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Leslie, this is quite a week! What a roller coaster, huh? lots of hugs to you. Maybe we can chat again tomorrow night, if you're up for it. It was such a blast to talk to you on Monday.

I think this is great - four perfect embies. Love it. Love YOU.
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Yay!! Four is awesome!! Like you said, you only need one! In fact, we only had three that were worth anything, and look at us now...

Can't wait to hear your next reports! So, your transfer is Saturday? Oooh, I can't wait!!!
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oh Korin, Gatorade?!!! That never would have occured to me. I'll have to go pick some up. High protein & gatorade, combined with Citrucel and prunes for the progesterone constipation. Isn't this going to be tasty!

Celeste, I'm going to be at a community meeting tonight -- how about talking over the weekend? I'd love to chat and hear how you're doing, too. We have a hotly contested race for Alderman in my ward in Chicago. An upstart young woman taking on an entrenched old fart. You can tell who I'm supporting.

Dena, gosh that makes me feel good to know that from three you had success. Thanks for mentioning that.

So...the lady from the lab called back late yesterday with the details from the chromosome analysis. Of the three that were abnormal, one had an extra 22 chromosome and two were missing a 16 chromosome. She explained that the one would not have been able to develop a heartbeat and would have likely miscarried, and the other two, even if they implanted, wouldn't have lasted long enough for a positive pregnancy test. Isn't it fascinating that they can do this?

The next round of testing will be from a single cell from each embie. So far the tests have only looked at my genetic material; today's test will take into account the material from the spermies.

More news tomorrow...
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Leslie, that's totally incredible that they can do so much. I'm glad for it, though! I love that you could eliminate those heartbreaks before a transfer.

Have fun tonight
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Wow, that really is incredible what they can test for before the transfer. That is very cool.

Can't wait to hear your next report tomorrow!!
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Wow Leslie sounds like things are going well. Its really cool that they can analyze the embies like that. Four great ones sounds like you have good chances. How many will you be transferring? Can't wait to hear how things are progressing!
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One didn't make it to today. The other three passed all their tests and were deemed 'normal.' In the genetic sense. Anything coming from our families really can't be considered normal, can it?

so...gotta be at the hospital at 5:30 a.m. for a 7:00 transfer. We'll get the latest report, talk to the RE and embryologist, and take it from there.

Dena, did you put all three back in? Korin, what was your count? I'm thinking we're gonna take 'em all.

thanks for all the and support, my friends. you totally have made my week wonderful. seriously.

[celeste...I LOVE the card!!! You are sweet beyond words. And an amazing photographer!!! Your timing was perfect.]
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i had two put in... and was lucky enough to have 6 in the freezer. but all you really need is ONE.

: so excited for you leslie!
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I'd ask for all three as well, Leslie, not a doubt in my mind.

I'm so glad you got the card. And I just can't wait to talk to you. Think about it: the next time I talk with you, you'll be carrying embies! wooooooooooooow.
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Leslie, three sounds great! Especially three you know have passed all their tests - can't get much better than that!!

To clarify, we actually had five on the day of the transfer, but one was a four cell and one a ten cell, and I would bet if we had had genetic testing done on them, they would not have been normal. Neither of the two survived to day five to be frozen. Which, as it turned out, was ok.

So, of the remaining three, yes, we put all three back in. My clinic follows ASRM guidelines that recommend three or four be put back in for a woman my age (38), and since we had three that looked pretty good, we went for that. I was glad they didn't recommend four - I think I would have freaked!

I think everything sounds great for your transfer tomorrow. Now, go get some rest and get ready to become a mommy!!
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: PUPO!:

My RE is amazing. She invited dh to be in the room for the transfer (and he makes for quite a McDreamy in scrubs!), she showed us the ultrasound, and she even printed an ultrasound picture that shows the bright white of the fluid the embies were in. "Let's hope this is just the first picture," she said. :

She was so caring and genuine -- this is way beyond just a 'job' for her. She also showed me my bulging ovaries, with follies all filled up with fluid. Normal, will recede on its own. Til then, I'm the Pillsbury dough girl.

We put all three in. One was an A+ overachiever, a full-blown blastocyst. The other two looked great but were not quite blasto stage. But, it was early. :yawning: 6:30 in the morning is, technically, still the day before. We have a "1%" chance of triplets. hah!

Now, who's going to the provide the eulogy to my beloved and now banned coffee? Any substitution suggestions?

love you guys. oh and I'm 38, too. Let's hope that isn't all we have in common, Dena.
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double post - sorry
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So exciting!!!

I am glad the RE was warm and caring, too. I'm thinking about you.

And I have no idea what PUPO means.
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: : :

We only had one "overachiever" one as well - ours was a day three, but it was already still dividing as it was transferred. This is IT!! I can just feel it! One for sure - maybe even twins!! WHOHOO!! 38 is a great age to get PG!!
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PUPO!! ((pregnant until proven otherwise)) Leslie, I got a little teary reading this :

Coffee.. switch to decaf. I had a cup of decaf a few times a week when I needed 'coffee'... still haven't gone back
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I liked how Dena put it, Leslie!

sounds like it's meant to be. can't wait to hear your voice, darling.
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Leslie, just popping in to say congrats on the transfer and BEST of luck!

My IVF miracle just arrived this side of belly on 4/10. He was the last emby of 9 follies, my last hope and he's my golden boy. I will whisper in his ear to put a good word in for you.

love and dust,

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may-lily! : many happy congrats! :
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Leslie that sounds great! I'm so glad you had three good ones to put in. Your new RE sounds so nice. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you the next two weeks.

May-lily congratulations! Enjoy your golden boy!
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Congratulations, May-lily!!! What a wonderful surprise to log on and find your note! I'm so happy for you and your little guy. I long to follow in your footsteps...

So now I wait. The weekend was tough -- I'm not very good at just relaxing. But I'm glad I did. Actually, I'd like to think I was actively gestating. :

Thanks, gals, for all your love and support. It feels wonderful.

Thursday, April 26th will be the ultimate reality-show finale. See you then!

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