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Heartburn and I'm Hungry!

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What am I supposed to eat? I feel like if I eat something else today it will just get worse!! I ate some plain yogurt with honey thinking that would be safe and it got worse. It's lunchtime and I just can't think of what to eat that won't kill me. I mean I know at 28 weeks there is only so much I can do as baby and hormones are just pushing stomach acid up. Any suggestions for "gentle" food?

BTW I have never had heartburn before a couple of weeks ago and it really sucks!:
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No advice, really, just that I feel you. Yogurt often helps me. My stomach also has a vast tolerance for granola that I really can't explain.
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Have you tried papaya enzymes? I have seen them recommended for heart burn but do not have first hand experience.

What about peanut butter toast? Then try to sit or stand to help keep the acid down where it belongs.

I hope you feel better soon.
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I have been munching papaya enzymes all day with a little relief while I am crunching, but it comes back.

Mmm PB toast sounds good.
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eat some ice cream....the dairy will help ease the burning.

good luck
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I ate tums like they were M&M's when I was pg w/ds. Also drank a lot of milk. I think the calcium helps. Haven't had too much trouble yet this time around (11 weeks) but I'm sure I'm in for it.
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tapioca or rice pudding.
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I really feel for you. I honestly do.

When I was pregnant with DS I got heartburn in the 3rd trimester. Rennie helped immensely.

However with this pregnancy heartburn hit at 5-6 weeks and I am miserable both when I am hungry or when I've eaten.

Rennie isn't helping me this time at all. I read somewhere that in the early stages it is the hormones causing the heartburn so I am trying to suck it up and hope that it goes away really soon.
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Originally Posted by cherubess View Post
... Rennie helped immensely.
What is rennie?
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I have tried everything towards the end is gets so bad i get reflux pains in my chest, chocolcate is my worst enmey but I love love love it, so for now i am just trying not to eat chocolate, chips tea even getsa it going, but i have been taking pepcid otc chewable and mylanta works briefly but no cure, and ice cream seems to sooth it a bit. Gl finding relief...
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munching on almonds helps me a ton. They've been a life saver for me this time around.
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Be careful with ice cream and any other remedies that have or could have a lot of fat. The dairy may soothe but afterwards your stomach will hate you after it feels the same as it did before, if not wores, after dealing with all that fat.


I just remembered that nonfat yogurt & skim or lowfat milk help a lot.
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Originally Posted by Marvelleaux View Post
What is rennie?
Rennie are chewable tablets for heartburn like mylanta. Sorry didn't think it wasn't available worldwide.
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Sorry, no good advice, but lots of sympathy. I am almost 32 weeks and I've been having the same problem. I get a little very short term relief from dairy products. Peanut butter and bananas are the worst culprits, although I really do have heartburn all the time no matter what I eat or avoid...
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When I was preggo oatmeal helped sooo much with the heartburn (and nausea too). I ate it 2x/day often.

I too was shocked at what heartburn was like. Hopefully it'll leave you behind soon!
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Oh, and I just remembered that I looked up once when pregnant and having heartburn, about yogurt, that is is a more acidic form of dairy and actually can cause more discomfort with heartburn and yada yada. . . which had surprised me at first. Just as a tidbit of info.
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another person for whom almonds were a life saver and still are......though i must have a bald baby because i dont have much heartburn

try almonds! a handful 3 times a day!

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Yep almonds worked magic for me too
also tea !

Best of luck
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There is heartburn and then there is CHRONIC acid reflux associated with pregnancy. For me, it doesn't matter what I eat or don't eat, as soon as the babe starts seriously displacing organs (usually mid-second trimester and beyond) I have constant reflux - so bad I cannot even sleep. Full stomach, empty stomach and all points in between. I have tried every remedy and technique to no avail. Antacid won't touch it.

If this is how you suffer and when you get to your last resort, you might want to check with your doc/midwife. For all 4 pregnancies, I've been a Zantac 2x per day girl to combat the problem.
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