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My 7 month old has chicken pox!

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My son had them from May 21st and is just getting rid of them and now my almost 7 month old (breastfed) baby has them. She has about 50 spots already and seems pretty uncomfortable! Poor thing. At least i'm getting it all over with it but it sucks seeing your children upset. I just painted her with calomine lotion and she's sleeping so hopefully that helps her feel better. I have been stuck in the house since May 21st and I'm going a little batty and now I have 2-3 more weeks to look forward too. Oh joy!
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Once the last one crusts over you are good to go. No need to wait until they are all gone.

And can you wrap some of that up and send it my way. I would love to get CP out of the way.
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Yes, you are lucky to get it over and no worries about pressure to get the stupid forking vaccine!

2 of mine had it while bfing and only had about 10 spots each. No fever, nothing. The oldest wasn't bfing when she got it and was really miserable for 24 hours. Some of her spots were dime sized. On her little vulva--ouchies!
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I live in Ontario, Canada. I tried to get a chicken pox party going when my son got it but no one seemed interested!

My daughter has it pretty bad. She has about 75 spots already, a lot on her vulva, face and tummy. Poor thing! She is asleep now thank goodness!
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Poor thing. I hope this passes fast. Hopefully she will stop getting spots soon and they start to crust over. Once she stops getting spots and they all crust over she is no longer contageous. It's typically about four or five days, but I guess you would be the expert on that, huh.:
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If you don't mind trying out herbal remedies, I can recommend a wonderful one for chicken pox! My friend's girls both had cpox last fall, and my 6mo (at the time) ds also had them, although he only had about 10-20 mild spots. But both of us used a plantain ointment that really helped clear up the spots! Her girls (2 and 4) reported that it helped with the itching, and it also helped heal them more quickly. Anyway, hope she isn't miserable for long!
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