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Originally Posted by sarahlyao View Post
what is the TP? i keep seeing it mentioned.


The Trading Post...it's a forum on here where you can buy, sell, and trade things! I love it!! It's down near the bottom of where the forums are listed.
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Originally Posted by dakotamidnight View Post
The TP is the Trading post - I think you have to have over 60 posts and have been a member over 6months to get into view it though.
I think its 90 days lol not 6 months.
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I'm in! I just quit my job so I need to do this right now. I am going to spens $100/wk for groceries. Gas for car, no eating out, cancel long distance on phone. I can't think of anything else I will have to buy this month b/c my Easter is all done!
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Went grocery shopping yesterday and didn't buy to much extra but found that things on my list where more than i needed so now i am challenging myself to not buy any groceries for the rest of the month except for fresh spinach, ds's cottage cheese and meat on the 15th. Spent a total of $100 on groceries. I also bought 2 bags of dog food for $25 and that should last the entire month. I have $27 in my purse for Thursday play group, cvs shopping and whatever I would like for the ENTIRE month. I am hoping to sock away $300 this month IN ADDITION to the $100 that we normally put away, take ourselves of the credit card life support and CLEAN THE HOUSE!

I would like to ask what kind of things you sell? I look at our things and honestly they are pretty....blech. Not really worth anything at all. I have more than what I could resell to to a second hand store but not enough for a garage sale..... I feel bad throwing things out when *someone* might want them but its hard work, time consuming and harldy worth the few dollars all the crap might bring to list it on craigs, freecyle or yard sale it......Not to mention its tucked away in obscure cubbys and closets and in order to sell it I have to pile it somehwere.
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I have made about $25 selling stuff since yesterday (after estimated S+H that is) and have loads more stuff to sell. I also am trading for 2 gifts for DD bday! (though I will have to pay shipping for the trade so I guess I'm spending $ already ) but the toys are new from another mamas store so I can't pass that up! plus I am getting rid of something I've been trying to sell FOREVER!

I need to go get groceries later and I have a scwhann's order coming wed.
(estimating $150 for both) our freezer is somehwhat stocked (or will be once I cook some stuff up) so we won't need anything else but milk/produce most likely.
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Im in. I think i will take away the debit cards and hide them, beause dh tends to slip on this. We will only spend money on groceries, gas and bills. That means cutting out random trips to the store, dh's fast food, clothing purchases, and cloth diapers (SOB). So can we come back to this board whenever we get tempted???

Ok that SOB was meant as a crying sob, not swearing. LOL!
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I am in. We just bought my new car after surrendering my old one in a bankruptcy. Yep, we're broke. Our CC life support was part morphine drip - we just never faced the truth about the changes we needed to make until it was too late. Im ashamed to say that its been 4 mo since we filed and I still havent changed much. I hope you all do what you need to do LONG before you get to where we are.

I need you all to keep me honest. My trouble is groceries. We easily spend 800/mo with only 2 adults, a toddler and an 8 mo old. We eat too much and it's killing our finances and our health. So, no spending!!
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Originally Posted by LarissaHouTX View Post
I need you all to keep me honest. My trouble is groceries. We easily spend 800/mo with only 2 adults, a toddler and an 8 mo old. We eat too much and it's killing our finances and our health. So, no spending!!
I totally hear you there, mama. We don't spend quite that much (maybe an average of about $500, including organics and all-natural meats), but I KNOW we could knock quite a bit off that if we tried. And the kicker is, the real problem is ME. I work from home, so I have perpetual access to the kitchen, and I'm bored/frustrated enough by my job to use food as a distraction : That's a part of my no-spending vow as well. I'd gotten back into the habit of letting myself buy an iced coffee or two a week, and it's been hard to wean off that

I will admit to buying a KitKat to split with my DDs yesterday (the very first day while buying a light bulb and deodorant at Target, but in my defense, we'd been at the park for hours and were all working on a total low blood sugar. And of course I'd just taken the cracker box out of my car in the interest of decluttering! One small KitKat between the four of us (when my DD1 really wanted a huge icky popcorn) seemed a decent compromise. I'm aiming to do better though, trying to remember to bring our Siggs and keep a snack in the car.
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Originally Posted by LarissaHouTX View Post
I am in. We just bought my new car after surrendering my old one in a bankruptcy. Yep, we're broke.
i dont mean to be rude but if you just filed bankruptcy and surrendered your car... how and why did you buy a new one? did you have $$ to pay cash? did you finance?? something just doesnt sound 'right' with that...???
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Well today is Monday, I failed yesterday, we went to the mall and had dinner out but today is a new day..
we had all meals at home...
breakfast was cereal
lunch was sandwiches
dinner chicken w/mashed taters and veggies fruit for dessert
snack was popcorn...

my goal is not to buy anything at the grocery store that we still have.. no stocking up this month... hoping i can make do with perishables and baby items...
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1growingsprout: We did buy a cash car. Its 15 yrs old with way over 100k but we can at least get to church and the grocery store without relying on neighbors. As to how, my DH has been working nonstop. Filing for bankruptcy was a his true wake up call. Its just taking me a bit longer. Weve cut out a lot of things, just my grocery bill is still out of control.
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Well, I haven't fallen off the wagon yet. Dh had to go get dog food on Sunday night (forgot that in my grocery buying on Saturday) and while he was there he got some Easter stuff for a few dollars. I got some money for my birthday, so I'm going to turn around and use it for the dress I need to buy for the wedding shower and Easter. That makes me happy!

I know it has only been a little over 2 days, but I've already had to stop myself a few times from buying. This is going to get harder, but I think I'll make it
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Well we had bought a new car on saterday (still technically in march!!). I am getting window tinting on it for $140 (saved $25 by shopping around). The car was filled with gas when we got it AND they gave us another 10 gallons for whenever we need it so that extra $30 can go towards the window tinting (which is a must in AZ believe me I tried it without tinting..... I haven't bought anything we don't need though...course I haven't lef the the house either. Besides things like getting window tinting, putting extra money towards the car loan to have to finance less I think I can do this!!
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Today was hard. I took the kids to a program at the art museum this morning and was really hungry on the way back. I wanted to stop at Chipotle for lunch, but I decided not to spend money, came home, and am cooking lunch now.


April spending so far:

3/31- $149.42 Groceries for the week
4/1- $ 43.00 Date night with dh (free babysitter, used a $5 off coupon for dinner)
4/2- $ 1.07 Tomato needed for dinner
4/3- $ 24.00 Gas for van
4/3- $ 6.00 Art museum parking
4/3- $208.00 GEICO auto insurance payment
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April spending so far- $0. Yay!!!!! Gas and groceries will be coming up this weekend though. (but those don't count, so we're still doing good!).
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Great start so far!

Last Friday (30 March), I did my inventory, made my meal plan and grocery list for the month of April, (a la the "Frugal Meal Planning 101" thread) and went shopping on Saturday.

I spent : : :


That's right, $75.00 to feed my whole family for the month.

I know that, realistically, there is no way that I could repeat my $75 trip to the grocery on a regular basis. As it happens, I currently have lots of food in my kitchen (rice, pasta, dried beans, tinned and frozen veggies, et cetera), a desire to "reduce my household inventory" and a militant determination to spend NO money this month. I did a very thorough inventory of my kitchen on Friday night, planned my menues around the food on my inventory, and bought a few things here and there to fill in around the edges where necessary.

Using the Frugal Meal Planning thread is really helping: I just keep starting at Assignment #1 and doing the steps. It's working so far (as long as I stick to my list, that is! )
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Ok i have fallen off the wagon. I bought a new AI2 for dd. In my defense, im trying to get her stash a bit bigger so that i dont have to wash them daily, as i feel that really wastes $ for the water bill. Ughh this is much harder then i thought it would be.
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I did join this a 2 days into April so Im not going to count those days. I did Great today by not stopping to get any food while we were out. Suprising how DS didnt throw a fit for candy when I gave him a "heads up" - not buying candy today - in the car.

I totally need to do what EnglishRose did and take inventory of my food. Then fill in gaps - great idea.
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Oh Me too! Me Too! Can I join?! (I haven't read all the posts yet, but will go back as soon as I've posted!)

My dh has been at me since the beginning of the year to stick to our non-existant budget and every time we have that little talk.... I get this urge to spend - which if you knew me, you would know it is totally not me. He is insistent on this budget but apparently not enough so to draw one up.

So I will be good and this month not spend on anything other than groceries.

I did my Easter shopping on the 31st so that is done and out of the way.

My biggest struggles are healthy home-made lunches and not eating out at dinner.

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Those with Credit card issues - Freeze those credit cards.... seriously stick them under a block of ice.... get a freezeable container, put the card in pour in some water and leave it in the bottom of your freezer.... refill as needed. You can't use it if it takes a day and a half to melt!

**We have 3 cards and I'm thinking of putting two of them in the bucket** (the third is my bank card! LOL!) dh thinks its stupid but hey when those little things are calling ya - ya gotta do something!

Melissa, I'm working on reigning in our grocery budget... dh had a TILT moment when we looked at our bills in Feb and discovered that we had an $800 grocery bill (totalled for the month), but I think some of it was clothes for the girls and other - expenditures too... The one thing we've been doing is planning a grocery day - and I need to be really strict about that now... but I do the grocery shopping - as it is the only way I can get all I need... and not much more.

Bethany, I'm adding that book to my list of want to reads - my library has it - so for me that is a start in not spending - visiting the library! I'm a book junky and could spend all my saved money in the book store, my current frugal thing is library-ing regularly! We're homeschooling and I'm trying not to spend money until we decided whole-heartedly on a curriculum!

I like the idea of making some money and may try my hand there! Awesome idea!

Will start my tallying tomorrow as that is another request from the DH-man! LOL! MIL comes this weekend, should be interesting!
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