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What is your favorite sling, and why?

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Just wondering... I'm wanting to look for a new one Also, what is your favorite hip carrier, and at what age did you start using it!
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Over the shoulder baby holder. I have been using it with DD since she was 3 wks old. We both love it.
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I absolutely LOVE my Maya Wrap!

I have been through tons of slings/carriers over the years.. and this is by far the tops!

I have slung my preemie diaper (5lbs) and my big 'baby' who currently is 5yrs old, and weighs roughly 48lbs.

It is VERY versatile!
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Maya Wrap is my favorite by a long shot.

I always used OTSBH in the past, but they are way too bulky to me with the side cushioning.

I have hearrd that wraps with cushioned side rails are best for newborns. I used the Maya with no problems. My dh prefers the Maya as well.
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they maya by far. I have used the no jo and the otsbh and they were just too bulky and too hard to get really snug. I think probably any unpadded sling I would like....and very easy to use in the hip carry!
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I love my Maya Wrap and my Kissaluvs. I use the MW when I'm out and about because it has a pocket. I've had several people ask me about slinging and so now I keep some papers with information about the benefits of slings, the differences, and where to get them in the pocket so I can pass 'em out. (I should start making commission!! =) )

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My all time fave is the Maya Wrap! I use it for my newborn exclusively. I have a New Native Baby Carrier and two other slings with lightly padded rails but I really just prefer the Maya. You can't beat the adjustability or the great fabric!

I carry my 6w old in it all the time, he loves the chest to chest hold. I like the NNBC, but I can't do the chest to chest with a newborn. The NNBC worked well as a hip carrier for my toddler. I haven't tried the Maya as a hip carrier since my 2yo likes to run everywhere she goes! ag
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I LOVE my new native! Amber does not like to be cradled in arms or the sling, so I have her sit in the sling with her chest/head facing me. She naps in it the majority of the time and it fits me really well. Also, we have a Baby Bjorn and since its been really, really hot here, I like that too. I think it keeps her cooler with all of her extremities out.


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WOw...another Maya wrap fan here. I got it as a gift a few years ago, the best present anyone could have gotten me I used it since birth on Donovan and now Liam, and it is still in fantastic shape and the colors are still vibrant. Not to mention much easier to use/adjust than padded rail slings. I am thinking about getting a sling with just a padded shoulder, I found those comfortable.
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