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Nursing Mamas TTC in April

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I wish everyone a happy month and I hope I get to move lots of us to the Sucess Stories! Please put change requests in bold type.

Lots of to us all!

Waiting to be Ready
ma2babybeans DS 2/2002 DD 11/2004
spiritmomma DD 11/22/05
GracesMama 15mo dd
thefragile7393 ds 1/06
Stegenrae DS 3/05
dkenagy dd 4yo dd 3yo dd 4/06
valeria_vi DD 22 mo
goin' green

: In Limbo Land:

Waiting to Catch the First PP Egg!
goin' green
Little Shepherds (Tanya), 15 ds, 13 dd, 11 ds, 7 dd, 6 ds, 4.5 mos ds
Catrinel 6yo ds, 1yo dd
mama2ashlynn (Laura) 1/10/05 dd
Columbus 11mo ds
CharlaInTampa 6 mo dd
Polihaupt 15 mo ds
lisabc311 4yo ds 16mo ds
AmyLouise ds 7mo
Anglyn 18 mo DS
MommytoB DS8/04
Snooter 11mo dd
DCMom dd 17mo
newchicagomommy dd 6 mo
BakerALM DD 2/06
FoxyBFer aka Melissa DD
anarchamama ds 8/7/03, ds 8/1/06
inskababay DS 1/06
tweetpeasmom DD 6/14/06
nubianamy DD 3/19/06
rachel81 DS 14mos
joyfilledmomma DD 12/05
Esmlranch DS 6/5/05

Waiting to O
jannyjo (Janet) ds 2/93, dd 12/01, ds 10/03, dd 8/05, and mc 4/07
SarahMCK DD 5/05
hannybanany dd 8/23/05
sarahn4639 DD 11/05
EllyMay DD 8/00 DS 7/03 DD 05/06
susanrc DD 09/09/2005
Hollin ds 01-19-06
SettingSail ds 1yo, ds 2.5yo
minkl ds 22mo
addysmomma dd 18mo
Oka-san dd 7/31/05
ErinluvsKen ds 08/04/05
babygow DS 7/05
dfunk98 ds 12/1/04
SharonAnne 6/05 dd
Hollin DS 1/06
N2TheWoods DD 12/03
lincap ds 1 yo
tuppence DS 6/05
madis81(Chris) DD
Anno DS 10/04
Ishtaaar ds 01/29/2005
Mama_Nym 12 mo ds
Spirulina&Sage ds 4 dd 16 mo
Shell DD 11/13/04 DSS 15 yo DSS 10 yo
Bella Catalina DS 4/06
eastkygal DD 8/05
naturegirl ds 08/04
surromommy2b dd 06/02 ds 10/05
rmzbm 12mo dd
pazerific (Kelly) dd 2/16/06

:2WW :
1babysmom dd 2-06
Jessmomto2 ds 6yrs ds 5/05
Isaacs_mom ds 3/06
Abylite DD
transylvania_mom DS 2/05
Sandy DD 12/04
DCMom ds 8/02, dd 5/05
AnnieMarie DC 10yrs, DC 9mo
mtnsunshinemama DS 9/05

Upcoming POASers

Our Success Stories

:April 2007 :
OhioMommy1122 DS 10/00 and DD 4/06
hannybanany dd 8/23/05
susanrc dd09/09/2005
beth144 DD 3/30/05
MCKH (Maureen) dd 16 mos
zjande dd8/91, ds5/98, ds 11/05

MARCH 2007Chiararose DS 2/06
yogachick79 DD 7/98 DS 9/05
Moderngal DS 5/05

Firstkid4me DD 2/05
zak DS 3/05
Mommy2Jackson DS 6/05
Welldone DD 4yo DD 23mo
JamesMama ds 24mo
Aimee21972 DS 11/05
Jen&James ds 17mo

RachelSerena dd 2yo
mommajb dd 17 mo, dd 3, dd 8, ds 10
OtherMother'n'Madre dd 1yo
mommytsa 19 mo DS
forestrymom dd 1 yr
Broccolilover ds 1/18/05
HeatherB DS 03/18/02, DS 09/05/04
dinah dc Jan. 05
MommaCrystal ds 11/05
Mrsrwbabe DD

flapjack ds 11/98 ds 08/00 dd 11/05
dantesmama ds 10/2/05
NVmama dd 8/04
Carma dd 9/05
RachelS ds 5/05 -- thread hostess

aileen dc 3.5yo
ChelseaG DD 7/05
tatermom ds 2/05
bruisergirl DS 12/04
bluebird68 ds 4/04
Kristeremy 2 yo dd
DahliaRW ds 01/01/2005
MamaRabbit dd 3yo, ds 14 mo
josybear ds 10/05
Cujobunny 03-03-05
alegna dd 2/04

Shell Ell DS 9/05
Wombatclay 1 yo dd
boheime 11/02 ds, 9/04 dd
GoddessJulia ds 3yo
Smetana (Sandy) 26-09-05 ds

Next month's Threadkeeper esmlranch
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Sorry this was a day early but I was just trying to figure it all out
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where is everyone today
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I'm here. I tested with a dollar store test this morning and nothing. I have two more cheapo tests and am probably going to test again in the morning. I felt vaguely crampy this afternoon but it's gone now. If I'm going to start my period I wish it would hurry the hell up. I'm already a week overdue for it. This limboland is driving me batty.
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Hi Everyone, Coming out from lurking mode for a hello and update. I am nursing my 23 month dd and we are doing a natural cycle FET in April!! Very excited. I have been doing the OPK test this month and it was positive today. Day 13. All set now for April.
All the best to you all. I'll be looking for lots of positives hope to see lots of us in the January due date club.
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jenangelcat, I can't even imagine how frustrating!!

Thanks surromommy2be for startin our April thread!!

Please move me to Waiting to O

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This weekend is the approximate two-year anniversary of when my son was conceived (he was born the day after Christmas). Last chance to have my kids two years apart. Still waiting for ppaf, still getting day after day of seemingly fertile cervical fluid. What is up with that? He's been nursing less the last few days, about 4-5 times every 24 hours, so maybe that will get things going.

Good luck this month everyone!
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I'm here.... thanks for doing the thread this month surro.

my baby boy will be 1 a week from today! I suppose it is normal to be torn between being so excited and so sad!

I'm CD16 and waiting for my egg. We're DTD every other day to get decent coverage, and praying that the B6 makes at least SOME difference this cycle.

Rachel81, I started getting EWCM every day around 4.5 mths PP and AF returned a few days shy of 6mths PP (that's a lot of CM lol). I hope AF shows for you quickly. I was temping sporadically but I don't think I O'ed. My first cycle was anov, but I have O'ed each cycle since. I hope you have a decent LP, but better yet, I hope you pop an egg and catch it so AF doesn't show.
It seems we're in the minority with the constant fertile CM - most mamas seem to have the opposite problem. I've noticed mine hasn't been drying up every cycle even with an obvious thermal shift, so something screwy is going on, but it seems to improve each month.

jenangelcat, how frustrating! I hope AF decides to show or you get that BFP very soon!
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New here!

Hi! My name is Joan, I'm a 30 yo mama to almost 2yo Antonio. He is still breastfeeding which has put a bit of a hamper on my TTC hopes. As of this month I've been off birth control for one year, but my cycles are still irregular and my doctor thinks it is solely because of breastfeeding. She refuses to check anything (I've had basic bloodwork done, all normal) until we've weaned.
I'm currently on cd 10 (of a cycle ranging from 29-46 days). I am temping again this month and will be using OPKs.
I look forward to getting to know you all!
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Still nothing....no af no positive test. Lol maybe next week...
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Hello girls I'm caught up to here.
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Errr I'm so sick today not like a cold just got the upset tummy and thats it. It started last night and this morning all I have been doing is :Puke

I dont want to try and take a test because They just gave me one on Fri and it was neg So I am sure It will be agian. errr.
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surromommy2be and jenangelcat : for BFP soon!!!

rachel81, I thought my kids would be 2 to 2 1/2 years apart...Not for me that is for sure. I am hoping that it won't be more than 4 years apart now! Hope you have much better luck than I am having. :

Bella Catalina. That first birthday is sooo special Have a happy birthday and take LOTS of pictures!

Welcome joanq. Hoping for a BFP for you too! Doctors can be very insensitive to ttc mamas. I don't think they see extended breastfeeding very often and don't really know what to do or say.

I just wanted to say...If ONE more person asks me when we are having another one or "it's time for number 2"!! I think I will and then
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I want to join in! We've been ttc for 5 months now. I have a son, 14.5 months old who is still nursing strong all day and all night so I think that is playing a big role in my fertility. I concieved my son on the first month trying. I got my period back at 8 months pp but my cycles have been very irregular. My last period was March 19th so I'm currently waiting to ovulate.

I'm not really tracking my cycle carefully. We do the do every other day or so, whenever the baby is sleeping well enough to give us a chance lol.

I have a question for y'all. Are any of you ttc with a nursling who isn't sleeping through the night? That's the only thing that makes me nervous about having another. The prospect of night nursing while pregnant and possibly having 2 children not sleeping through the night is kind of overwhelming. Other than that I'm soooo ready for another. I wanted them 18 months apart, but if I concieve this month they'll be almost 2 years apart (my due date would be xmas!)

Good luck everyone! I hope we see lots of bfp's this month!
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It depends on what you mean by sleeping through the night. I co-sleep with Hayley and depending on her teething schedule she rolls over for a comfort suck or two anywhere from 4-8 times a night. She's not really awake when she does it and if her teeth aren't bugging her it only lasts a minute. I think I'm going to have to put an end to it though if I'm going to get pregnant again.
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Hey all I am on CD 11 today and should O sometime between apr 4th and 7th so heres to hopeing I catch that eggy!
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I am on CD 12 and had a "high" fertility on the monitor this AM. Feeling crampy like usual around O - but frankly I am shocked because last month I O'd on cd 20-21 and the month prior on CD 24-25. I need to check back in March's thread to see what day I got my first "high" last month. We shall see!

In other news, kiddo is nursing like crazy because she has a little sniffle and isn't feeling great. My nipples are killing me! If I say no, it's a total breakdown with loads of tears so I just give in I wonder if it will affect ovulation.

ETA Okay, I just looked back and checked and last month I didn't get my first day of "high" until CD 18. Weird!
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Question for anyone~ Is it possible to have a period than not have one for a while because your little one nurses around the clock. She is teething right now and she is constantly wanting comfort from the boob: I'm so afraid now this is going to affect my cycle Although I did have symptoms earlier this week of ovulating. I felt like everything was falling just where it should, as far as TTC, and now I'm worried with her nursing so much. I know this will pass and she will cut down again but I am just sooo ready for baby #2 :
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Hollin I added you to the waiting to O list let me know if you want to be changed.
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I'm here, too!

Well, my little nursling will be turning ONE this month! I had my first PPAF with the last baby right at 11 months. I haven't seen AF yet this time. I was SO crampy last week, I thought I'd see blood at any minute... nope! Now my belly is bloated and I'm having a pulling-type pain on my lower left side every time I cough (which is often as I'm getting over a cold). I'm not sure what is going on. With my cold and Parker's cold this past week and the lack of sleep, I've only temped once and the temp was in my post-O range, but not pgncy range. My DH is convinced I'm pg, but I don't think so. Actually, I planned to have some dental work done this week, so I POAS this afternoon. It was one of those $0.20 online pg tests that expires next month. It was neg, I think, but a line that was SO faint it looks like an evap line came up within 10 minutes. DH doesn't see the line at all... I have a few more of those tests, may retest in the morning (and I'll temp if I sleep tonight!), but I wonder if the evap/whatever line is because the tests are 2 years old? If I see anything interesting in the morning, i'll test Tues morning with something reputable.
Wow... sorry for the rambling. I'm still trying to work through this myself. I mean, we wanted to start TTC #4 maybe in August, I really don't want a Dec baby.. (please, no offense meant, but the other 3 are spring babes and my sister was a Dec baby and hated it because she always got birthday/christmas presents, christmas paper-wrapped birthday presents, etc.)
Alright, that's enough I guess. I'll update when there's something more to tell. God bless anyone who muddled through all this!!
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