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How long would you let fever run its course

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My 2 yr old Ds has had a fever of 102.5 consistantly for the past 4 days, this is starting to get really old!! The dr. said he has an ear infection, but to wait on the antibiotics as they usually clear themselves up in children. I have not even given him tylenol because I am a big believer in letting the fever run its course, but I feel like this is just going on too long. How long can a fever last in kids and when should I "act" as in get the antibiotics, which I don't really don't want to abuse! Any advice is appreciated as it is just so hard to watch my little boy suffer. Thanks
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I usually give it several days, but I do treat homeopathically and herbally. For an ear infection we LOVE Wally's Ear oil. It helps to clear it up, and provides some pain relief.
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for an ear infection i would give my DD because those can be painful! I use to get awful ear infections as a kid and the pain was soo awful i remember roaming the hallways of my house all night because if i stopped moving it would hurt more.

i was told that warm olive oil with garlic does wonders for ear infections.
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Our doctor usually says hold off on the antibiotics too, but after 4-5 days will treat ear infections with antibiotics. Her argument is that by that time they've often become a secondary infection, and are not viral anymore.

I don't treat fevers with tylenol unless my child's in pain, but I do take them to the doctor after 4-5 days!
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My oldest had an ear infection before (at 23 mos.) and I think the fever lasted 5 or 6 days. We got numbing drops for his ears but didn't use antibiotics or fever reducers.
I would let a fever go for a week, probably.
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We recently had a bout of flu and ear infections. We have fevers 101-103 for 4-5 days each before they went down and then away almost immediately.

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The criteria for most drs. is 48 to 72 hours. However, one of my guys always takes a while to fight ear infections but they do go away. I do use numbing ear drops for pain (important that they aren't suffering) but I don't treat fever. We've waited two weeks for an infection to clear completely but he didn't run a fever that entire time if I remember-it's been a while. The complication of waiting you are looking for is if the bone behind the ear gets infected (very, very, extremely rare...). Are you doing anything to drain the ears (chiropractic, cranial, your own massage downward from hair line in front of ear to neck and then the same behind the ear). I would also cut dairy for this time since he is struggling to get past it. I hope he is better soon. You need to go with your gut on this.
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Thank you everyone for your response, it has really helped me. I agree with waiting and not treating a fever, we have been using garlic, mullein oil in his ears and also a couple really great tinctues from wish garden herbs. As a mom it is just so hard to see him suffer, sometimes I just want to do whatever it is to take away the pain, so I am encouraged to wait it out still. Thank you!
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Just my $.02. My DS is only 16 months old, but I'm pretty quick to act when it comes to fevers. Not with antibiotics but I will give Tylenol and call my Dr. to chat about it. She's great with not pushing drugs and antibiotics and wants things to clear as naturally as possible, just as I do.
But, my reasoning for being paranoid....I'm a SAHM now but I did work at a community center for adults with mental retardation and we had a few clients whose problems started as a child with a high fever, for them that's all it took. So, I'm paranoid, but I'm okay with that! haha
Hope he's feeling better soon!
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For me it is total behavior. If my child is lethargic, stiff neck, and/or not drinking (holding down fluids) then a trip to the doctor would happen quick.
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