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Weekly menu thread, week of 4/1

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Actually, I do 2-week menus.

Sunday 4/1
Lunch: Chikn patty sandwich, mixed veggies
Supper: Homemade pizza with pinapple

Monday 4/2
Lunch: Bowtie pasta w/ tomato sauce and cheese, carrots
Supper: Black bean and pinapple enchiladas

Tuesday 4/3
Lunch: PB & J, apples, carrots
Supper: Breakfast for dinner- DH is cooking

Wednesday 4/4
Lunch: out? maybe we'll pick up bagels & cream cheese and go hiking? not sure, but we have to be out of the house
Supper: Tacos, salad

Thursday 4/5
Lunch: Pigs in a blanket, mixed veggies
Supper: Baked Beans and corn bread

Friday 4/6
Lunch: Sandwiches, carrot sticks, fruit (picnic)
Supper: at grandma's

Saturday 4/7
at grandma's

Sunday 4/8
at grandma's
For Easter dinner, I am bringing green bean casserole and party potatoes (mashed). DH is bringing key lime pie

Monday 4/9
Lunch: egg salad sandwich, fruit
Supper: Lasagna, garlic bread, salad

Tuesday 4/10
Lunch: mac & cheese with broccoli
Supper: soup and melt sandwiches

Wednesday 4/11
Lunch: egg salad sandwiches (or leftovers)
Supper: injera, Ethiopian lentils with berbere

Thursday 4/12
Lunch: tacos, salad?, fruit
Supper: homemade pizza w/ pinapple, salad

Friday 4/13
Lunch: PB&J, apples, carrots
Supper: Burgers, mixed veggies

Saturday 4/14
Lunch: leftovers or sandwiches
Supper: Chikn parmesan, salad

Sunday 4/15
Lunch: Brunch-pancakes, eggs, fruit
Supper: homemade pizza with pinapple
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I do two week menus too, since I get paid bi-weekly I only sort of plan lunch though, since we mostly eat leftovers or PB&J for lunch.

I have not even thought about Easter though, I guess if we have company I will make ham or lasagna depending on who comes (more than half our company is vegetarian)... or maybe we will go to MILs.

I don't plan it by the day either, just plan 14 or 16 meals and choose from the list as we go :P... here are the ones we have left for this week-

1- chili, salad and cornbread
2- spag and sausage, peppers & onions, salad
3 - roasted chicken, roasted onions, rice and greenbeans
4- fish sticks, mac-n-cheese, corn (the all yellow meal)
5- leftover chicken (either enchaladas or casserole depending on my mood)
6- home made pizza one w/ spinach and garlic and one pepperoni for the kids
7- tacos and salad
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sunday: green chili w/tortillas, fresh strawberries
monday: spinach and tomato quiche, salad
tuesday: turkey loaf, baked red potatoes, green beans
wednesday: leftovers night
thursday: chinese chicken salad (chicken w/chow mein noodles, sesame, carrots, green onions, dressing), grilled veggies
friday: pasta w/ marinara, salad
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