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Had a period 5 weeks pp, haven't had another one since. No way I am prego again, if so it would be the immaculate conception. Sofia is EBF with nothing other than me and her hand to suck for comfort. However, I do have some pretty mama cloth to use when AF does return....
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Originally Posted by ColoradoKat View Post
WOW I thought I was very "early" in getting AF back for a visit, but it seems like 5 months pp is about average.

The interesting part is about 2 weeks ago I was doubled over in pain all day feeling crampy like my ute was going to fall out. Turns out I must have been ovulating. hmmmmmm
I had the exact same thing! I was in so much pain I thought for sure I was going to start - and was going to be mad that it would come so fast lol

As it is dd is 7 1/2 months old and two days ago I started a REALLy light AF, who knows if it is the real thing or not guess we will have to see
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With DS it was more than 9 months - what a nice thing.

With DD, I bled for about 4 weeks and then got a period at 6 weeks. I got another one four weeks later, and so am expecting it to be back already. And this time, I'm not just nursing one, but tandeming, so I don't know what's up with AF
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My son's 20 months - still no period for me. He still nurses a lot, though.
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got mine today, only 7 weeks PP and bummed.
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With my first, I got my first period around when he started solids (maybe 7+ months). With this babe, I got it around 2.5 months postpartum (I'm EBF). No idea why it came so much sooner this time.
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Six months after my son, AF showed up. This time, it was 9.5 months.
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I never got mine, but I did get knocked up when dd was 9.5 months. She nursed as well as taking a pacifier and started solids at 6 months.

haven't got it back this time, DS is 6 months. No bottles or paci for him. No solids yet either.
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DS: 5 mos after birth while EBF 24/7

DD: 3 mos after birth while EBF 24/7. I had only like 3 or 4 weeks of no bleeding between my DD's birth and my next period.

I know fertility is a blessing, but I can't help but feel a tad jealous of those with longer breaks. My cycle messes with my milk, too, so that also sucks for my babes.
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8.5 months. I started back to work at 5 weeks, so she was I pumped for her bottles, but nursing when together and she took no pacifier. Come to think of it, it was right baout then that she really wanted to start eating regularly. But I've not had another cycle. That's not totally unusual for me as I rarely have ever had a regular cycle. My longest time without a cycle was 11 month and that was not pregnancy induced, just my wierdness.
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Originally Posted by brightonwoman View Post
I have just read a GREAT book about this. She comments that 'exclusive breastfeeding' isn't enough...the baby not only needs to be getting all his nutrition from you, but also all his sucking (ie, no binkie). Furthermore, if he's not waking and nursing at night (or not much) then your fertility will probably return too. SO, if you're relying on bf to keep AF at bay, you have to watch those two things very carefully.
The book is older--published in the 70s I think. It's called "Breast Feeding and NAtural Child Spacing: the ecology of natural mothering" by Sheila Kippley. According to her studies, if you follow the bfing rules she lists (basicallywhat I said before) the average time before AF returns is 14 months.

I just read about this... DS is a "snacker", so he BFs often during the day, and often throughout the night to fall back asleep. AF still hasn't returned 8.5 months later...
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With both my kids, both EBF, AF came back around the 5 to 51/2 month mark. With DS1, it was very regular right from the start. This time around, they seem to be much more spaced out, at least so far...like every 6 weeks or so instead of every 4. I am hoping this is just because I nurse DS2 so much (he's a very frequent nurser, much more than his brother was), and not because my cycle is changing with age or whatever (I want to have one more baby!).
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mine always returned about a year pp. breastfed all babies, too.
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i think i'm getting mine back now! but i've been willing it to return, we want to start trying for #2
ds is not quite 13 months, still gets around 3/4 of his nutrition from BM, we don't use a bink nor does he suck his thumb, we co-sleep and he nurses allllllllll night long!
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I guess I am in the minority...didn't get AF back until DS was 24 months. : It was a wonderful, glorious 24 months sans period, but I suppose I am glad she is back and seemingly regular. I even think I am ovulating now, which I wasn't doing very regularly prior to getting pg with DS.

DS has been a round-the-clock nurser from day one, never took a pacifier, sleeps with us, wakes a gagillion times a night to nurse and didn't start solids til he was 8 months...not sure if any of that had an influence on the duration of AF's absence though.
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I followed Kippley's rules for the most part, but not perfectly. For my first 3, AF came back around 12-13 months (my youngest is only 3 weeks old, so obviously it hasn't come back yet).
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9 months pp.
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Originally Posted by Katfka View Post
I got mine 15m post partum.
But, it was a mixed blessing - I was constantly worried about an undetected pregnancy - because, well, I just didn't know when or if I was going to ovulate.

Also - I dont mind AF.

Edit: Still nursing.
Ah, someone who understands my struggle! I'm only 3 1/2 months PP, EBF and dying to have AF return. It's not bad for me (or well, not since I started the pill way back when I was 17) and I always just use tampons during AF anyway so there's no worry of leakage. The only thing I worry about with AF is if my monster cramps will return. I had some bad ones back when I was 17 that equaled the pain of my labor contractions with DD. lol. But, it's unlikely that the monster cramps will return. So... i'm looking forward to a regular cycle again!
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DD1 was 12 months when I got it back. I got it back just after dd2 turned 6 months :. That said, she goes for longer stretches at night without nursing, so I guess I can't complain too much. The thing I hate now is that my Diva leaks (and it's the post-partum size). Oh well. I'm still wearing cloth pads anyway for incontinence, sigh.
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Still waiting at 8.5 months pp...just fine with me!
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