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a decorating thread (inspired by Delight!)

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I am so inspired by Delight's thread I have decided to overhaul my house little by little. I thought I'd start a thread for inspiration. Please feel free to indulge me here, I will be forever grateful.

Since my DH died 19months ago I really feel like the house is sooo empty. I have just realized I really desperatley want to make into a warm home for our kids to grow and me to heal. I really haven't cared much until now. it needs serious help though and I need some subtle changes that will bring joy to my heart and surround me with peace.

what are your favorite websites,magazines,etc for decorating inspiration? looking for lots of visuals.

I am not sure I have a "style" per say. I do like funky bohemian type stuff and unique folk art (but not really into cutesy county stuff if that nmakes sense). I can be pretty crafty if I want to be, so I need inspiration!

and if any of you mamas want to show off your homes & your creative decorating ideas, pretty please post some pics! :
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I really love Debbie Travis - she has 2 websites, Facelift is more modern stuff, The Painted House is what I adore, and its all more whimsical crafty stuff. I also love Mary Englebreit - she has a magazine now with really nice interior design stuff - and though it tends to be more simple, Martha Stewart is great for a starting point and for organization-type ideas. Mostly though I just google "kitchen" and keep scrolling thru until something jumps out at me.
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thanks for the suggestions! I will check those out.

I love martha stewart. I will have to go visit her site too!
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Well, I can't really say I do much decorating! Mostly blankets and afgans draped over deceipt furniture.

However, books and mags from the library are a great way to get ideas. DD16 is having her room painted, a bit against her will.(It meant cleaning it!) She went through magazines found a pic she liked. It helped, even though we aren't copying much of it, because she was able to say she liked it beacause it reminded her of the beach.

We're painting it with light blue walls, bright green built in bunks, and maybe a raspberry sherbert for the detail trim. I might go creamy super pale raspberry for the woodwork, with one of the other colors for an accent.

New curtains, quilt, etc.

Find a few things you like. A beautiful blanket, a set of curtains, wallpaper, and then pick colors and patterns based on that. This is all SO much easier if you have some money. If you don't, prowl the clearance bins and look for inspiration there.

Furniture stores usually have 'rooms' set up throughout their stores. Browse.

Make sure you have lots of fundoing it all. If it's not fun, you're doing it wrong!
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Red- your DD room souds like it is going to turn out lovely.

I definitly don't have tons of money, but I can budget for a few things (after April's no spend challenge that is! )

currently I am looking for a great print to frame for over my fire place. we have a sepia wedding photo up there we took in Tombstone,AZ. I really want to take it down as it's too painful to see everyday. I am going to get a print from http://www.durgabernhard.com/ I think but can't decide on one! (I've been trying to pick one for oh at least 2 years now, probably longer :
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i have papers (12 x 12) that I have glittered up and stick on the wall with randomness. You could your wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper, etc.
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Lots of inpiration here.
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I love Cottage Living, Country Living, and Country Home. I don't consider them country in the sense of, you know, wooden geese with gingham bows around their necks. They are country in the retro, vintage, flea market kind of way. Things that don't have to be expensive; things you can rehab with some paint, fabric, or paper covering.

Amy Butler (of fabulous quilt and home fabric fame) has a book out with her husband called "Found Style," which I love!

Can't wait for you (and others!) to start posting pics.

I also want to say that I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how horrible it would be to lose my DH.
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aww thanks megan :

yeah I am definitly looking to "create" my space rather than "buy" it. so DIY is my best option.

btw does anyone have any ideas for window coverings for a large window? I have once and for all decided I hate curtains on my front window. the only thing I have come up with is a wood shades/ shutters. (leaning toward shutters) but are there other options? the window is fairly large and the curtains kind of close the room in (and I've had 3 different color curtain's up over the years so it's not the color,etc) I just hate the closed off feeling. any great ideas?
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I have a wall of windows- 3 rows of 3 covering my entire front wall to the street.
Right now I have light colored tab curtains on it 4 of them- I had 6. and just the other day I figured out if I gather the curtains in the middle and tie them( with a shoestring for now...lol) it REALLy opens up the room instead of them just hanging down. It shows of the windows and the outside.
Of course at night we just close them.
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thanks EMilie! I never thought of that! I will have to think about that! I have always have 2 panel curtains too..I am not sure what other options there are but I know there must be other choices than what I've been doing!
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Wanted to reccomend Blueprint magazine. And there used to be a magazine called Budget Living, they did put out a nice decorating book once and it is all thrift/cheap/DIY/funky kind of a look.

I have the same nagging hate for covering a large window up with curtains - depending on the window & if you need to have it ever all-covered up, you can do something with tiny cup hooks on the ceiling and hang light fabrics in place from those.
You could always do a folding screen.
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I know .... I saw a neighbor with hers gathered like that and I LOVE it. In the am I just open, gather tie with shoelace!lol. I am going to go to store and get something nicer from the fabric section.
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mumkimum- thanks for the suggestions! yeah I really don't like curtains at all. we are in the desert though so I have to have them throughout most of the house because it's so hot (no AC just a swamp cooler) the front window in question is thankfully facing east so luckily I think I can get away with nothing if I really want! I also want to put wood molding around the window.

I am off to search the web for window covering ideas after I get the kiddos in bed! I will post back links if I find anything interesting!
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If you don't like curtains but want them for heat reasons what about that film that reflexs heat?

It kinda pricey though.
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As a response to your window-covering dilemma...Have you thought about Roman Shades? they roll up out of the way, and they don't take up as much space and aren't as labor intensive to install. Also, since they are inside the window ledge, they look WONDERFUL with frames around the edge like you were hoping to put in.


Good luck!!
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Those of you who were talking about wrapping the curtains in the middle, instead of fabric what about have your kids string some pretty beads on ribbon and wrap that around the middle? If it slides you could always put a tiny safety pin on the backside to hold it in place.

Also in the kitchen if you need a tie back like a metal one you could get some neat old silver serving spoons, heat handle with a torch and bend it. Then drill a hole in the handle, nail it to the wall and loop the curtain so the round part of the spoon is in the front where you can see it.
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I love roman shades. I have actually been cosidering making (or buying) them for the kitchen (they will be needing replaced in the next year or so and there are 4 windows in there)

I never thought about one for the front window though! would it work for a large window? is it cheaper to make them yourself? I have seen some cute patterns out there in magazines (I have one saved I might use for the kitchen made from dish towels of all things and it's adorable!)
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