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April Decluttering Challenge! (Spring is here!) - Page 6

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lost my housekeys yesterday and tore apart the front closet and got about 50 items out of it. I was more interested in looking for my keys then counting but there are 4 garbage bags full.

I'll say 50/500
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well iw orked like mad last night (well sort of ) anyway i went through baby clothes again, went through books again, got some stuff out of the e-bay closet, etc...stayed up way too late (had company last night too so wasn't doing drudgework the whole time)


(a couple of folks knoked on the door though and i actually made $7

Iworked on my hall/bathroom/linen closet and it is begining to have only things we use in there. relocated some things from there to the cabint in the bathroom.

anyone else feel compelled to hold onto sposie menstrul products on the off chance that someone else will need whilst visiting??? i don't knowwhy i can't let go of it.

the only thing really left to purge in there is olivia's hair accessories.

i guess i'm going to try to yardsale again next week. i'm just keeping it permanently set up. i think.
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
5 items trashed

30 polly pockets and acc. gone
25 odds and ends gone

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5 bags of stuff taken to Goodwill (and a 6th that I forgot to put in the car in the front hall closet.)

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Over the past few days I've gotten
1 bag of trash
1 bag of giveaway
1 big item for giveaway

1 bag of trash
1 bag of giveaway
1 big item for giveaway

The stuff today was all out of the playroom!
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I've added quite a few things to our yard sale box-
clothes, play chairs, toys, etc.

I think I'm up to 204 now total.
And there is still SO much to do.. will update again later
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I hope you don't mind me jumping in. I was surfing the web for simplicity forums and found all you moms. I have lurked for the last week or so all over these boards. Anyway, you have motivated me to do some more decluttering. So far, I have cleaned out my hall closet, and started on the shelves in my office area. Which happens to be 3 shelves and counter top desk in a nook in my bedroom. I now have 3 large black garbage bags for goodwill!

Feels great. We live in a small home that we gutted and updated. It now is the home of my dreams. We are almost finished. The house is about 1200 sq feet. Just enough space for dh, 3 kiddos, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and me. So I need to stay on top of things.

Thanks for all the motivation. I had been letting things go a bit.
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Welcome Mags.bubble!

Today I finished tackling something that hasn't been accomplished in over a year. I found the bottom of my laundry pile!! Yes, I know thats horrible... but it was just so overwhelming to wash, dry, and fold things that baskets here and there were easier. I am thrilled to see three empty baskets on the floor and NONE piled up all over my kitchen!!

I'm going to have a goal of one load of laundry a day in hopes that I won't get so behind again.
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1 bag of giveaway
3 bags of trash

I'm chipping away at it!
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Decluttered the kitchen and office today. This is the first I've done this month. Lets see:


-40 random dishes
-a salad spinner I have never used
-two tablecloths
-two placemat sets
-3 vases
-3 platters
-3 sippy cups

I'm sure there was more...


-2 computers
-1 monitor
-1 scanner
-1 printer
-1 speaker set
-50 CD's
-2 CD holders
-Oh jeez, one large box full of random electronic junk, including cords that go with nothing

I guess that brings me up to:


I have three huge boxes that are waiting to be picked up, and 2 large garbage bags for the curb tonight.
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I've been working more in the office today- another contractor bag down! Also, I took some things back to people I borrowed them from... I'm at about 400/500!!! I'm getting worried about making goal though- I've thrown out most everything from the office... I'll have to focus on another room before the month is up

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would love to join this group i joined a decluttering group along time ago and got really good tips so maybe i can actually set a goal this time i will try to do 10 items a day as well. I also want to try to get things packed wow a year has gone by so fast and since we rent and only signed a year lease we will be moving again soon. plus with hubby away i will probably be doing this alone again: oh well duty calls i guess. we will probably be moving coser to the base just till we finally get out. then we move again back to missouri probably more then you all want to know but thought maybe get some organization tips for moving thanks
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wow i just learned i cant spell very well hehe oh well hopefully you all can read my last post
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My goal is 500!
Here is my list of items for today:

I threw away:
pacifiers of ds (hasn't used them since he was 5 months old-I'm finally letting them go)
broken train
lip gloss
toothbrush holder
bathroom stuff
1 BIG bag trash

I'm donating:
gift bags
earring holder
bed side board things??
peg board
trinket box
hair clips
pocket mirror
tv table
picture in frame

Total: 58

Some small items, but things I'm never going to use and never have despite having them for YEARS!

Hope I make it to 500. I need to get to work
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DH had a 5 drawer file cabinet in the basement that he was storing papers and books in. He got rid of several boxes of stuff in his purge.

Well...he has started a food storage project and decided that the very well built file cabinet is ideal for starting the project. So he really emptied it, and moved it. My basement may get decluttered eventually

Food storage can be a subject of another thread.
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WooHOO! Over the weekend, I got DH to clean out his closet. We got an entire giant black trash bag full of stuff to give away. I'm hoping to get at least three bags for the Vietnam Vets. I also cleaned my closet again and managed to come up with another 10 items to toss including another pair of shoes. Where did all of this crap come from? :
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I have been doing ruthless decluttering for a while now. I never have anything around that isn't either functional or art. As my friend who lives very simply once said, "we dont do doo-dads." I love this mantra! It's nice not having a bunch of dust collectors anymore. Just when I think there's nothing more to get rid of, I can look deeper and get another box of junk together to donate to the thrift store. I have become an addict for getting rid! WAY more fulfilling than aquiring more! Finally I am to the point where now I am just wanting to replace ugly table for nice table, etc...not really MORE NEW STUFF, rather, replacements/ upgrades. I once read in a feng shui book that everything you own is attached to you by a strand of energy, and you are literally dragging it all around with you every day (even if it's in a distant storage shed!). This really helped me want to dump as much as I could! I swear my shoulders are lighter these days! Basically all we own is books, which I have consolidated to one bookshelf for me, and one for my kids, clothes (and not too many), kitchen stuff, and a spare amount of furniture. We have a stack of board games, and little "cupboard under the stairs".....like in Harry Potter.....that holds legos and that's it. That's nice cause they can be spread out and contained, at once. Each kid has a small basket of misc toys, and each a small shelf in his room to put keepsakes like trophies. My desk, computer, filing cabinet, and a few shelfs which hold my herbal stuff (I work from home)~all organized! Plants and wall-hanging art are the only decorations, and a few cool rocks in the windowsils. All my tools are in a rubbermaid thing, ditto camping gear, and winter gear, and photos and old journals, xmas stuff. This collection of rubbermaids (nicely organized) lives to one side of my son's large closet. I would like each of us to have a dresser, since right now we just have baskets and hanging clothes.
But, seriously, it feels SOOOOOOOOO good! I used to be married to a packrat, and this is infinitely more "me," just keepin it simple. I am so excited for treasure mapping tomorrow! It's been hard to wait, cause I did the last big purge on spring equinox. I am READY!
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WOW - I am so inspired!!! I'm decluttering my desk today - Marathon Monday, nice rainy day for spring cleaning, and I guess I'll take the plunge and try to go a little farther:

- closet (piles of unused plastic bags, too many laundry baskets, old printers, I'm scared to think what else)
- old clothes - from high school! - in suitcases under the bed!!
- my trusty suitcase'o'crap which I lug around, unopened, full to bursting with unsorted pictures and memorabilia from high school (do I really NEED a fire escape sign somebody ripped off the wall?) - I WILL put everything in albums or photo boxes
- bookshelves full of junk
- expanding (more like exploding) file for "important papers"
- DH's stuff on top of the bureau
- 1000's of business cards - I need a rolodex!
- oh lord, forgot about the bathroom shelves...

I'll go with 500, but who knows if I'll even be able to count!

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5 random items from the hall closet

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recycling/shredding almost all papers going back to 2001 w00t
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