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No Way!!! We go to the Childhood Years when they turn 3??? When did this happen, mamas?? :
So I wrote that above sentence like an hour ago, because Rowan came over and dragged me ito the living room. Not to play, not to read, but to sit, while he watched Caillou. He didn't even sit with me! He just wanted to make sure I was there, I guess, after being away from me for a couple of days. DH took him to the IL's Friday and they came home yesterday afternoon. I was like, "WOOHOO!" But I also missed them terribly. I needed the time though. Of course, not 15 minutes after they got home, Rowan was tearing around the house, freaking the f*ck out. Going from a nice quiet house with just a cat for company to my certifiable child and gross-meat-bingeing DH (not two days after watching all this stuff about why we should NOT be eating mass-produced meat, he pretty much ate crap ALL WEEKEND. : What the...?) was just I actually walked outside after dinner (that no one ate!) to keep from losing my proverbial shiznit.

But things calmed down considerably later that evening, Rowan got a bath (don't even get me started about how the whole weekend away he NEVER got bathed. ) and we sat down and read stories and cuddled till he nursed and went to sleep.

This morning has been pretty quiet, and soon I am making the little poop turn off the TV so we can go run an errand or two, then meet my best friend for lunch.

So, have a great day everymama! I am, if not posting evcery day, at least going to read every day so I don't get lost like I did last month! Haha.

I just changed my kitchen calendar over this morning. hehe. And I realized that we are seeing Laurie Berkner Saturday (after buying tix months ago!). DH and I made a vow to meet the woman and BEG her to make a new DVD, because the one we have? It's driven us INSANE.

Much love to my mamas!

ETA: Dude, whoever first mentioned needing that time in the morning? Um, YEAH. I am seriously out of whack if I don't get it, like today for instance!
Most days Rowan is cool with me checking my email and posting here, at least...other days, yeah.
Anyway, there with you. I need that coffee cup to be half full first thing in the morning!
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Good afternoon, everymama.

I feel like sitting around in my jammies all day- haven't changed yet.

Work is getting interesting. We have a new client who is in crisis and a suicide risk. She has to be line-of-site (which means we can see her at all times), unless she is in her room awake (where we have to document a check-in every half hour), or alseep for the night. At night we have to have two staff instead of one, to sleep near each exit. While this sounds crazy, she is actually very sweet and mellow most of the time. She is not a risk to others, and is safe to be around the kids. The extra staffing is good both because it bumps me up from 31 hours a week to 42, and because I have a lot less work to do, because I am usually single-staff large portions of my shift. I'm now doing a shift from Fri afternoon to Sunday morning. I am looking forward to my bigger paychecks- we are a even more pinched than usual with the new addition.

W and I were sick at work this weekend, but got better before we came home. L has a horrible diaper rash due to the antibiotics he's on for double ear infections and a penis soar. We put him in the bath after every time he gets diahrea (which is 3-4 times a day), but he got the rash anyway. Sigh. L is doing very well in the eating department, though (currently eating some yogurt as I type, to fend off yeasties in the diaper rash). W is healthy, happy, wiggly, smiley, and getting chunky.

I have some major mending to do of my relationship with dh, though. I take out my stress on him, and if he doesn't take care of L the way _I_ want him to when I'm gone, I chew him out. I've been aware of this for some time, but I seem unable to break the pattern. He's getting pretty tired of me not appreciating all that he does (his words), and I don't blame him. It's easy to take him for granted because he's so dedicated to our family. : : :

KK- I hope that your voice will mend now that your earache is better and you don't find your self speaking at high volume.

Jess- I don't think I ever wished you a happy birthday. I haven't forgotten about the birthing ball- will try to get it to you soon. I really hope those are just bh contrax. Yipes! I never really had strong ones, but I think I might be abnormal.

Juice- chocolate cures everything.

Jacqueline- I get that same message about posting when I log on to my reflux board, about once every three months.

I would kind of like to stay in toddlers , but then I always want to linger as long as possible in any particular stage.
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I think they're toddlers until 4.
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I think they should be toddlers forever *sniff*
Oh, wait, until they look at me defiantly and say, "NO!" and run away laughing. But then they get sleepy and cuddly and I think they should be toddlers forever again.

Fiddle, I had to go to work so I had to get dressed, but I put my jammies back on as soon as I walked in the door. The really comfy ones with the ever-growing hole in the butt seam

I either missed or forgot (or both) what your work situation is. My powers of observation lead me to believe it's mental-healthy and that you can take your babe to work. LMK if I'm wrong. Yay for more hours if that's not stressful, the $ are always nice.

The Dh stress and "proper parenting" thing... it's hard, isn't it? Only now, after baby #3, am I really able to just let him do his thing and truly not be bothered by it. Of course, it also seems that only after baby #3 does he realize that letting them sit on the floor and cry while he does something else is not really what we're about as parents... Anyway I can relate. Knowing it's an issue is a huge step.

And Renae, i *need* that time in the morning. Need it.
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I thought I was not very behind on reading, but then there was the NEW THREAD. Ha! April Fools!

Must mediate child interactions...
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I know that "out in the world" toddlerhood goes through 3 (ie, lasts till the day you turn 4), but I kind of think that at MDC it's different. I have been wrong before, though.

I'm feeling all glowy today: (1) an old friend of ours visited this weekend (with his boyfriend), and it was so nice seeing him. And life is going really well for him/them right now, and it makes me happy. (2) We found out that the new minister at our fellowship will be someone who was a member of our old church in CA (small world!). And she's phenomenal. (*And* I think it will be good for her, too. )

I forgot that I have always had an unwavering crush on Jodie Foster. She rocks. I'll bet she's a good mom, too.
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Wow. This whole time I have been thinking "toddler" ends at 3, then becomes "preschooler." But MDC is different because "childhood years" is not the same as "preschooler." Hmmm.

Oooh, Jodie Foster.
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celebrity girly crush: drew barrymore

definitely toddlers for me through the 3 year old year and maybe into 4.

juice: fiddle's work situation is in an adult home for people with developmental disabilities (i think that's how she would describe it). she's also a first-aid instructor now. her dh also works in the same group home.

els: can i just say i miss you? don't know why, seeing as i've met you all of... oh... one time. but i miss your posts and being privy to your life stuff. but i guess that means you are busy BEing in your life with your life stuff and with your girlies.

must go rescue all done pooping boy from potty...


eta: S is *almost*almost*almost* crawling. like up on the hands and knees and occasionally accidentally moving legs and arms in the right combo. blows my mind.
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i don't *feel* like i have a toddler anymore. too much sprinting around and not enough 'toddling' of course there are still those moments when i have *no idea* what he is saying and i am reminded that maybe he still is a toddler. there is nothing toddler left in his appearance though. no rubber band ankles and male pattern baldness. someone replaced my baby with a lanky kid whose pants are almost all too short right now. we need summer to get here so we can wear shorts! i think most of last year's will still fit.

i bought a door today and more importantly i bought a door that I wanted!! ha. i hope i am going to love it. of course they didn't have the actual door there for me to view but it has all the qualities i am sure i will love....like it is real wood and double glazed : now i am working on the sink. we went to hippo, rebuilding center and rejuv today and i am convinced that fixing an old sink costs the same as buying a new one. with more hassle of the funky plumbing. except there is one cute little one for $45 at the rebuilding center that just might win. then we will only have to argue about flooring and countertops :

no more wierd pains last night. tg. i slept like a rock until 5am and then got up because i was sooooooo awake. i HATE that.

i have been wearing the same pair of pants for 3 days now. maybe because they FEEL like pajamas! my maternity jeans are too tight now. sadness.

good news on bigger paychecks beth (and i got your message about getting a ride several days too late ) all we get on our answering machine usually are mortgage refinancing calls so i hardly check it. sorry!!

ok. must pay bills. daycare and the mortgage on the 1st of the month. always like hurking up a hairball.
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agreed on drew barrymore. doug loooves her and right when we first started dating we saw her at a show in LA. she was amazingly petite and AMAZINGLY beautiful. like glowing. she had daisies in her hair. i had no idea from tv that she is probably a full 5 inches shorter than me.

and if you want to move more out of celebrity crushes into celebrity obsessions mine is courtney love. : i'm a mega fan. she's nutso. like totally crazy but there's a really intelligent woman hiding behind the obnoxious behavior. she's been posting on the internet again lately....and i looove reading her posts. she used to post a lot on her own message board. mad rants which she would then delete. she's still ranting but purportedly sober.
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totally unrelated to the crushiness, but every other person we meet in public comments that C looks like drew in the gertie/ET role.

had an u/s and meeting w/ perinatologist today and just *one* little bean (phew!) and wiggly at that. Will keep a bit closer eye on the little feather re: the kidney reflux issues (genetic and all). Doc was super nice and I had the babysitter today as well so I meandered around doing nothing in particular afterwards for a couple hours.
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Originally Posted by heatherfeather View Post
totally unrelated to the crushiness, but every other person we meet in public comments that C looks like drew in the gertie/ET role.
Ooh yeah, totally see that. We get the Shirley Temple comments a lot. Less so now that her hair is losing its curl a bit. Great news on the bean!

Yeah, Jess, I guess that I feel like that too. I don't think of Lily as a toddler anymore. Not that she's tall and lanky, exactly (ha ha; she's tiny)...but just...not toddler-y.

Of course Ani D. is my girl crush. And Gwen Stefani just a little bit. Oh, and Lauryn Hill. Geez. Somebody stop me.
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I still see Rowan as a toddler. I mean, nevermind that when we were at the mall this evening, I asked him to push the "3" on the elevator, and not only did he KNOW which number was the 3, he could REACH IT! : Wow. I still remember when I had to lift him to push the buttons. Haha.

HF, good to know that there's only ONE little bean in there! From 2 to FOUR kiddos! Yeah! My friend J (she's on MDC as mamajody) went from 1 to THREE. And how exciting! eep!

Celebrity crushes...OMG jstar where does Courtney Love post?? I wanna read it! I adore her, crazy as she is. I also love it when celebs write about stuff online, it makes me feel like I *know* them, even if I obviously totally don't. I use MySpace WAY too often because members of AFI (particularly Davey and Jade!) post in their blogs there all the time! : They also post in the Despair Faction (that's the fan club and YES, I am a member! Forum. Hahaha!
I also adore Drew. ADORE.

Okay, enough out of me. I should go eat more before it gets too late (dinner was disjointed tonight because we all ate leftovers). The WW works for the most part, but I have been going over my points a bit this whole weekend into today. *sigh* It's hard. Haha. But I feel healthier just because I've added a whole bunch of greens to my diet, and I've cut a LOT of meat and such out. I rule.

Have a great night, mamas!
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TC, it made me feel so good that you said that about missing me!!! : : : : :
Weeeeeelll things are oh-KAY, y'know, I have the typical male-sick Viet around, which is like oh wah wah and tonight and last night he went home to his MOTHER'S HOUSE to sleep so he can get better poor thing. So guess who gets both kids all day all by herself, because Sol's on vacation. AND trying to "work", and the lack of attention to said "work" gets me really stressed out and then I don't do anything well--I am an inattentive mommy, etc...
We're in this phase with Sol where she wants to be with MEMEME all the time, and mostly that's fun, but not when you have to run around a LOT or be on the computer.
All because of Poor Viet's Headache.

But, a fun weekend was had. Let me describe:

Friday: birthday party. We whacked the hell out of the Little Mermaid (in pinata form) and who is still now hanging up in our house because we brought her home to whack on her here. Truly a fun toddler toy. This was out at an incredible ranch with great food.

Saturday: another birthday party. But get this: You walk in, past y'know, the fountain and the uniformed waiters, and the open bar/tender asks you what you would like. It's early, about noon, so it's a Bloody Mary for me. The first in my life, I feel so grown up. The staff is all over the place, offering this, and that. Bows on the rented chairs, and little chairs n tables with crafts and activities for kids. A jumpy castle (at EVERY Mexican birthday party there is a jumpy castle), and baby pigs in one hay corral and baby bunnies in another little hay corral. Sol jumps in with the baby bunnies and I don't see her for about two hours, while I'm getting souced with my mama friends. I eventually move on to Margaritas as the afternoon wears on. Another great pinata, I don't recall the figure, due to the Margaritas I think, and a great cake, and more bunny action for Sol. At one point I go check on her and she is sitting with ALL THE bunnies sleeping between her legs, and she is creating a protective cover with her arms and scowling at the other kids who would like to hold a bunny.

Sunday: private bellydance lesson for 5 Mexican women, from far away cities, it is a total blast. 3 hrs. Afternoon: another party, but an adult one. Sol spends most of her time playing in a hammock with other kids and Mama is chatting and bumping babies with another mama and dancing to the (kind of crappy yet okay) band.
Heather I am soooo glad you got a day to yourself! Especially with a prenatal visit, such a good way to care for you. You need all of that you can get, especially with #3 on the way.
C DOES remind me of that kid (I mean, Drew) in ET!
I am sooo out of the celebrity loop it's not funny.

TC--cannot believe S is almost crawling. Wasn't he just born??? Amara is crawling and standing solo!

Jstar Sol totally does not seem like a toddler to me to--she is so tall and big! I'm amazed she's still in her second year (though not for long) to look at her.

Jacqueline--go you for quoting someone! Now, the next step is to click that little button in between the quote and the other button, and it saves it up, so you can click on several people's posts and get the MULTI-QUOTE THANG GOIN ON!!
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Hmm. Totally jealous of the partay weekend. Our visitors this weekend (from dh's long ago SoCal days) reminded me once again that we used to have a much fuller social calendar. (What's kind of funny is that they left us the leftovers from their vacation, before they fly back home. Dude, I don't know what I'm going to do with all that liquor. Make a *lot* of herbal tinctures? ) Not that one needs a lot of alcohol (or even a little) to have fun, but drinking *does* tend to be a social activity, and social drinkers tend to organize social activities, y'know?

Meanwhile, IRL, no one will socialize with us (rightfully so), because I still sound like a frog (I should take a day off of talking, but that would just about kill me), and the kids still have green noses.

But the weather is beautiful. I think maybe I'll stick the boys in the sandbox and work on getting some of the stuff that dh said he'd gotten done done.

Hey... now that we've determined that our May babies are turning 3, toddler or not, how are you going to celebrate? (or not?) I'm not too thrilled about our birthday spacing (L turns 1, 3 weeks later Z turns 3, 5 weeks later T turns 6). I'm thinking something small and casual for L (and same for Z)--probably just a rah rah playgroup with our friends (ie, we'll have the same thing we always do, but add cupcakes and balloons). T will probably have a more actual party, but we'll do a limit on the attendees (that worked really well last year). I've determined that for my kids, having people over, having "cake", having "ice cream", and having balloons are the most important things. They could care less about going anywhere, having specific activities, having specific food (other than the above), and having goody bags.
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Originally Posted by elsanne View Post
At one point I go check on her and she is sitting with ALL THE bunnies sleeping between her legs, and she is creating a protective cover with her arms and scowling at the other kids who would like to hold a bunny.
i love this girl

isaac wants to buy a pinata every single time we go to fred meyer because i told him you hit it with a stick and candy falls out. i had one at one of my younger birthdays and still remember the excitement clearly

my edd is 4 days after isaac turns the BIG THREE. so no party for us this year in case i have to go birth a babe. i will make him a cake (or more like we will make one together) so we can do candles. he loooooooooves that part.
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PS What does it mean that *everyone* in our family got the viral pinkeye except me? (Dh has it now.) Am I the *only* one who washes her hands? (I don't think think I want to know the answer to that one.) I do realize that if I'm too smug, dh will probably rub his eye on me while he's asleep.

PPS I've been looking through my herbal books, figuring out which tinctures I will be making. Plus, I think I *will* be having a gin and tonic when dh gets home from work.
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i can't fahhhhreakin wait to have a margarita. my cravings for beer have passed. now it is just margaritas i am hankering for

kk i guess you really are superKK! virally resistant!!!

ps. renae - moonwashedrose.com. click 'continue to moonwashedrose.com.' courtney is posting under 'court' on some of the daily discussion threads. most of them are called 'love talk' or whatever. her posts are rambly and full of typos so they're really hard to read (on purpose i think). and dang she's gotten super skinny lately. and she keeps going on and on about how chanting has changed her life. hopefully it has.

32 weeks peeps! i dare to think maybe i only have 4 more weeks of this sitch. not likely but one can hope right? and my ob is climbing rainer a few days after my edd so i am hoping even more for an earlier rather than later birth. i would prefer him to be there and not someone i don't know :/

heath. i 've been thinking about you too. phew. just one little bean. twins would be so fun but i really can't imagine how uncomfortable i'd be with 2 babes in there right now!!!
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Well, Jstar, I definitely see double-birthday parties in your future. There is not a kids' party without a pinata 'round here. Just doesn't happen.

kk--whooooaaa on the pinkeye.
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Jett is walking!!! 11 months. First steps were on the first, and since then, he's taking off everywhere! 5-6 steps at a time! He's really trying to talk, too. Ball. Bath. All Done. Ow. No. Pa. (mama and dada too but those are so run of the mill)

Anyway, I had to come and brag.
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