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Hazel is two weeks, one day old now and just doing wonderfully! She's such an easy going little girl, sleeps a long time, nurses well, and puts up with her rough big brother.
The hardest thing to deal with is the adjustment for my toddler, he is use to having 100% attention all of the time, so the last couple of weeks have been hard on him. I don't feel like I'm able to meet his needs.
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Izzy is 2.5 weeks old and still such a sleeper, thank goodness! She's gained about 2 pounds and is starting to fill out more. She also has one goopy eye that I've been squirting breastmilk in at every nursing to help. I made the mistake of eating spaghetti the other night and figured out pretty quickly that tomatoes are offlimits for a while!

Coping with my 2yo has been really tough PP. He's regressed with potty learning and doing totally normal 2yo things that I'm just not handling well. He went from nursing 2-3 times a day to wanting to nurse ALL the time, more than the baby. Slowly things are improving as we're both finding our way.

Dh has been another issue. He only took off 4 days after dd was born and kept disappearring to run errands during that time, leaving me with all 3 kiddos. I know he needed the time away to help him cope, but it was a bit : to say the least.

And I finally admitted to myself that while I love being pregnant and even birthing, I hate, hate, hate the PP period! I think I just get all dreamy reading about others' babymoons and how peaceful everything is that I have unrealistic expectations and set myself up for failure. I don't get the kind of help I want with the housework, nobody does the laundry except for me, engorgment, afterpains that really are worse with subsequent babies, and all those hormones!

And I've also been dealing with an uncooperative midwife and inadequate PP care. It's sooo ridiculous!

Oh, dinner is ready... gotta eat!
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Thank you for starting this thread, I really need it! All you experienced mamas give me hope. Edie is pretty chill compared to most newborns I've seen - the boob is like her "mute" button. She's 6 days old today and yesterday was really hard emotionally. I swear I cried pretty much constantly because this is just really hard. I feel really hormonal. She nurses pretty much nonstop and I just want to be able to give her to DW to console (and DW wants to be able to console her too!). I know the nursing so much is normal and good (and she's a great nurser) but sometimes I just want to put her DOWN even though I love her so much. She isn't a baby that needs/likes bouncing and movement just nursing, lol! Though swaddling is helping her sleep better. And all of this change is so hard on DW too and I'm usually such a caretaker so it's hard for me to see her adjusting too, if that makes sense. We have a lot of great support and help though so that is helping me get through all of this. Today was better because last night she slept almost 4 hours in a row and I felt fantastic after that.

Any tips for babies who hate hate hate diaper changes? I am using warm rags but she just hates it when I put on the diaper and am not holding her.
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Even though I'm still waiting for my babe to make it's grand entrance, it's good to read what is going on in your lives as "fresh" moms. I had to cut out all kinds of foods for my dd1 when she was nursing, as she developed really bad eczema. She was even intolerant of my breast milk and cried ALL THE TIME. She is much, much better now, as I've kept meticulous records of her food intake. Dairy was #1 to cut out and it extended to soy, wheat, gluten, fruit (except banana), sugar, and probably 65 more foods. She eats super-healthy as a result, mostly greens, rice products and organic chicken...anyway...I'm hoping my new baby won't have to deal with this, but if it were to happen, I'm more mentally prepared. Let me know if you have any questions with this kind of stuff in the future...
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Any tips for babies who hate hate hate diaper changes? I am using warm rags but she just hates it when I put on the diaper and am not holding her.
We used a heat lamp and a bit of massage during diaper changes, "shushing" and singing also helps. Warmth seems to be key.
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Eden is doing great. She is four weeks now. She does have her fuzzy times but I am figuring out what she likes to calm her. She slept 6 hours the other night which was nice but I woke up making sure she was still breathing. Not used to her sleeping so long. She has put on over 2 lbs. She is also really noticing things and people now. I finally got her to like the cuddly wrap so I can now do some things. I am loving having her and really enjoying having a newborn again.
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oh man, hugs to you mamas you have had to take out dairy. Seriuosly I don't know how I would cope, if someone asked me what one food I would want on a deserted island, it would be cheese. Unfortunately I may have to try cutting dairy because that's one of the triggers for the reflux. (Keeping him on his tummy helps but it would be nice to get rid of the problem at the source.) Other potential trigger is oversupply, which we have a major problem with but I'm not sure how to fix that.

Mizelenius, Moira is so beautiful!

Originally Posted by maranapanda View Post
My big concern...
his breathing. It doesn;t seam right to me. It seems so fast and labored when ever he gets excited or even changes positions. his belly moves so much,and so fast. I showed it to the nurse after he was born. She says as long as it stops, and goes back to normal, then its called intermediate and its ok. Then I showed it to the nurse who did my follow up home visit and she said the same thing. I think I showed it to his pied, but I can't remember. I have a tendency to want to get the heck out of peids offices, and forget to mention things that they might actually be able to help me with.
Miles breathed fast too. He did it all the time, and grunted and wheezed too. We've done some testing and been to various docs and the hypothesis right now is reflux. Have you counted how many times he breathes per minute? It can be normal for the new babies to breathe up to 90 breaths per minute. Here's what I have been told by a lot of people now -- as long as he is gaining and nursing well and stays a good color, then things are probably ok. How is your guy doing as far as nursing? How is his color when he has the fast breathing?

Originally Posted by MamaAcorn View Post

And I've also been dealing with an uncooperative midwife and inadequate PP care. It's sooo ridiculous!
Oh no, what's going on? Midwifery care shouldn't stop at birth!

Originally Posted by lunadoula View Post
She nurses pretty much nonstop and I just want to be able to give her to DW to console
This probably isn't much help, but Miles nursed constantly in the beginning too but as he gets bigger he has longer times between feedings... same thing with the diaper changes, he is much better with them now. ('Just wait it out' sounds like totally useless advice, I'm sorry!!) I guess I'm just saying it should get better. Oh but it did help for Miles to look at something interesting while I changed him. But I was so slow because I'm new with all the cloth, he lost patience pretty fast.
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Originally Posted by Yo Becca View Post
JKG - Is it "cas" or "caz", pronunciation-wise? Have you tried any diaper ointments? what's the result? I got kiehl's diaper ointment as a gift with DD, and I must say it works quickly on everything. The only other kind I've used is Burt's Bees - and I don't like it b/c it smells like mentholatum - I imagine it tingles, and RObin never liked it. Eli had some pimply bumps, but they went away really quickly.
We're pronouncing it "caz". Good news--the diaper rash went away!! I just used breastmilk and let it dry. Bad news (and kind of good, I guess)--I think I know the culprit--I"m suspecting CHOCOLATE!

MamaAcorn--my 2 yo is also having a hard time adjusting. He loves his new brother so much (thank goodness) and doesn't take out his feelings on him, but he has been having more tantrums and waking more at night. I feel so bad for him and have been trying to have one-on-one time with him when Cas is sleeping, but I think it's just going to take time and patience. Now that the weather is getting nicer I'm hoping to get out with both kids more and hoping that will help, although the logistics scare me since I still can't lift DS1 because of my incision.

lunadoula--do you sing during diaper changes? DS1 HATED having his diaper changed, and I found myself singing "Ziggy Stardust" (oddly enough the first song that popped into my head at the time ) over and over again to calm him down--it worked for us!

Astromom--has Miles' breathing started to regulate now? Cas has his moments of very rapid breathing, and my ped. told me pretty much the same as what you said. It still scares me though.

WildFlowers--any poop yet?
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One more thing...those who are taking EPO for PPD, how much and how often? And does it seem to help?
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I haven't started taking it yet, really really need to. I have been a little more emotional, mostly I am noticing it at the end of the day when I am tired. I guess I am taking lessons from my 2 yr old
And yes, we have POOP!!!! Friday she had one that was still kinda transitional. Saturday she blew out a diaper, thank goodness for longies. And then yesterday we had four poopy diapers.
Okay, I need to ask, anyones babe smiling? She smiles so much and mostly at Layla. It is super sweet. I actually caught a laugh while she was sleeping, Layla was talking. Okay, she is super talkative and I am guessing that that was the main source of noise in the womb, layla talking and laughing. So it is like they already have a bond better than all of us. Though of course I am having a hard time keeping her from waking her, she did just wake her. And she just pooped again, yea!!! I think we finally have it down.
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"Other potential trigger is oversupply, which we have a major problem with but I'm not sure how to fix that."

Have you seen this?


I hope that helps. Thanks for the reassurance on his breathing!

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Great thread!

Thanks for starting this thread! I can't believe my new babe is 11 days already! Where did the time go? We had an amazing home waterbirth, only 10 minutes of pushing. Yay!

So (Astromom as you know...) we've also had fast breathing issues. After a visit to the ER Wednesday and another to the Pediatrician yesterday, they have concluded that there is no explanation...the ER doc said "some babies just breath fast sometimes", and the Ped thought that maybe he had some slight fluid in his lungs still from such a fast birth (though his lungs are clear). He was breathing normally (well, only "slightly" above normal) at Friday's MW home visit, the ER visit Wed and the Ped visit yesterday - yay!

I made a few changes - perhaps it's coincidental - but babes breathing has regulated significantly. He now only breaths fast during early REM sleep (you know when they first fall asleep and their eyes are going wild and they are smiling, etc.?) and sometimes when he's nursing he's "gasping" between swallows. I cut out coffee (even though it was decaf!) and chocolate. We also moved from our spare room (new mattress, new pillows, new bed, new dresser, all of which had that "new" smell) to our bedroom. So not sure if any of those had an impact. I might slowly try reintroducing coffee, chocolate and maybe sleeping in the spare room (to let DH and DS get some sleep!) to see if it made a difference...or I might not. Not sure. We're just so relieved his breathing has regulated for the most part.

Anyone else with "fast breathing" babes have a waterbirth by chance? The MW says my guy did not open his mouth in the water but just another thing I was thinking of. But his lungs are clear, so it's probably unrelated. I also have a fast let-down/oversupply...hmmm...and his fast breathing started the day my milk came in.

So yeah, I'm there with ya mammas, it's hard in these early days. But I remember how fast time went with DS#1. At least I'm getting some sleep with this one! He's soooo calm.

How the heck am I going to manage with a potty-training 3 year old when DH goes back to work though? It's mayhem with poop everywhere, sinks/toilets overflowing...I almost wish he'd stay in diapers until babe is old enough to be put down for a bit when needed, (he doesn't like that much now!). Any tips on managing two???

Re: sleeping, we are co-sleeping with the new baby. He sleeps in his side at night, (pillow behind his bum, he is facing me). This worked with DS#1 so he can latch on whenever he wants. He does sometimes fuss and wants to fall asleep upright on my chest though.

We are also nursing 24/7 it seems like here...hard to get anything done. He nurses on and off allllll day. Sounds like that's normal though.

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Originally Posted by MamaAcorn View Post
And I finally admitted to myself that while I love being pregnant and even birthing, I hate, hate, hate the PP period! I think I just get all dreamy reading about others' babymoons and how peaceful everything is that I have unrealistic expectations and set myself up for failure. I don't get the kind of help I want with the housework, nobody does the laundry except for me, engorgment, afterpains that really are worse with subsequent babies, and all those hormones!

And I've also been dealing with an uncooperative midwife and inadequate PP care. It's sooo ridiculous!
Check, check, check. Totally my experience too! I can be pregnant for 42 weeks, no prob, and I can labor just fine, then I fall to absolute pieces. It hasn't helped that A) my mom wants to help and makes me feel like I should let her - but really, she's no help at ALL. THe kids and I are staying with her this week since DH went back to work (out of town), and yesterday SHE took a nap. I wanted to kick her. I had been up all night, couldn't get the 2 year old down for a nap, was nearly comatose, and I sat entertaining the toddler and nursing the newborn while *she* took a nap. ANd guess who got roped into making dinner for everyone last night? SHe wants to tell her friends that we came to stay or that she came to stay with us, but I need someone to come help me crank through the laundry, clean the kitchen, get on top of some household stuff, and she will want to hold the baby and watch reruns of law and order. Makes me furious. ANd MIL is super helpful - but watching SIL's kids 3 days a week, and trotting GFIL to the doctor, etc - she's helping everybody else already. It's hard. ANd I hate to ask - I want people to offer their help, and the people I should be able to count on (since I do it for them) don't offer. or offer but then aren't helpful.

ANd check also on the MW issues - mine finally returned my call at 1 week post partum b/c the message I left was in tears, literally sobbing to her voice mail. She said she was so sorry and wanted to help and do whatever, but then I've called back 2ce and left messages about trying to get seen and no return calls. I haven't seen anyone since I delivered ELi. I really, truly fear that I'm not healing right, that something is wrong and I won't know until too late, and the stress of that makes everything else harder.

Good thing ELi is so far a pretty easy kid.

beth - have you been using your sling? try slinging the baby and having ROse sling her too - stay up and in motion if she's fussing... good luck.

gotta run - my folks scheduled the exterminator, who just showed up, so I have to go find a save place to hide my children. : : :
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I know I read that someone had a crusty-eyed kid...Me too. I was worried it was some sort of infection (HB, so no eye goop) and squirted some breastmilk into it too. But when we went for his 1-week check up with the ped., he said it's NOT an infection - it's a non-funtioning duct. the duct that siphons off the tears and oils from his eye and puts them into his sinus system isn't working, so it all crusts outside. His eye gets stuck together all day and we have to use a wet cloth to remove the crust. the Ped. says it's not infected and not to worry about it - but I forgot the official name of it and forgot to ask how and when it will resolve. But if you haven't had it looked at, it may be worthwhile - I've heard on the LWAB boards about other kids with non-working ducts.

Sorry to be such a grump in my previous post - my mom can drive me up a wall!
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over here also. Clogged tear duct. My first had it in both eyes. You can also gently massage it. I can't remember how long it took, but looking back at pics, she was bright eyed at areounf 2 1/2 months
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Hi Mamas!

Ivy was 5 weeks on Monday. She is so sweet, and growing like a little weed. She's about 8 pounds now!

I couldn't eat chocolate or dairy while nursing DS, so I cut those out of my diet as soon as DD was born. I've been using cream in my coffee, and I had cottage cheese this morning for breakfast, and she seems to be doing ok with it. I'm not brave enough to try chocolate just yet. But I sure do miss ice cream!!!

lunadoula- are you using a sling? (It shows one in your sig!) If you don't have one, get one! That's pretty much the only way I can get anything done around the house if DH isn't here to hold DD. She loves rocking with her daddy, but she's not loving her pacifier, so DH knows when it's time to hand her to me when she needs calming. There's only so much our DPs can do without boobs full of milk, YK? The other day I heard DH yell "ouch!"- he was shirtless and rocking DD and she tried latching on to his nipple!

You could try a swing, too. My DD is just starting to enjoy hers. I fill up her belly, make sure she's warm and dry, and set the swing on the fastest setting. I usually get a good 20 minutes of quiet time while she catnaps in her swing.

And good luck with all the healing, Mama friends, and getting over those baby blues.
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For those who have milk allergies, how do you know? What are the symptoms? My babe spits up a lot after eating, sometimes before the milk is digested (drinking too much?), and after, very curdled, smelly! She isn't that fussy, and like others have said the boob is the best pacifier for any fussyness. The pediatric nurse said it may be acid reflux, but she doesn't like being on her stomach, like most babies, which is wierd, she is so used to being on her back. She is a good baby, but is up every 2 hours or so, so I am so sleep deprived, it is the most aweful thing. She is actually sleeping right now for the past 5-6 hours, but I couldn't sleep more than 2 hours and I layed in bed for the last 3 hours not able to sleep, even though I am dead tired. She was up every hour all last night and up all morning for almost 8 hours on an off. She has her days/nights mixed up. Have you guys had any luck setting any kind of schedule? Is she too young yet for that? She is 5 weeks old.

I also have the blocked tear duct issue, it is fairly common, as well as the breathing. According to the "What to expect" book, most babies will stop breathing for about 10 seconds, and have irregular breathing patterns, which mine does also sometimes.
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OK, I lied. DD does not tolerate dairy. She cried and cried this afternoon. She is finally asleep at the breast right now, poor baby. I feel so bad for eating that darn cottage cheese. : Why does nasty dairy have to be so yummy???

That's how I know which foods to avoid- my babies get really fussy for seemingly no reason. For this baby it seems to be dairy and black beans that disagree with her. I will wait a few weeks before I test chocolate.

Neither of my babies had their days and nights mixed up, but my foster DD did. She would sleep for 5 hours straight during the day, then wake up every hour at night, spitting up and crying from reflux and drug withdrawels. It was not fun. We couldn't really do anything about it, but she eventually grew out of it. I hope someone else can give you some ideas. Are you co-sleeping? My kids always sleep better when they're in my bed.
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We've had kind of a rough time. Holly is 3 weeks old now. I went in for outpatient gallbladder surgery 10 days pp and it didn't go as planned and I had to stay for 3 days. I had about 50 ounces of milk in the freezer which would have been enough if I had been away from Holly for a few hours like we planned. The doctor told me that I had to pump and dump for 72 hours because of the meds that they had to give me after my surgery and for my second procedure. My mom ran out of milk to give her and had to use formula When I got home I did a Hale's lookup and I didn't mneed to pump and dump at all : I cried.

A week later (last Wednesday) I developed an infection and was in the hospital for 4 days. I was completely out of it and couldn't really pump for the first few days. I was on IV fluids only and very heavily medicated and my supply dropped to practically nothing by the time I was well enough to try to pump. I had about 60 ounces in the freezer, but that ran out after a few days and they had to use formula again. :

I've been home since Sunday and Holly has been nursing quite a bit to up my supply.It is working, but it is quite uncomfortable again. Also, she sleeps a ton so there are times that I am engorged and I can't get her to wake up.

Hopefully I'll be able to stay out of the hospital and enjoy my baby! I am so sad that she had to have formula. I was always so proud that my older son never had a drop and I feel like I've given this new baby "worse" treatment than I was able to give her brother.
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Originally Posted by Heather423 View Post
For those who have milk allergies, how do you know? What are the symptoms?

james had a stuffy runny nose, goopy green gunk in his eyes, wheezing, green poop, and a bit of blood in his poop.
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