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~*~May 2004 Moms~*~ One More Month to Three!

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Here's the link to the old thread.

Good Morning Everyone!

(I hope I didn't mess it up this time!)
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(or in our case, two more months to three... : )

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I was thinking the same thing (wrt thread title). And I was wondering... do we move to the Childhood Years at 3, or is it older?

I did all my catching up (and complaining about the germiness of our trip) on the March thread. You *really* don't want to miss that.

My children are *LOUD* this morning. Or maybe some of the fog is starting to lift from my ears. (My dad told me that I spoke very loudly the whole week.
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OMG, KK my kids are freaking out loud, too. :

Lisa, so sorry to hear about Annabel's illness! So scary! I can't even imagine. thinking of you all, sending get will vibes.

We are getting ready to go to a birthday party in a little while. Might that have something to do with my kids bugging out? Duh.

Jett screaming. Gotta run. Oy.
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What?? I'm sorry, I can't hear you, it's way too loud over here. What's up with the need to yell all the time?

Allison has figured out that she can use words manipulatively. She came to me in the kitchen, looking sad, and said, "*pathetic little fake cough* Mama, I have a cough." I just looked at her. "Mama, *hem, hem* I have a cough. I need chocolate." :

I'll tell you who needs chocolate, kid.
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Yay for emmalola being the one to start the thread!

And juice? WherEVER did she get the idea that when one feels poorly, one eats chocolate?
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Hey all,
Thanks for starting us up, EL.

I think we should stay in Toddlers a little while longer...isn't Childhood too old for us (or am I just delusional?) But, wherever y'all want to go is fine with me. I will follow.

KK-sorry you were all so sick. Yes, I have a feeling the germy park was part of it. Sorry 'bout that. G's feverish Friday turned into nothing. He didn't even take a nap today, so he seems all over it. Go figure. He's done this before. He just has a bad fevery day and then gets over it. Whatever his body is fighting, it either does it quickly or decides it's not worth it.

Midwife appt. was yesterday. All is well. I really like her. Baby's heartbeat was good; smart baby kept trying to move away from the doppler!

I meant to answer the earlier question about celebrity crushes. This is one of those areas where I must : I've had crushes on celebs since I was a teenager and I've only gotten slightly better. I think I used it in HS to avoid the fact that I didn't date. Anywho, for pure looks, I have a thang for Matthew McConaughey. I've also been *this close* to him in person from our days in Texas and that was awesome. But, I also love many others, including John Cusack, Ben Stiller, Patrick Dempsey and Tom Cruise (though not so much that he's been doing so many wacky things in his personal life). My guilty pleasure is reading celebrity mags...so there ya have it.

Okay, gotta go to work for a staff meeting! At least I get paid.
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isaac and i just colored some eggs and decorated them with disney princess jewels and stickers. we are *waaaaaay* into snow white over here. we read snow white and peter pan nightly.

we met with the doula today to talk birth plan. that was after a morning tromping around home depot and lowes arguing about every single aspect *possible* in creating a laundry room. the only thing we don't have different visions for is the cabinetry because it is going to match our kitchen cabinets. oh such fun. the reason we moved into this house instead of adding on to our old one (which had a georgous lot) was because we knew we would never survive such a major house project. i could get really into griping about the specifics but i'll spare ya'll we are both sooooooo stubborn. every single thing doug wants is bottom of the line cheap. and that is just not my approach. i actually want to *like* it. we need to go to the rebuilding center and look at sinks and doors :

napping has been scarce this weekend. none yesterday and maybe an hour today. and i am exhausted. i was up from 12:30 to 3am last night with insane uterine pain. can braxton hicks be painful enough to wake you from a sound sleep??? i never felt them with isaac. i don't know what was going on but i thought i was going into labor. and my stomach muscles just feel kind of 'sore' today. it was so strange and surreal since i was half asleep and convinced the full moon was doing it to me. i was awake enough to sit on the side of the bed for a while because i couldn't lay down comfortably. WIERD

it feels more like 2 months until 3 for us too since we are so close to the end of the month

kk - glad your trip was fun but man you got it in the illness department eh? mega drag.
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Emmalola, how are you feeling? Things going ok now?

Yay for heartbeats! And kiddos getting over fevers quickly.

KK, sorry you had a sickie week. Yuck.

Celebrity crushes: for me, it's all about the Depp. Although I think Heath Ledger is pretty gorgeous, too. Just don't tell Johnny I said so.

The chicks have doubled in size in three days. It's spooky. And yes, KK, we are raising them for the eggs. We're holding them a lot in hopes they will be nice, though, so they count as pets. DH built the world's most solid henhouse this week for them, with cedar shingles and everything. It's kind of funny how hard he worked on it.

Ok, must go help in the kitchen. Did I mention how nice it is having my mom here cooking for us? :

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i wish someone was here cooking for me! doug will go in spurts of cooking dinner and he is NOT in one right now unfortunately so it is allllllll me. i feel tired and uninspired lately! i foresee him never feeling the need to cook again after i am 'not working.' maybe i am projecting future paranoia onto the present i guess i should check my 'taters in the oven.
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Posting to see if I am "banned".
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What's for dinner here? Peanut butter & honey sandwiches! Boooring!
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Subbing and reading along, but that's pretty much it these days. : C's eval last week left more questions than answers. : ..........
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Heath, details, please.

Cannot just leave us like that.
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Originally Posted by elsanne View Post
Heath, details, please.

Cannot just leave us like that.
: What's up?
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Originally Posted by mcsarahb View Post

Celebrity crushes: for me, it's all about the Depp.
Yeah, I like him too. Can't believe I forgot.

Heather, sorry you feel lacking after your visit. Update us when you can.

P.S. This is the first time I've ever quoted someone successfully....I'm so impressed with myself.
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Subscribin, baby!
I, too, am all about the Depp!
(well, Depp, Davey, Jade, Hunter, okay, ALL of AFI...sorry, the fangirling is HUGE right now...I was watching I Heard a Voice, their concert video tonight. :
I, too have always had celebrity crushes. My first? Sigourney Weaver, baby!

Heather, hope to hear more when you're feeling up to it!

Elsanne, banned? Do tell!

I will write more tomorrow morning (being the Morning Goddess and all...am I still, even though I haven't posted as faithfully as I used to? I usually only post in the morning...) but I wanted to say I you all!

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Please do be our sunshine greeter of the 'morn.

I read about april fool's day mdc "banned" some members, meaning put "banned" as a senior title. wanted to check.
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Originally Posted by elsanne View Post
Please do be our sunshine greeter of the 'morn.

I read about april fool's day mdc "banned" some members, meaning put "banned" as a senior title. wanted to check.
I am honored to be the morning greeter!
Oh! April Fool's Day! I totally forgot! Oh poop! My younger brother-in-law's birthday is today!!! :
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