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April Decluttering Challenge! (Spring is here!) - Page 5

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started going through the big tub of lots of tiny toys last night :

rescued a few of kurts treasures, tossed some broken bits, sorted out some to sell and some to keep

still plugging away in the office as well.
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Eight days have gone by since I made any progress at all! argggg....

But we did have the carpet cleaners here so every piece of furniture from our living room and family room got moved, the carpet was cleaned, and the furniture was all cleaned as it was replaced. That's a good feeling in and of itself.

But back to the decluttering challenge. I'm sure I'll never make the goal now, but any progress is good, right?

My son helped me choose 5 toys that he's outgrown, and I "disappeared" another 10 that haven't seen the top of the toybox in a year. So I'm at:


I won't give up, I won't give up, I won't give up!!!

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1 big item
2 bags of giveaway
1 bag of trash
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
2 items sold on craigslist and 2 items sold here

I've added about 50 items over the last several days.

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63/200 My sister is having a rummage sale for her Relay for Life group and the money goes to the American Cancer Society. I went through and donated movies and books. Next on the list is clothes and shoes.
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
I've added about 50 items over the last several days.

5 items trashed

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cleaned out the fridge (recycled and composted lots of old jars of stuff)
1 box of clothes ready to donate
1 box of kitchen stuff ready to donate
12 boxes flattened, tied and recycled
1 year of Real Simple and Natural Home ready to donate
extra garbage pick up set for morning

hold me to the donating!!!
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The Vietnam Vets called yesterday and I promised them a load at the end of the month. So my motivation is here!

Go, declutterers, go!!
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OK Here are some pics.

Here is hubby's office so far.

Pic 1 and Pic 2.

Not too bad considering this weekend it was happy face yellow and a playroom.

Since that displaced the boys computer toys and such; and the closet move displaced my craft stuff; and the computer move displaced my homeschooling stuff (are you seeing a pattern here!), here are pics of my new craft/homeschooling/exercise room.

Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4, Pic 5, Pic 6
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I haven't managed to get much of anything done these past few days, but I did get a chance to get rid of the recycling. So I can olny add 5 more towards my goal.
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The Little People are gone!!!

I have finally cleaned out the Little People. All of the buildings, figures, animals, furniture, cars, etc were taking up 2 storage bins. They haven't been played with in months. My friends asked me if I had any because she is collecting them for her little girl. PERFECT OPPORTUNITY!! She paid me $20 to take them. So if I counted them separately, then I met my goal already. :LOL

I also managed to clean out my DS closte. There were about 10 pairs each of pants, shirts and socks that no longer fit him. Looks like I will have to get him some shorts since all the ones I saved are to small now.

I cleaned off my desk and half of the stuff got tossed and them other half is in a box awaiting organization.

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DH got rid of 40 things for spring clean up so that takes us to 552/2007 for the year.

This weekend I'm hopefully taking all of my garage sale stuff to the house where we're having the sale. That'll really boost my count! Too bad I've already gotten rid of so much-I don't have a lot to sell! My goal is 100 items in the garage sale. So far I have about 60 ready to go, and a big bag of stuff to go to the consignment store. (That's mostly stuff given to DS by the girl with whom I'm having the garage sale. It's a little tacky to sell it right in front of her. I wish she'd stop buying the stuff, but she hasn't taken my hints. So now I keep some and get rid of some.)

If it ever warms up I'll tackle the garage again, too.
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I went through dd's closet yesterday and purged 22 stuffed animals, plastic balls, annoying electronic toys and toy cell phones. That brings me to 85/200. I haven't gotten to the clothing yet, but I plan to tackle that this weekend while dh is home. A question for those who use craigslist. Do you have the people come pick up the items or do you drop off? I have a lot of peek a blocks and accesories that I am looking to get rid of and I wasn't sure how it works. I've freecycled before but I am new to selling things.
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I just wanted to suggest to those of you that are getting rid of toys. There are always playgroups that are happy to take them, especially the ones with little funding, as well as womens shelters! If stuffed animals are in brand new condition the hospital will often take them to give to sick kids or even just kids getting testing/blood work done!
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DH seems to be done with his purge.: I was hoping there was more.

Maybe I can get him to sort out some other stuff in the basement.

I may be planning a yard sale for next year or late summer. I can get rid of all the baby equipment at once, including the crib. Unless I manage to get PG before then of course. Then all bets are off.

My dreams of ditching toys collapsed. DS started playing with everything.

Some of you mamas are doing just awesome. Congrats!
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I was at 31/150 and just dumped 25 more from the office!!!!!!!! Including a large box of very old candy from the office. DH is not going to be happy but it was really old! I did dump a smaller stash of MY old candy too! Oh and 8 items from the pantry to the canned food drive at work! So 64/150 and planing to start on DS's closet this afternoon!
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OK, I'm joining in for the first time. I'll never manage to count by items so I'll set my goal as:

10 bags to goodwill

go through cookbook cabinet, take recipies out of old magazines and put in binder, then toss

clean out crafts closet
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I have never posted here before- I'm Valarie, a compulsive de-clutterer, but I am married to a pack rat!!! So, in the last three years of marriage I have been working with DH to cut down on useless worldly possessions... so far, so good...

For this month I am putting my goal at 500 items, but I don't know how everyone here counts- I've noticed it is a personal preference. So, I'm counting clothes by piece, but a handful of small items is only going to count as one...

So, in the last week I have tossed 7 contractor bags worth of clothing, about 250 items. I have also tossed 2 contractor bags worth of trash, about 100 items. So, I am right at 350 over-all... only 150 more to go!

I completely cleaned out my master closet (hence the 7 bags!) and it looks amazing... we have very few clothes left, but enough for our needs- beautiful! Most of the trash has come from my craft room/office, which was so junked up after the move we couldn't even walk about in it! Our master bedroom... well, that is a whole other story... it is not gross, but it is not organized. I am saving it for last b/c I have the most motivation to get it pretty.

Anyway, I am going to keep working on my craft room tonight, and hopefully get to my bedroom by tomorrow... wish me luck!

Nice to meet you!
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OK another 10 misc office items to bring me to 74/150 almost half way!
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I think I'm up to 138 so far.. so much more to do!
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