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April Decluttering Challenge! (Spring is here!)

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Welcome to the APRIL decluttering challenge!!
If you participated in last month's challenge, feel free to share your accomplishments & what you'd like to do differently this month, if anything.
Post your goal- whether it is number of items gone, number of bags, rooms, whatever works for you

Are there items that haven't been used in a long time, are just taking up space, or have been outgrown? Time to get those outta there!
Be sure to post your progress as you work towards your goal- it's inspiring to see how far you've come in your effort towards a more simplified home!
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I made my goal for March barely and counting a lot of stuff I didn't really think counted...

I must think on my april goal...maybe I'll make the master bedroom my goal...its looking BAD these days...
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I'm in for 500 this month. I went about 250 over in March. My brother is temporarily moving in with us on the 13th so I would like to have most of it done by then. My main focus will be downstairs this time.

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I would like to join this thread this month if I may. My dh and I are going to get serious about our garage this summer! I have no idea what a realistic goal for myself is since I've never done this before, but I think I can do 10 items a day, so I'll shoot for 300 this month.

I'm starting with my ds's closet this morning....


This is exciting!!!

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I'm in again! I only made two of my three areas, so I guess one of them carries over to this month.

In April, then, I'll declutter:

- my desk/office space
- the shelf in my pantry I missed last month

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I'm in!


Last month we got sidetracked with DD's birthday and other fun stuff

We are planning a HUGE yard sale for April, so I'm in for 300 this month. Most of these will be larger items (I hope!!)

Let the fun begin
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Oooh, I'm excited to start with a clean slate! I kind of made my goal for March. I got rid of more items than I had planned to, but I didn't complete each category (ie. I purged 90/25 pieces of clothing, but only 7/10 pairs of shoes).

For this month, I've decided to go back to just making a goal of an overall number of items, instead of categorizing them. I just feel like counting will work better for me that way. I'm making a goal of 150. If I get more than half way there by the 15th, I'll probably increase my goal....

April decluttering, here I come!
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A broken plastic hamper, bag of junk, and a broken hanger, all to the trash.

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I'm in again!! I'm not setting a hard number, but I'll keep 250 in the back of my mind. I basically want to go through everyroom deep clean it, organize it, and purge any last things I previously waffled on. I also want to take my stuff to goodwill etc. I know we're supposed to count stuff only as we get it out of the house, but I don't usually have a problem getting stuff out of the house, so now that I've pretty much gone through everything I know I won't have to make too many trips.
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I'd like to get rid of 500 lbs by May 1st. Did 54 today of clothes and junk.
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I'm gonna set my goal for 500. I am having a huge garage sale in the middle of May. My garage is already overflowing with items. I need to work on my room some more. It is the worst area, and I keep putting it off
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well we went to the fleamarket yesterday and are 50$ the richer for it. so i feel good about last month and i'm raring to go for this month. i already started.

my car is packed with what didn't sell yesterday. most of that is going to good will. i think. i'm waffling about it and might just do a yardsale saturday instead. :

i also have some books to take to the used book store for more cash

hopefully that combined w/ my flea market proceeds from yesterday will be enough for a decent used washing machine!

It seems the office is the one room challenge for the month. so most of my decluttering goals are in there. i have 3 boxes of papers to go through this month. :

i have some large items i've been trying to sell. maybe this is the month to just let them go? profit v.s. order! thats my eternal challenge

i think i'm going to stick to those boxes for my goal for now though. i worked on them tonight and got rid of a lot.
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I'm in too. I only made it half way to my goal in March, but I think it was a little unreasonable since I was working out of town the last two weeks. Oops. I'll set a goal of 300 again and hopefully not get sidetracked. Today I put 32 items in the trunk to take to Goodwill tomorrow (the exercise ball is finally on its way out), and DH got rid of a big garbage bag of clothes (let's say another 30 items at least), so I'm on my way!

I'm shamed to think of what my house would still look like if I didn't have this forum!
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I am in for 500 items and I am hopeful that is a conversative number. I have got to let go of this stuff. I have a box of misc baby toys, and another of baby clothes ready to go, asstd office stuff and I am still cleaning tonight.

I have a couple furniture items to check with some people on before it hits freecycle.

Without a full count, at least 75 items going.
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I'm in for 500 items this month
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I'm in for 300 items this month, plus 200 pieces of paper. Ds has a birthday at the end of the month and we need to get rid of some things. Dd next month.

And the kids have grown, so I've got stacks of outgrown winter clothes...

And we've got too much junk! And paper has a whole life of it's own in our house. It doesn't die, it just gets move from flat surface to flat surface.
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Originally Posted by Rikki Jean View Post
A broken plastic hamper, bag of junk, and a broken hanger, all to the trash.

Well, I dumped 59 things in the trash, and gave 72 to our church garage sale. So, I'm already up to 134/150, and it's only the first day (okay, it's after midnight now, so the second day ). Anyway, I've decided to up my goal to 300!

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I'm in, too. I'm gonna push myself to do 800, which includes paper junk. DP just brought two crates full of records into the living room last week. He got about 20 out that he wants to keep and promised that the rest will be gone this week-they'd better!!
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I'm new here and up for the challenge. Since I'm just starting out, I will set my goal for 200 items. We are expecting a new one in October and our house is so cluttered right now. We are also starting a complete bathroom renovation in two months, so all of the under the sink clutter has got to go.
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Count me in! I've tried to do this before and haven't stuck with it, but I'm determined this time! I think I'll shoot for 500 items.

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