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Evenflo Carseat Vent!!!

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My SIL let dh and I borrow her infant carseat last night, and since they had long ago tossed the instructions, we went to the Evenflo website to pull up the carseat instructions. You can't just pull them up and print them off, you have to give them all your friggen mailing/calling info and they SEND them to you!!! WTF!?!?! I mean, find some other excuse to sell my information to telemarketers, but if a parent needs CAR SEAT INSTRUCTIONS don't you think they should be easily pulled up and the parent should not have to wait for them by snail mail!!!!!????? Car seats are a life/death thing, it's not like impatiently waiting for instructions on how to assemble a toy!! If a parent is looking for the manual to a CAR SEAT it is because they are making sure about the SAFETY OF THEIR CHILD and that can NOT wait!!!!!!!!
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At the same time they are making sure you have a HARD copy for future reference.
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technically the instruction manual are supposed to be kept with the carseat so you would need one the right size. also they may be making sure that your car seat is not oo old. If it is too old they will not sell you parts or even give you an instruction manual in hopes of detering you from using it. so maybe that is thier deal.

Just a note on evenflo though. they totally SUCK!! We bought a carseat that broke shortly after we bought it. we didn't relize though that it was broken until i was getting it ready for my second child. they refused to even make a note that it had broken so quickly. did offer an apology, or to replace it or anything. I was so mad. and then the guy said "well you have had it for 4 years. you got your moneys worth" hey o big that were driving around with the equivilant of a completely unrestrained child for 4 years., aggghhhhh. sorry just needed to vent.
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