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I just have to second the advice to interview the doula. Being a first time mom, I had been unsure of how I would handle labor, so I was really concerned that my doula was not judgemental of women who use drugs in birht. I was able to find a doula that was very open and supportive. She attended my son's birht and it was drug free and pressure free. I just did it my way.
Modesto doula gave the website for DONA (Doulas of North America). The site has sample interview questions for doulas. I found them useful.
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here's my birthstory of Noah- a no-pain-meds birth. I liked it MUCH better than my other 2- one epidural and one spinal.

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Hi Davesadoll,
Just wanted to encourage you- your body is made for birth! I just gave birth (unmedicated in a birthing center) 4 weeks ago and it was by far the best experience of my life. Yes, it hurts like hell, but it is so rewarding! Definetly read Birthing From Within and find a great midwife and doula. (My midwife served as both). Just keep telling yourself, "I can do this". And you'll probably think the contractions hurt so much that you should get an epidural, (I did at one point) but just hang in there, YOU CAN DO IT! What helped me was moving around a lot, kicking my legs, and opening my mouth very wide and saying, "open, open, open"- I was talking to my cervix.
You are going to do great!
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I don't know if anyone mention Hypnobirthing. I didn't have time to read all the responses. Hypnobirthing is a good method to implement during an unmedicated birth. You can find an instructor online at www.hypnobirthing.com. Check out the website there is alot of good info there, too.
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My first too!

This will be my first unmedicated birth.

I am having this one at a birthing center. . .no choice but to go without meds. I also had a nasty fall off a horse, and with the back injuries an epidural would probably NOT be in my best interests, and might not even be given (thats what I keep TELLING myself so I dont chicken out).

I am just going to try to be brave, remembering that the other births I survived the times without meds, it was just the induction that HURT LIKE HELL and since I wasnt getting induced, I could deal with this.

I would LOVE to have a doula, but they are very expensive! Since they are not covered (I think they are about a grand here), I just cannot swing it. Same with lactation consultants. I wound up not being able to nurse my son because they are not covered, and I just dont have the $150 an hour to do that. Stupid insurance companies!

So I am just putting my faith in myself, my husband, my friend (if she can make it) and my midwife. It WILL end, the pain is not forever. . .I learned to walk after the horse accident again, I can learn to birth without meds!

And then we BOTH can come back here with a triumphant heart warming story!
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Natural birth advocates and water

I'll put my vote in for only allowing people to be with you that are advocates of natural childbirth. If that means being at a birth center, at home or going unassisted. Having a water option really worked for me, too. And lastly, reading about natural childbirth helped me. Wishing you the best!
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It's really nice to know that we are not alone in our desires for a natural chilbirth. I decided to have a natural childbirth after a very difficult labor and delivery with my dd 3 yrs ago (I was induced with pitocin, got an epidural, etc.). Whenever I mention to family or friends that I am having my son naturally, they think I am crazy, and it sometimes makes you question your own desires.

My husband and I have just hired a doula (after interviewing a few in our area) and are really looking forward to this. We don't have time to take the Bradley course, but our doula just got through taking it a couple of months ago and she said she would be more than happy to go through the info with us. She is also a certified massage therapist, so that may come in handy too

I can't wait for this experience, and I am sure that the Doula will make the experience even better, while keeping me on track with what I want
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What worked for me was having lots of support - I had three friends, my partner, my mama and three midwives! I know that lots of women want privacy but being surrounded by people who supported my home birth choice helped to keep me focussed. It also allowed for the midwives to stand back and let me take control. My partner didn't leave my side - I really needed constant touching (rubbing my back, my feet)ad that helped too.

Trust in your body - I have tried to explain to so many women who have had medicated births about how I reached a level of awareness of my body and a surge of strength that I can not compare to anything - and they think I'm crazy, However I never felt overwhelmed with the pain, in fact it's the only time I think in my life that I had complete faith in my body and my surroundings!

Also, lots and lots of yoga beforehand helped. I practiced visualizations with my partner guiding me!

Good Luck!
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As above, homebirth and /or doula, read Birthing From Within, and read Childbirth Without Fear. This second book is very old, though it's been updated, and nobody seems to read it anymore but I found it to be excellent. He describes a fear-tension-pain cycle and describes specifically how fear inhibits a natural labour. I feel much more confidant in my body after reading it.
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Just wanted to add that rest helps soooo much. I was so excited about labor beginning that I didn't rest while I had a chance. 25 hours later, Isaiah was born and though I loved every minute, I wish I had rested more in early labor instead of taking like 50 walks around the block to get labor going faster.

If you can get a birth tub, that may help. Also, remember your body can do it! Just think about all the hard work it's doing now while your baby is being nourished and protected by yours. Isn't it great???

About epidurals, I don't have any experience personally but a good friend of mine had a hospital birth a year ago and has constant back pain. Someone else stated that having a needle stuck in their spinal area is scarier than any pain in labor! I agree!

Congrats on your preg. and let us all know how it goes! You CAN do it naturally and without intervention!
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Re: It's all about trust

Originally posted by RasJane
Oh, I also learned that my body would tell me what I wanted. During pg I thought that the idea of water sounded just wonderful. I headed into water at about 6cm and was screaming to get out 2 minutes later. It just was not right for me.
My second birth was a waterbirth, and it was great, there is no way you could have gotten me out of that tub without a hydraulic lift, LOL. I *needed* to be in the water. My third birth, though, I labored in the birth tub for about an hour (with horrendous back pain) then all of a sudden I thought, "this isn't working," and I hopped right out of that tub and knelt on the ground, and she was born two pushes later!
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I had a water birth at home without any drugs.
I was only 18 at the time too. My husband and midwife were present and it was a very special and sacred time. I read a lot of books while I was pregnant and prepared myself mentally as well as physically for the birth. I truly believe that because I knew what I wanted and I believed that I could do it, it made me that much stronger.

You can read as much as you like and know all the alternatives to drugs for pain relief, but the true key to having the type of birth you want is to believe in your ability to have a beautiful birthing experience. It was only once I believed that my body knew exactly how to give birth and that my unborn baby knew how to be born did I feel secure and completely prepared. I still had some anxiety but what mother doesn't?

My advice would be to read Barbara Harper's book called Gentle Birth Choices. It enlightened me a lot! www.storknet.com/guest/harper.htm
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Hi kibbles, just FYI, I would suggest checking out the La Leche League groups in your area. The leaders will help you with nursing. My LLL leader is a lactation consultant, and has offered to come to my house to help. Going to LLL meetings is free, unless you want to pay the 35 dollar membership. Good luck and congratulations!
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unmedicated birth?

I'm not pregnant yet, but I'm thinking about no medication next time around. Can anyone talk me into this? I had an epidural last time and my baby was very sleepy for a long time. In fact, he was always pretty sleepy when nursing, and I'm wondering if that could be why we got off to such a bad start with breastfeeding. (I was sore for 8 weeks! : ) I'm also wondering if this "sleepy" habit could be the cause of his cavities. I think he got into the habit of sucking while asleep and not swollowing.....thus creating the pool of milk in his mouth and the cavities. This is probably a really far out idea, but I'm determined to figure out why breastfeeding can contribute to cavities in some children.

So if anyone has any more info about why it's good to have an unmedicated birth, please let me know. I'll take any and all info about nursing and/or cavities or ANY OTHER SUBJECT!!!

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I also am not pregnant, but I decided to pop in and check it out and saw your thread and thought I'd respond.

I have had two unmedicated births. With the first I always intended to get the epidural. I had been in labor for 12 hours when my water broke and we went to the hospital. I was at 5cm when we got there (I had been at 4cm for a month so I was pretty bummed.) All the sudden I went into transition, although I didn't know it at the time and I was in so much pain all I could do was try to make it through the contractions that were coming one on top of the other. Twenty minutes when I was checked again I was complete. That was the absolute worst twenty minutes of my life. No, I take that back, my kidney stone was worse than that. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I don't want to scare anyone, but I swore that I would never go through that again. That was in the heat of the moment. Natural childbirth is such a wonderful thing that I did decide to do it again.

My second labor was half the time, only seven hours, and SO much easier. I was positive for GBS so I was to be at the hospital four hours before delivery. Looking back this was a blessing in disguise, because otherwise I would have had an unexpected homebirth: . I never dreamed that when I arrived at the hospital at 7:05 in the morning that I would be at 9cm. I figured maybe 6cm if I was lucky (again I was at 4cm before I even went into labor.) Imagine my surprise when I was at 9cm. My son was born at 8:05am. I pushed for only ten minutes, and for the first eight I didn't put all my effort into it because I didn't feel the urge to push, but the nurse was badgering me (I had come in so dilated that I pushed back a scheduled C-section and she was irritated.) Once I felt the urge he was out in one contraction. He was 9lb, 22 inches with a 15 inch head.

I won't lie and say that there was no pain, but I would never have asked for pain relief. It was really easy IMO the second time. My first son did a great job of paving the way (he also had a huge head and a big ole body.) Only one mother I know hasn't felt that the second was amazingly easier than the first, but her second came out face up rather than face down -- ouch! Other than her, all the moms with two from my BFing support group felt that the second time was so much easier. Some got epidurals because they got them the first time and they were scared to try it with out, and some went natural the second time and found it to be much easier than they expected. Epidurals are pretty popular in my area, of my large group of mommy contacts only myself and one of my friends have never had an epidural. The moms that go natural with number two are overwhelmingly glad that they did. It is such an amazing experience to feel it all happen.

If you would like to talk further, please feel free to PM or email me.

Sorry to all to crash your board. One of these days I'll be here again, just not TOO soon I hope. The two I have keep me on my toes.
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I've had an unmedicated labor, followed by unplanned (yes, medicated) c-section, and an unmedicated labor and birth. I would feel ripped off - like I missed part of the whole experience- if I had pain meds. Seriously... the joy of childbirth totally makes it worthwhile...

Also, IMO, I have great support that makes it possible to not need to escape from the sensations of labor and birth. Sitting in a birth tub, with warm water to my neck, getting a facial massage from the doula, with DH giving me sips of juice and craddling me and telling me I am the most glorious creature he has ever seen....well, it's not so bad, really!

As for the benefits...epidurals can contriute to sleepy babies, elevated birth weights (the baby can get bloated,too) that make it seem that the baby isn't gaining enough weight, trouble with latch and milk supply, not to mention, slowing down the actual labor and birth, and leading to other interventions. The other methods of pain relief - narcotics can cause a sleepy baby, or one who doesn't breath well after birth.

I am passionate about this...and love to talk about my experience, so I'll stop now. Mothering had a very informative article a while back about the relative safety of epidural pain relief...I can't remember exactly when, but that might give you more information. PM me if you want.

Good on you to be thinking about this now!
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I had a wonderful unmedicated birth. I strongly suggest looking into a homebirth if you are considering an unmedicated birth- it was so easy for me to take control, do what my body needed to do, and be at ease in my own home. I walked, I squatted, I moaned, I did whatever my body told me to do. And it was wonderful and I never felt the need for pain relief (although I did really want a nap). Its great to be on your own turf during such an intense experience.

My Birthworks instructor showed us a video created to demonstrate the difference between a medicated birth and an unmedicated birth from the babies perspective. After each birth they placed the baby on the mamas belly. The unmedicated baby nudged forward slowly, rooting for and finding the breast and began nursing. The medicated baby rooted around the mamas belly towards here side, had a hard time moving, and did not find the breast. It was a powerful video.

There are tons of reasons why unmedicated can be better, others have mentioned many. I hope it works out for you, best wishes,
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Both my babies were unmedicated. One at hospital & one at home ( accidental unassisted ). I would never do it any other way. I suggest you read spiritual midwifery for the spiritual side of why & read birthing from within for the more techncial how to stuff.
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I read "Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way" by Susan McCrutchon (sp?). I really liked it and found it to be very helpful with my second. Did the Lamaze thing with the first and though it was totally useless.
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It hurt!

My birth was unmedicated and it hurt worse than anything, but I would never take those drugs. I hear the narcotics don't even work that well for pain and you can't get more when they wear off, and I have heard so many bad things about the epidural I can't imagine getting one of those!

I hear you have to be restricted to the bed, hooked up to a fetal monitor the whole time, and have your blood pressure taken every two minutes. And a whole bunch of other side effects for the baby!

The way I see it is, I don't have the right to force a baby to take unnecessary drugs, which is what happens when the mother takes drugs.
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