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Breastfeeding twins???

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Hi all! I'm pregnant with twins (9 weeks) and I really want to b'feed them for a year. Are there any moms out there that are successfully b'feeding twins? I'm a little discouraged and I really want this more than anything. Thoughts or feedback is greatly appreciated.
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Yup, we are! My twins are 9 months and are almost exclusively bf (we have started a little solids here and there). I was very scared about "being able to do it" before they came as well. I had three completely failed BF experiences and one relactation (she was never able to completely get off of formula) so I was super nervous. Add to that HUGE breasts that are hard to manage and formerly pierced nipples and, well, yeah, I was afraid this would never work out. BUT IT HAS!! My advice is to relax and form a support network with other nursing mamas. I read as much as I could, used galactagogs (I think that was more of a mental thing for me though) and just thought positive, When the twins came they suffered from milk jaundice and so I had to pump too (up the supply - never actually fed them that milk though) and wake my dd to nurse. I also had a doc and a np tell me I was "irresponsible" for trying to ebf twins. WHATEVER. : One new bf friendly doc later and we are all good.

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Me too. Am still nursing 21 month old girls. I had the opposite problem of the PP -- I am barely an "A" when not pregnant, and wondered how I could nourish two. Well, I did! Having other MOMs who breastfed was key, great nurses at the hospital (I don't know how we got so lucky, but all of them were 100 percent behind nursing, and wouldn't let me leave until BFing was firmly established), and a lot of help and food at home made a big difference.

Congrats on your twin pregnancy. You can do it!
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You can do it! At least, that should be your attitude

I'm still exclusively bfing my guys at six months (they aren't quite ready for solids yet). They had a check up yesterday... both 27 1/4 inches tall, Thomas is 18lbs 11oz, Everett is 19lbs 7oz!!!!!!

So, yes, it absolutely can be done... (maybe even too well? )

We had a rocky start. They were delivered with a vacuum and it gave them TMJ so they basically gnawed on my nipples for several weeks. After the first week I was in such bad pain that I wanted to run screaming everytime they started acting hungry. With the help of a nipple shield and cranio sacral adjustments we were doing great by threeish weeks. It took me about a month to learn how to feed them together and by about two months they weren't nursing for 40 mins at a time anymore. The occasional growth spurt nurse-a-thons have been the hardest since then, but I just watch movies while they nurse. The Karen Gromada website has been my savior a couple of times when we were trying to find positions that work for us. They generally like to eat every hour and a half, which is a lot, and they nurse all through the night but we co-sleep so I don't mind too much.

If I had to tell anyone advice about bfing I would say "forget what all the books, websites, everything says about how it 'should' be and just do whatever the heck works for youand your babes."

Good luck to you!
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Yep, you can do it!! And I truly believe that at least half of it is attitude

My girls are 3 now and weaned just before their 3rd birthday. Try and keep those babies in as long as possible, eat well, try your best to have a unmedicated vaginal birth and you'll have a huge headstart!
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Originally Posted by mommybritt View Post
Yep, you can do it!! And I truly believe that at least half of it is attitude

My girls are 3 now and weaned just before their 3rd birthday. Try and keep those babies in as long as possible, eat well, try your best to have a unmedicated vaginal birth and you'll have a huge headstart!
Thanks mommybritt! Unfortunately, I won't be able to have a vaginal birth. My pelvic bone is an odd shape so with all my babes they will have to be c-section. So the meds will def be involved. I had a c with my son and he did fine, so I'm hoping that the twins will do good too. And your right, it's def half attitude. I'm going to try and stay positive and strong. Thanks
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Yep - 21 mos and still counting and we made it thru a few problems. Here is our story http://www.llli.org/NB/NBSepOct06p205.html
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My twins just turned a year and we're still going strong with bf'ing. In fact, they get very little of anything aside from bm (not even daily do they get solids yet).
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Hi, I am nursing my twins - they had my milk exclusively for the first year and since have had solids - they are 19 months on the first of April. We did just have a horrendous stomach bug and they have been back to exclusively nursing for the past week - today, in fact, is the first day that they ate any solids in a week.
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I breastfed my boys until they self-weaned a little past 2 and 2 1/2. Also triple-tandem nursed my older DD during that time (she self-weaned at 3). And I had all three by cesarean.

My boys never had pacis or bottles, and neither did my daughter.

So...yep, it can be done.

I'll warn you that you'll likely get a lot of crappy advice even from LCs. I was already an experienced nursing mom when I had my twins, so it was easy for me to tell discouragers and interferers to beat it (even if they were 'experts'). I strongly advise getting in touch with a local LLL group, and ask them to specifically put you in touch with someone experienced with helping multiple mamas or (ideally) someone who's done it themselves.

You probably will not need to pump...unless you want to, and if you need/want to, if it's short term you can rent a pretty good one from the hospital for a few weeks, in most places.

You don't have to supplement. My boys did not even eat baby food, they nursed exclusively until they were ready and wanting table food, a little over they turned 1.

You don't need any special equipment, though an EZ-2-Nurse pillow is nice IF you like feeding them at the same time. Some people (like me) don't like the sensation and it's okay. Many times if you find a good LC or doula they will have some nursing pillows you can 'borrow' to see which one works best with your body and for your needs.

Having nursed twins and a singleton, I didn't feel that nursing twins was that much more work per se, but you do need to be VERY VERY sure that you are eating and drinking enough. I didn't eat enough and dropped almost 80 lbs in 6 weeks after they were born. That sounds good, but...I felt like week old cold dog poop that got run over my a mack truck, and my OB was about ready to force feed me milkshakes. Once I made sure that I was getting enough protein and water, I bounced back and felt sooo much better. Smooth sailing feeling-wise from then on out.

If you can at all possibly afford/beg/borrow it...get a very comfy recliner (I LIVED in my La-Z-Boy the last months of my pregnancy and the first 8 weeks of the boys' lives).

Don't let people tell you you can't do it. Particularly if. ahem, they've never had or nursed multiples themselves. Do your own research, hire your own team if you can, and learn how to take other people's intrusive comments with gallon of salt.
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Great advice, thank you mamas!

Especially about bfing twins and a toddler, which are in my plans. I exclusively breastfed DS for 12mo so I have no qualms about having enough milk for two.
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I just wanted to chime in! I am breastfeeding my 3.5 month old twins. I had NO SUPPORT at the hospital, since they were born just before x-mas so they were understaffed, the lactation consultant wasn't even there. Whatever.
The first six weeks were very, very hard, which I think is important to say (some of the other moms may be a little father away from this part of it since their babes are older -- thank God for selective amnesia! HA) but after that it really does get a lot easier. I think it would help a lot if you had someone on hand for that first tough period to help you get them in and out of position, especially at night. Good luck mama! I know you can do it!
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I have to agree with TigerChild about the eating. Eat. A LOT. I felt liek I was constantly eating and drinking. I swear. Now matter when you looked at me it seemed I had something about to be stuffed into my maw. And you know what? It wasn't enough. I lost a TON of weight in the first few months. I went down 4 dress sizes. That is a lot ins just a couple months. And I felt like crap. I had stopped taking my Rainbow Lite prenatals and that was a mistake too. I went back on them. Started eating EVEN MORE and was feeling better rather quickly (and then my nagging headache went away too!!). I'll tell you what, I know it can be expensive, but I kept a lot of Just Fruits! and Just Veggies! on hand. It made all the difference for me to eat healthy things quick and easy. Nursing and tossing handfuls of that in my mouth was easier tha ntrying to manage something else. Don't get me wrong, I ate all sorts of other healthy stuff too. But the ease of that stuff came in handy when Iwas nursing (um, ALL THE TIME!! ).

I don't want to scare you, but this IS something you need to be very aware of! But it is also something that won't be a big deal if you stay aware of.
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I developed HELLP toxemia, and was on mag sulfate for 36 hours after my emergency C-section to prevent seizures. They wouldn't let me nurse until I was off the drug (which was actually OK with me - I was completely out of it). The wonderful nurses at my hospital did make sure I pumped during that time, and the babies ate formula like pigs.

They let the babies get good and hungry before I tried nursing them for the first time, and they took to it like champs. My MIL was convinced the babies would starve to death, since I too grew into an A-cup while nursing, but my babies doubled their birth weight (from 8 to 16 pounds each) in 4 months. No starving here!

I ate every time they did (which was often).

I also nursed them together practically every feeding. They were very much on the same wavelength, and typically ate and slept at the same time. I think that made it MUCH easier for me - I didn't spend any more time nursing two then I would have nursing one.

I agree with the others - attitude and support are the keys. You CAN do it!! And having nursed a baby already, you have a big head start on me.
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You mamas have been extremely helpful once again. Thank you!!! Tigerchild, thanks for the great advice and for the nursing pillow. I will google that and see what it's all about. My question to you ladies is, do I need to tell the nurses when I get admitted in to deliver that I do not want any bottles introduced to them at all? Or does my lactation spec. say something to them?
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Have it in writing... huge writing. And have them stay in your room at all times.
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I had a planned c/s myself. I just made it known over and over to anyone and everyone that the twins were to receive no pacifiers and no formula. I even made a little sign to tape inside the bassinet. I roomed in, so the twins were only out of my eyesight twice in the 4 days I was there (to shower and for blood work). Otherwise DH or myself had an eye on them IN my room.
But I was very clear about my not wanting them to have anything. I told the intake nurse, I told the OR nurse, I told he recovery nurse, I told he pediatrician, my doc, the nurse who came in to give me water, lol, I told EVERYONE. I made sure it was written on the chart too. I think they were tired of hearing it, but I could have cared less. I was also lucky that the hospital I delivered at has a great LC and is very BF friendly. But either way, I made sure my message was heard loud and clear.
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Oh and if you have a written birth plan, it would not hurt to put it there too.
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Hi, danigirl and congrats on your twin pregnancy. I nursed my twins for 3 years, 4 months with no supplements or bottles. Two babies, two boobs....it'll work out!
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First, I want to congratulate you on your pregnancy and twins!!!

My twins are 6 1/2 months and have not had a single drop of formula! These are my first kids and I was a bit worried at first b/c it took my milk a few days to come in. It has been tough at times to keep up my supply, but we have always managed to work though it My biggest advice is to have lots of support (MOMs on MDC are a GREAT source for that!!!) and tune out any negative input! You CAN do it!!!!

As far as the hospital... I had a very detailed birth plan, which included a separate plan of care for my babies. It specifically spelled out the things I expected to be done (I delivered in OR and babies had to go to nursery while I recovered - I insisted for my sister to be allowed to stay with the babies at all times, to have them brought to me asap, for them to co-bed, etc...), and most importantly things NOT to be done to my children (i.e. eye ointment, Vit K, formula, HepB shot, etc..). I also included a section addressing the off chance of the twins having to go to the NICU and what I wanted to be done (if possible).

I did have a bit of a problem with the pediatrician pushing formula. My dd's blood sugar was low and the pedi kept trying to convince me to give her formula before even allowing me to BF her. She went as far as to threaten to transfer my DD to the NICU and report me to DCF if I insisted to BF my DD first and her sugar didnt go back up!!! : Well, I stood my ground (thank god I had great support there.. my sis & doula!!!) and almost as soon as I BFed my DD, her sugar went right back up. This same pedi later told me how great of a mom I was and released us early because we were all doing so well!!!

Anyway... yes, as you've seen from the many many MOMs on here that have sucessfully done so, you CAN exclusively BF your twins!!! Be firm about what you want at the hospital when it comes to your and your babies' care and make sure all staff know what it is that you want.

Congrats again mama and have a wonderful pregnancy!!!
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