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figures, you start this thread & dd decides to pick up "freakin" it definitely came from me & she used it very appropriately (it *is* a freakin' car seat!) we talked about how there are better words to use & it's not the nicest word. ugh. it sounds so much worse coming out of her little mouth.
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you don't sound high minded monkeys, I just don't see how teaching your kids that it is OK to swear at home because at home no one is offended by it but it is not OK to swear at school or at the store or at grandmas because sopmeone may be ofended by it is allowing teh kids to use offensive langauge. This is what my parents did and it was foolproof - I NEVER used offensive language because I never said the S word at school or at grandmas. I said it at home, where no one was offended.

I am a southern girl and so ettiquette is important to me. Not making people uncomfrotable is important to me. There is nothing offensive about the S word if the hearer isn't offended by it. Don't say it around people who are offended, say it around people who aren't offended, and you don't offend. I had learned this by by age 4.5 when I started school and probably earlier.

I can totally understand this point of view and I think it's a perfectly acceptable one. I just chose to take it all a step further and practice completely avoiding the language. I've found it makes for a more pleasant environment in general and it elevates our consciousness of language choices. Others may disagree or find it's not all that different for them. Which is OK.

I think the key is about respecting one another and that's what you're emphasizing. I've come to like it better avoiding the language as much as possible. It was unexpectedly rewarding in other ways as mentioned in previous posts. But I would not criticize the approach you suggest. The only one that disturbs me is a flippant disregard for how language (or other behavior) affects others.
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