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Ds is 1 y.o. and have been co-sleeping on our bed since he was born, now he started to move a lot and it's getting to be difficult to sleep on the same bed. I would like to get a crib that I could use right next to my bed, with the rail down so once in a while he can still snuggle with me, and that in the future it can turn into a toddler bed. I went to a store and looked on the internet and the choices are too many. : Can anyone suggest a brand , kind, etc of a crib that I should get? Thanks!
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I don't have any experience, but what about just using a regular twin bed beside your bed w/ rails? Or a toddler bed w/ rails?
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The crib my mother pick out seems to work just fine. I have the rail still on but down it gives a 5 inch lip so he doesnt roll on over me. Then again my bed is very high. Other wise I would just take the rail off. This is working very well for us. My son is a wiggle worm and as much as I hate it my husband was right we do sleep better when he is in his own bed. I still bf to sleep and he still wakes up to bf in my bed. Once he is down I just move him back. He loves his big boy bed as I call it. and races into it when I put in on our bed.

Just make sure the crib is snug and doesn't move as to let the little one fall between. I have put pillows down below just in case the crib moves.
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