or five times a day. My cycles returned when she was 8 months

Second- He used a pacifier from the very start (would get very frustrated and cry after he was full when the milk would let down). He wasn't so much into comfort nursing but he nursed pretty often. By the time he was ten months old, he was down to four or five times a day, though. My cycles returned at just over 12 months.

Third- He is 7 months and nurses a lot... often during the day and half the night. He does all comfort nursing at the breast. It makes me wonder when my cycles will return if they stayed away so easily before. Guess we will see
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My dd is almost 6mos and I havent gotten it yet.

With the first kid I got it the day after she turned two.
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Six months exactly and she nurses every 8.5 seconds, round the clock.
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With DD it came back the DAY after she tried solid food (I think around 6.5 months). Ds is almost 10 months & it just came back this week. I think besides the ebf - it just depends on how long it takes your hormones to shift & rebalance. I had acupuncture to help w/ some thyroid, allergies etc. out-of-whackness & BOOM period comes along too!
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EBF, cosleep, all that jazz and got AF just about 6 mo pp. With dd it was the same and AF came back 7 mo pp.
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We use pacifiers and start solids on the early side (as soon as they have pincer grasp- about 6 or 7 moswith my kids).

I think nightweaning was finally what brought mine back with Dylan when she was two.
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15 weeks - after bleeding for 9 weeks PP. :

I was still breastfeeding on demand, through the night, and pumping for every missed feeding at work without fail. Oh well.
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DD1 : Started solids at 5 months but was still breastfed a majority of the time obviously, AF returned at exactly 6 months

DD2 : Started solids at 6 months 2 days old, was ebf before that, AF returned at exactly 6 months post

Guess no matter what I do I'm just going to get my first PP AF at 6 months :giggle:
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With DS, I got AF back at 14 mos. He'd been exclusively BF till 6.5 mos., then BF at the same rate w/ progressively more solids. AF came back right around the time I stopped pumping at work and DS started drinking soymilk.

With DD, still no AF now at 12 mos. And now I know that I should keep pumping as long as she wants EBM if I want AF to stay away!
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I can relate... my periods resumed between 4 and 5 months pp with all three kiddos - despite exclusively breastfeeding them constantly. The first time, I was sooooo bummed b/c I was expecting much longer. I just think it's my overly fertile body trying to get ready to concieve again...
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15.5 months both times.
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I got a hint of AF at 6 mospp. By 9 mos. I had it in full swing... heavier than I even remember it. Or maybe it had just been so long, I forgot what it was like. UGH.

My daughter was EBF until we started solids around 7-8 mos. (had tastes of food at 6 mos but not consistently).
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This sure makes me feel better. With dd1 I got it back at 10 monts, ds 13 months and now with dd2 at 4 months : I was shocked only 4 months and no difference with nursing than the other two. Guess I'm just really fertile now that we're done having children
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with #1, he was close to two years.

#2 is 11 months and I haven't gotten it back yet (I'm not surprised).
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11 months after #1, 10 months after #2, we'll see with #3 but I figure it will be around then.
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I bled for about 5ish weeks, then 2 weeks later...bam! Welcome back AF! Oh, and then she came every 2 weeks for a few months after that. Oh, and I didn't introduce solids until 6.5 months, and she was bf until 27 months!
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