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re: vanity fair

I was going to say the same thing.... it is a very good magazine (IM0) and they are not particularly aligned to any one politic.

During the last administration, there was oodles of articles that were extremely...make that EXTREMELY unsympathetic, to say the least of William Jefferson Clinton. And Hilary.
Christopher Hitchens seemed to release his spleen regularly over the Clinton Household. He did it so regularly I felt he was sharing in a twelve step meeting for adult children of alcoholics.

They just take a very big hat pin to any flaws in bloated egos..no matter where they are located, DC or NY or Hollywood.

And of course Dominick Dunne is always up to something..

lastly, it was GWB and his administration that posed for Vanity Fair cover for their War Room issue.
Donald Rumsfield said he loved it.

more on it..
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Even Forbes magazine says:

ANALYSIS-Saudi gas deal collapse makes Iraq major Mideast prize


Not that I trust these guys any better than any other analysts, but it's still interesting. I do see that Iraq is very valuable to control from this article, and that there are many rivals for it and always have been

So...hey...if there is dispute over what Wolfowitz said...well, I think that Forbes has an interesting twist?...Joyce in the mts.
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