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Kristy - she's a cutie! and another full head of hair!
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These babes are too cute!

Here is a pic of my older DD and Calista (6 weeks)-- older DD looks so grumpy but she actually loves holding the baby!

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I agree, Henry looks so alert! How cute!

Kristy, Eden is a cutie and I love that hair! (I couldn't get your second link to work though, but maybe it's just me)

Mizelenius, your girls are goreous!

Originally Posted by karen1968 View Post
Very cute! We call that "Tiny Mouth" and my DS seems to do it randomly...I hadn't thought to connect it with him concentrating on something. Guess I need to pay more attention!
At least I *think* it's when he's concentrating -- maybe it's something else more random. But I can almost always elicit the 'oooh' face if I put something colorful in his line of sight. Try something colorful but contrasty in his field of view and see if the same works for you!

Originally Posted by karen1968 View Post
He also does "Mad Face" when he thinks he should cry but isn't sure - little bottom lip sticking out, crinkled brow, the whole works.
We call that one "Grumpy Old Man Face" here
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All of these babies are too darn cute! I'll post our website once DH updates with some new pics.
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I'm enjoying these pics, Mamas!

Here is the slideshow.

Link to just pics.
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I do have to say, all of the March DDC babies are beautiful

It is hard to pick just one picture, so bear with me!

password if it asks for one is "pictures"

(2 weeks old)

(2 weeks old with big brother Parker)

(babywearing with mom)
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all of these babies are absolutely beautiful.

haha. the 'ooooh' face. so cute. i wish i could remember what it's like to see all of this for the first time.

here's sweet baby kinetic:

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woww, your daughter has amazing hair. wonderfully cute.
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Thanks! I can't believe how adorable all these babies are and how many actually have hair! Everyone always exclaims over her hair (even the nurses when she was born, she had a whole head of curls!) since people say that much hair on a little one is strange. Good to see other non-baldies here too!
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Originally Posted by blue-eden View Post
Wow, finally a baby who has MORE hair than mine!!! People absolutely freak out over how much hair Ethan has. She's beautiful, mama :
Here's our "wow, he has SO much hair!!" baby:
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oooh such beautiful babies!!!
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