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: New Mamas!!

to surro and jengal

I should be Waiting to O, but I'm not going to know for sure when I o so if you just want to leave me where I am for ease - that's cool.

I had a bit of pink with EWCM yesterday. I've never done that before. Could that mean o? I am taking the Vitex, so I wonder if that is what is making things a little different. Though I did think it took a while to have any effect - like a couple of months to build up.
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That's what I used to have when ovulating, pink with ewcm.
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Welcome to all the new mamas

MCKH: Maybe your cycles are straightening out : you O in the next few days

ellymay: i hope you catch the eggy :

eastkygal: I hope you O soon. The blood-tinged ewcm sounds promising. I read it can mean very fertile ewcm.

Surromommy, Please move me to TWW Thanks

It looks like I O'd Saturday while at the baseball game My temps have been way up for a few days We timed it right this time so we actually have a chance :
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eastkygal just let me know when you want to be moved

So update on me I called both Cardiolagist and there both sounding like I cant get preggo till everything is dealt with I to them and begged actually it was his nurse and she said she will talk to him this afternoon and She said two weeks is not that long to
wait to hear a def yes or no. I told her That I dont want to wait and if I had to wait then I probably wont be using my moniter that much only if its bad and she said she will make sure she talks to him this afternoon for sure and try to preswade him to say yes and get me that note. So keep your : for me So if he says no then i will be so

So if you all could : : : : for me i would really apreciate it.
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Amandamarie you are moved
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Well I have ewcm today which is weird. I'm on CD 14 and I usually ovulate around CD 20-25 post-baby. I haven't had any of the usual crampiness I get with ovulation and I'm not temping so we'll just have to wait and see.
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Wow sounds like there is a lot of Oing going on!


Batter's up Amandamarie, hope you hit a home run! sorry I couldn't resist.

I think we are about ready to get in the game...af is on her way out!
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I got "peak" today, CD 13! I also got a + opk. That means I ovulated 23 days ago and today. So weird, but I'll take it. Strangely, my husband is sick and this is the first time since we've been married that I've had to talk him into the deed
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Hi mamas, I'm CD19 and waiting to O, should be any day now. I'm seeing EWCM, though nowhere near the amounts of the past few cycles so I hope this means my body is regulating. I check my cervix too but I don't put much stock in its position because I have a bit of prolapse since having DS, but I guess the texture and whether it is open or closed is more important than height anyway.

I POAS for the sake of it the other night and got a very convincing evap on a cheapie. I actually got my hopes up (despite knowing my temps are way too low for me to be pregnant) because the line was pink and came up within the time frame. All the other tests I've taken from my $ store have been snow white. Anyway BFN x 2 on CBE digis but after that I had to make the decision not to use any more cheapies.

MCKH, good luck! Go catch that egg :

Hollin, welcome to the group and I hope your stay is short (that goes for all of us ). For a few cycles PP I had EWCM for 2 weeks straight, sometimes longer before I O'ed. It sounds like your body is kicking into high gear trying to pop an egg. We're DTD every other day to get good coverage because I can't guarantee when I'll finally pop an egg. Good luck to you. Oh btw, my son is not sleeping through the night either...

Surromommy, I'm praying that all of this gets resolved quickly for you. Did I miss a post in the march thread with your situation?

amandamarie, fingers crossed for you!!

BBL for more personals...
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Okay, I'm an idiot and have seen this thread a billion times but it never crossed my mind to join! Mind if I jump in? We've been ready since DD was born (2-06), but it took me 10 months just to O for the first time (despite having 3 anov. AF's prior...the first being at 4 months PP), and now I'm on my 3rd actual PP cycle (CD 7, to be exact). Unfortunately my cycles are about 3 months long, so waiting to O stinks. (not to mention by that time the BD'ing is few and far between ) Anyway, we've decided not to say we're "trying", but that's all...we're just not SAYING it. But we're doing it anyway.

My story in a nutshell...I'm 21, DH is 24, married 3 years...we were TTC DD for 16 months and had 2 miscarriages during that time. We hope to have a big family, but it's up to God, of course. We BF (through the night, too...but she's starting to nurse a LOT less), co-sleep, and I've been charting since 1 month PP.

Anyway, hope it's okay if I join!!
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I'll join this thread! We DTD last night...but it may be several days before we do it again...we have some of BOTH mine AND DH's families visiting this week and I am BEYOND STRESSED...and TIRED...feel like I'm gunn'a keel over now! Everyone leaves early Sat. AM - BYE!! DH keeps reminding me that we need to get it on more to get me preggers...well then make all these people GO!
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Baby dust everyone! I had a big temp drop yesterday but it didn't go back up as much as I would've like this am but it was rather cold in here last night so that could've been why I guess we'll see tomorrow only thing is though I still haven't gotten a pos on my opt yet but I also didn't get to test the day before yesterday at my normal 2-4pm so maybe that is why maybe I missed my surge?
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Hey ladies, just checking in. I'm not sure what day I am, I think CD 15. We're just gettin gover being sick, so I didn't bother really keeping track this month. I o'd while sick, and we didn't get to DTD, so we're out this month

I saw a CNM on Monday for my annual, everything looks fine. I asked her about the short cycles and the little bit of spotting a couple od days before AF shows, she thinks its related to the BFing (no, really?) and just said to wean if I want to get PG. Yeah, thanks for the help. Then she said I'll have to wean if I were get pg anyway, she doesn't support tandem nursing. : Then she asked about my previous c/s and was like "so I guess you'll just schedule another c-section?" I was just said "no, I'll by trying for a VBAC" and her response was, "Oh, well if you go into labor early then maybe this one won't be so big" The appointment ended and that was it. Oh, well, I'm guessing I'm going to have to go for a private midwife and a homebirth when I do get PG, since I want a VBAC and I refuse to be induced because of suspencted size issues.

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Liz. I definately think you need to find someone more in line with your way of thinking.
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I'm still here and still waiting. No signs of life yet. I've been thinking of trying vitex if nothing happens in the next few months. I really want dh to take the full one year leave with this baby as the first year with 3 is going to be a handfull, but his work situation is all up in the air right now so it would be much easier to make our decisions if we knew when we were going to have a baby. KWIM? Anyway good luck everyone for this month, I have trouble keeping up with this thread but I do keep an eye on the bfp's!
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Originally Posted by jannyjo View Post
Liz. I definately think you need to find someone more in line with your way of thinking.
Thanks. I was just posting my annoyance at this whole thing in the VBAC forum. I'm going to start saving money now for a homebirth midwife. I can't take the stress trying to find a care provider once I get pg, that will "allow" me to have a VBAC on my terms. Why does birth have to be extra stressful!???!!! And I don't get the sutomatically weaning thing once pg. I have NO history of PTL or even contractions before I went into labor with DD. She said something about it also being too draining on the mom's body, but if I am eating a healthy diet and am HAPPY, isn't that better than being stressed trying to wean a toddler who is going to be hell to wean anyway?

As for my short cycles, anyone have any idea on what I could try to get them to lengthen out a bit? I'm having 24 to 25 day cycles, with spotting starting on day 22/23.

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I don't get the automatic weaning either. I have had PTL and my OB says that unless I have PTL earlier than before, she sees no reason to wean before 20 weeks. Eireann nursed until 6 weeks before Gareth was born and she self weaned then. Gareth selfweaned when I was 14wks pg, and I think I lost my milk then due to the HG. 'NetteKay is showing no signs of weaning yet.
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hi all. good see so many moms oing lately! : for all!

i have an OPK question. i know that with a preg test a line is a line but that it not true with opks. so my question is does a light line mean you are getting closer or is it completely in valid unless the test line is atleast as dark as the control?

i am cd 21 and my cm is increasing but not to watery or ew yet. i've been using the opks for the last few days and they have been very negative, no question. well this morning's had a line, not as dark as the control but definately easy to see. does this mean i am getting closer to oing or does it not mean anything? man i hope i o this month.

i hope everyone is well and getting over the sickies so we can make some babies!
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So I have a question for you gals...are any of you still dealing with super long cycles? Once I O I have a really great LP (first was 12 days, second was 15 days), but I don't O until CD 65-75. That's the depressing part!!! Is there any way I can bump my O date up a bit??
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surromommy - :

MCKH - yay for getting a "peak", hope your hubby was able to put up with a little action

Bella Catalina - :

1babysmomm - Welcome! I'm also 21, dh is 24, and our 3rd wedding anniversary is in a few weeks! We also want a big family. :

rmzbm - yikes, i'd be stressin' about having lot of people for the weekend, too! Hopefully you guys can sneak in some bd'ing over the weekend!

ellymay - I've definitely missed my lh surge with an opk by testing too early. :

sigh - Liz, that sounds frustrating We're also saving up for a HBAC - I just know I'm not going to find an ob/gyn who will allow things to happen the way I want them to. Good luck!

sarahn4639 - in my very limited experience w/opks I've noticed that the line gets increasingly darker as I approach O.

surromommy2be, can I please be moved to 2ww? I o'd, I'm just not sure which day
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