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Renting a pump?

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Has anyone rented a pump? What did you think of it? How much did it cost?

I need to use occasional bottles when I go back to school next semester but my manual pump doesn't cut it. I've tried it with three kids and haven't ever been able to let down for it, no matter what I've tried. I need to try some EBM bottles and I've already waited so long (3.5 months) that I'm sure it isn't going to go well. I think it's about $100 to rent a pump - $45 for the rental and then buying all the tubing and stuff - and I hate to waste it if he isn't going to take the bottle but I guess I need to try.
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I rented a professional hospital pump from a firm associated with the hospital. Definetly does the trick. I don't recal, but it was a weekly rental price, not too much. Ask at the local maternity ward.
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