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I've never had pinkeye. And, I've never been the best hand washer : But, the yeast on my breast still HASN'T GONE AWAY!!!!! I'm working on it....

Birthday parties: We will probably have something for G at our new home with a few friends. Nothing too crazy, but maybe a BBQ with cake and ice cream. It will actually be nice to be able to have people over again since we'll have more room and a backyard!!!! I like pinatas, and they were so easy to get in Texas. Not so much here.

I packed 3 boxes today. Just a billion more to go.

Mmmmm....margaritas. Sounds yummy.

elsanne-your weekend sounds very fun! Petting zoo at a birthday party would be cool.

Working tonight, but then not again until Monday!!! And, dh is taking G to get a haircut later tomorrow afternoon, so I'm going to spend an uninterrupted hour at Target getting Easter basket goodies and whatever else I want to! Yay me!!! I really need this. I really need a movie and spa get away, but Target will have to do on our budget.

TTFN! to all my May Mamas.
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Meg--fun to read your myspace on your linky! I cannot BELIEVE jEtt IS WALKING! Holy moliferous.

Jacque sorry to hear about the yeast still on the breast! Ugh! You've tried tea tree?

Not sure about a birthday party. Sol keeps asking if today is her birthday. We're going to do something, just dunno what.

Gah just had a very hard time getting Amara to sleep, she ended up fussing herself to sleep after 3 (THREE!) nurse-downs. I REALLY REALLY wish there was an "off" button.
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Need. Coffee. Intravenously!!!
Yeah. Rough night. Long story.
I am eating a VERY unfortunate excuse for a bagel along with my coffee. It's a WW bagel (thought I'd try out some WW food--bad idea, Renae!) and well, yeah. Oh well. Only one point!

After the Passover seder I attended last night, I kinda NEED to make sure I pay attention to the points today. Haha. The seder was fun though. Rowan found the afikomen (the piece of matzoh that signifies the end of the seder. Haha) He had a great time, ate more matzoh ball soup than I ever expected, and played with a weird scary mechanical parrot the rest of the time
(the seders we attend involving my BF are, to say the least...interesting. I love her to death, and I love that she has made her own Jewish traditions over the years (like a seder for Tu'B Shevat, the Jewish arbor day! Well...let's just say it involves the HERBS of the earth! She rules, even if she is Yeah, she has her ups and downs (this is the friend who Od'ed the other week) but she's like my sister, KWIM?)
So anyway, this seder was at her parent's house, her boyfriend, her brother and his GF were there, and then me, DH and Rowan. We do the "cliff's notes" version where we skip a million pages of the text, and then we add a feminist perspective and reading to the night as well. And this year, there was a parrot reciting the plagues. Yeah, I'm not kidding.

So anyway, Rowan went to bed at 10, and woke up at 5:30! Good times. : He is in rare for this morning so I am SO in need of this computer time! I made him a smoothie and breakfast, ad unashamedly plopped him in front of Sesame Street. Unashamedly, I tell you!

I'm secretly glad my friend M will be here with her DS later this morning, and I have a LLL eval meeting and then lunch with DH.

megan, OMG! I cannot believe how the time passes! He's walking! : wow!

jstar, haha, DH saw moonwashedrose.com up on the computer last night and he said "what does she write??? 'Dear diary, today I smoked crack'???" I was like

I you all, but it's time for another cup of coffee. Have a great day!
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Renae--I like the "exclamation point" thing you say down in your sig!
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Oh sugar
there is milk all over everything
so I gotta go before I eve got to say anything

Naomi calls a pinata a yimpada
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go jett go!! he wants to chase mia

why did i think i only had 4 more weeks to go?? some engineer that can't do math eh? WISHFUL thinking. 6 weeks on the 'early side' and 10 on the 'long side'. ok i think i'll hope for SEVEN!!!

i went to target for easter goodies on monday sans child. i SPOIL him rotten. i spent $50 : 2 dvds and 3 books and a basket. i decided i should save 'babe' for his birthday. and give him peter pan in the basket. babe was really more a purchase for myself because i used to own the movie....and that movie was the whole reason we got a border collie. hah. he will be stoked on peter pan (i think). he loves the book and we listen to the songs on a cd. (no real anti-disney going on in this household) :

yimpada tee hee hee

ok back to my decaf latte and permit application.
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why did i think i only had 4 more weeks to go?? some engineer that can't do math eh?/QUOTE]

I wondered that too...then I thought, "maybe she's wishing to go at 36 weeks? Boy this is the long part of the pregnancy. Sooner'n you know it, however, that babe inside you will be crawling, walking, and more! It blows me away that Amara is starting to be such a little person. And Sol too! How did this happen?!?
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Yeah, I thought you were hoping for 36 weeks, too. 38 sounds better to me.

This week is kicking my a$$. Class every day, including Saturday orientation at the hospital. And we have class 14 hours on Friday. I miss Lily! (And DH, and my mom, too). Did I complain about this already? Probably.

Wow on the walking Jett. 11 months, sheesh.

Birthday: didn't we talk about this already? We are doing a combo party with another friend who is turning 4 on the 3rd. Little BBQ and cupcakes, the usual. Should be fun.

DH making sushi tonight. I'm scared.
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Making sushi? I'm impressed he would even try.

Mia calls a pinata a pinesta. She def gets the idea that it's a party thing.

Jett just fell asleep in the highchair while eating grapes. Oh, the cuteness. And I'll have to remember that trick for the next time Mia won't let me have 10 minutes to nurse the poor boy for his afternoon nap... which will probably be, like, oh, tomorrow. Probably one of those one off things. They never do it when you want them to, yk?

Feeling in a bit of a funk these days, myself. Not really a funk... I don't know what it is. Anxiety? Not sure. Somethin.

I'm stealing the egg carton seed planting for my playgroup this week. I am trying to lead by example by providing an activity for the kids to do. We need more of that. Doing nothing and then having the kids just fight over toys is getting old for me, and if it doesn't change, I'm thinking about quitting playgroup. Which is kinda big for me, since I've been in this playgroup for over two years, and it's a small town, and I know some will take it as a snub that I'm leaving. Small town drama. Annoying. In fact, that drama is also a motivator for me to ditch the group. Are we in high school, ladies????? : I remember not too long ago my super hip and cool aunt told me, "it never changes. women act like they are in high school their whole lives, especially in groups. don't expect it to change, because it doesn't." :

Oh, so wait... I needed to ask something about the egg cartons and I"m too lazy to go look it up. You line each cup of the carton with a little bit of newspaper, to make for easy transplanting, right? And did most of you do simple cooking herbs - basil, parsley, oregano?

Okay, I gotta go encourage Mia to use the potty before we have an accident. We are in underwear most of the time here (other than naps and nighttime) and while it's going pretty well, she's back to accidents again the past few days. Trying to stay on top of it, but she's resistant to me reminding and asking all the time if she has to go. Trying to learn her rhythm so I don't get to naggy about it.
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megan: we turned the potty thing into a bit of a competition and some reverse psychology with marek. "oh, i think i have to go to the potty first, and then you go to the potty after, marek..." "no, i have to go first, i have to go first, I HAVE TO GO FIRST!" as he races to the bathroom past us.

birthday: my mom and dad are coming for marek's third birthday. contemplating a small party for him at home with a few friends since he is likely to get overwhelmed with the big crowd that i know... : don't want presents for him, though, and contemplating a book swap for the party instead.

"mama, can you pick up me, can you pick up me, can you pick up me?"

oh wait, distracted by the train tracks...

spaghetti squash with feta, olives, basil (oh crap, do we have the basil?) and a little tomato sauce for dinner. with the homemade italian biga (like a ciabatta) that bill made 2 days ago.

splat baby fell over on the hardwood floor from sitting up...

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Egg cartons, we planted some different types of flowers, and I also tried tomatoes. So far the only things sprouting are the flowers. Also, I didn't line my cups with newspaper, too lazy for that. Its a good project, and a good learning tool, its tough to be patient to wait for the little seeds to sprout.

I can't believe Jett is walking! It seems like just yesterday we learned you were halfway pregnant! So sorry you're in a funk, I'm finally coming out of mine, methinks.

Tooo funny on the Sol and baby animal story.

sarah, so sorry you're so busy while your mom is visiting.

We're going on a road trip to Ohio in three weeks to visit my fam. I haven't seen them since November! So we're gonna drive out, shouldn't be too terrible, mapquest says its an 8 hour trip. We've done 7 hour trips maaaannnny times, so 8 should be doable. we'll get to celebrate my nephew's 5th birthday and my sister's birthday while we're out there, so that should be fun! I've never spent abirthday with my nephew ever, and its been a good 6ish years since I've spent my sister's birthday with her, so that will be nice. Hoping we can make it to the zoo, I think the kids really would have fun with that.

OK, gotta go upload some pix to snapfish to order.

Later mamajamas!
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Originally Posted by mcsarahb View Post
DH making sushi tonight. I'm scared.

You mean he's cutting up raw fish, or he's making nori rolls? The latter is pretty easy and tasty. The former sounds a little scary.

Originally Posted by jstar View Post
why did i think i only had 4 more weeks to go?? some engineer that can't do math eh? WISHFUL thinking. 6 weeks on the 'early side' and 10 on the 'long side'. ok i think i'll hope for SEVEN!!!

Y'know, I read the orig. and wondered why you wanted to have a baby so early. "Oh well, whatever floats her boat," I thought.
Originally Posted by Mama Faery View Post
jstar, haha, DH saw moonwashedrose.com up on the computer last night and he said "what does she write??? 'Dear diary, today I smoked crack'???" I was like

I shouldn't be so amused by this, but I am... She could also say, "Dear diary, I don't color inside the lines when I put on lipstick. What's it to ya????"

Originally Posted by Jacqueline View Post
I've never had pinkeye. And, I've never been the best hand washer : But, the yeast on my breast still HASN'T GONE AWAY!!!!! I'm working on it....

I have bread on the brain, because I read this as "the yeast on my bread hasn't gone away", and I was wondering why you even wanted it to go away...

Originally Posted by mamameg View Post
Jett is walking!!! 11 months. First steps were on the first, and since then, he's taking off everywhere! 5-6 steps at a time! He's really trying to talk, too. Ball. Bath. All Done. Ow. No. Pa. (mama and dada too but those are so run of the mill)
Originally Posted by mamameg View Post

Anyway, I had to come and brag.

Pretty impressive. This inspired me to write a post in my blog about L and *her* big accomplishment (high 5ing). I don't think she'll walk for another couple months at least, and she's so busy making noises (and high 5ing) that I doubt language has occurred to her.
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Originally Posted by KKmama View Post

You mean he's cutting up raw fish, or he's making nori rolls? The latter is pretty easy and tasty. The former sounds a little scary.
Well, both. He made nori rolls with raw fish. He got some sushi-grade ahi tuna from a fish market and made some rolls with it. Also made some with little pre-cooked tiny shrimpies and some veggie ones (cream cheese, avocado, cuke, carrot, spinach, etc.) They were pretty damn good, actually. Although I missed the pickled ginger.
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Hoping to catch up a little later, but wanting to say I'm thinking abot A&L+2.

Oh, and I love coffee.
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Miss Juice, I you!
I coffee too, so if I say I YOU, you must all feel special!

Ah, small town drama. I totally get that. If the playgroup ain't workin' for ya, though, what can you do? It's sort of like me and the raisin mama. Who I still have not made a concrete decision on, because I am a wussy wuss wuss. I haven't seen her for a couple of weeks though...she is taking my hint and sort of cutting down on the playdates, and our playdates are barely an hour now, so it's sort of working...this week they were sick and it is Passover, too, though, so that's why I haven't seen them in a while.

Today is day #4 of gray ICKY weather. It sucks. I am running out of indoor things to drag Rowan to! I don't feel like interacting with other people and refereeing my kid in like, a museum/aquarium/library situation right now...it's been a weird week for me. The egg carton planting thing sounds way cool, but I don't feel like dealing with dirt in the house (I know, I suck!) and it's too cold to be outside, unfortunately. It was SO pretty last week and now, UGH. There are tulips coming up outside though! : That makes me happy.

Oh, so my weird week has to do with something traumatic that happened to me like 8 years ago. I feel like I should just get the hell over it already but well, you can't tell your brain to stop, so you know...
(maybe I'll elaborate over at the YG...) but I think I will be feeling better in another week or so. PMS ain't helping either. :

My nails are getting too long to type. Haha. I should do something about that.

Rowan is also having WEIRD poops. I think he has a touch of a stomach bug or maybe he ate too much matzoh the other night, so I also don't want to take him anywhere if he's sick in any way, both to keep him from getting sicker AND to keep him from not giving anything to another kid. Tis the season, I guess...

Oh, and the Easter spoiling! : DH and I BOTH went out and got Rowan a bunch of stuff! Stickers, and little cars (we found Matchbox low-riders! This made me happy. and a motorcycle), and a cute teeny stuffed bear & bunny that will fit in his dollhouse, more paint and glitter glue...and some candy. : I told DH that he could have a little candy if it was "worth" it...ie., quality, like Lindt and the like. He found a package of THREE little Lindt gold-foil-wrapped bunnies! Perfect for his "first" chocolate bunny! Heehee.
And two more means one for each of us! haha.

We were laughing about how for us, these times of year always turn into *seasons*...mostly because we are so lazy that by the time we get all our stuff together for Ostara (or Yule), it's already Easter (or Christmas) and we're like "oh well!" Haha.

Okay, I am being asked for food. He seems to have NOT seen the toast and cereal RIGHT in front of him.

He calls pinatas "pinatta"! I think that I may get him one for his birthday this year. I am SO strongly not wating a theme, but he loves Blue's Clues SO much...eep! We did plan on a date for his party (which I think will be in our backyard)...the weekend AFTER his birthday. Which is like the first weekend in June, i think. Hah.

Sorry for the disjointed post. : I haven't had enough coffee yet.

Exclamation point quote brought to you by Jade Puget, guitarist for AFI. because I am the biggest. fangirl. EVER.

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Originally Posted by mamameg View Post
women act like they are in high school their whole lives, especially in groups. don't expect it to change, because it doesn't."
Oh my GAWD, can you beLIEVE she SAID that?!? C'mere and sit next to me at the Popular People Table, Mamameg.


I started singing "wusssy wuss wuss! Wussy wuss wuss! Wussy wuss wuss!
Wuuuusssyyyyy wuss wuss!" to the tune of (culture-ignoramus here) that church song that goes "haaallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah! haaaaleeeeluuuujaaaah!" funny.

Sarah, yuuuum on the sushinorirolls! Can I just borrow a little bit of your dh's "nice guy" quality for a while? I'm not sure how to get it down here but I'll figure it out. Could he just channel a bit into Mr. MostSelfishPersonIKnow? I won't bore you all with details, but okay just one: He cannot be bothered to communicate, y'know, like VERBALLY or anything--to ask him "What did youguys do today?" or anything even remotely like that, including, "How Are You?" (said non-derisively, I might add, with great earnest) gets NO reply. Can I throw him out the window yet?*
Yesterday I was successful in not taking it personally but I could see that road just beckoning to me, to get really angry and resentful. Then I said, HEY, I can always communicate my way to the girls online! So instead of frustrating myself trying to make him like I want him, I brushed him off and did my own thing. Success!

*I can see Lisa feverishly gesturing to the wide-open window she's left open for this very purpose for years...
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36 would be a leeetle too early. 37 or 38 i could handle realistically i'll be stoked if it is closer to 40 than 42

TODAY IS GLORIOUS!!!!! 75 degrees : (sorry renae). it will only be like this for 3 days i think and then back to the regularly scheduled spring gloom

i'm totally doing egg cartons this weekend. i have a bunch of flower seeds

i fried a circuit in our house this morning. dh was : helllooooo as if i did it on purpose. we had an electrician out yesterday. i think his bid will be $$$$$$$$$. mmm. fun.

sushi sounds so good. i've been craving it. i'm HUNGRY! and i just finished a bowl of oatmeal. far too healthy
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Hey all....

Yes, I've tried tea tree on the yeast (and not the bread kind!) I've been through so many things, I won't give you the list. Currently, I'm using gentian violet (purple on the nips is so springy--kinda like dyeing Easter eggs!) and taking some potent digestive enzymes designed to eat up the candida in my gut. So, we'll see. Eating Easter candy is probably not helping : ....but that will be over soon enough.

Go Jett Go!!!! I can't even remember when G couldn't walk...time does fly by.

KK-Congrats on L high 5ing! Gabriel is still trying to figure that out.

And, elsanne, the Popular Girl Table? That was never where I sat. I hope we can still be friends

I put together a sweet little Easter basket, if I do say so myself. Bunny, some jelly beans and chocolate, a Thomas video and little Thomas train (since we can't find his other one), a sticker book and a Bunny book by Richard Scarry. I never had a basket this cool. It will be fun watching him take things out.

I just finished cutting up lots of fruit for a potluck dinner at church tonight. Tonight begins nightly church services through Easter Eve and then with Easter on Sunday morn, of course. We won't be seeing dh much. I take G to some of them, but am selective.

We close on Monday (if dh can still sit upright). Then, the following weekend the bishop is coming to do confirmation (a pretty big deal as churchy things go), so that's why we're not actually moving till April 21. Crazy busy time of year for clergy and we picked it to move! Well, it mostly picked us, but it is still mighty busy.

Okay, gotta git. Happy Thursday!
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I looooooove talking about Easter baskets! It's funny, we're totally not Christian here, and I think y'all know my spotty spiritual path growing up, but one thing my mama ALWAYS did, even to the point of packing it up and sending it to my 19 year old self 3000 miles away, was make me Easter baskets.
I had this lame bunny that said "Happy Easter!" when you squeezed its tummy, and I think I got it when I was 21 from my mom. I say lame, but I had it for years.
So, Spring baskets are a BIG deal here. I was nearly in tears when I thought we weren't going to get around to doing it this year (which is why DH insisted HE get the stuff...he's been trying really hard to be more sensitive, actually, speaking of, Els...sorry about your MrSuckyPoopyMan! : I've opened my window for ya, and it's damn cold here so you have to know how special that gesture is! )

Jacqueline, your gentian-violet-nipple comment had me ! I hope it helps though, mama. I tried tea tree when I had my er, yeasty issues a couple months back, and all it managed to do was make it a burny, tingly sort of severe itch. *sigh* Haha. I couldn't find the gentian violet here either, so I had to resort to the damn cream.
Good luck getting through all the churchy stuff! I am still on the fence about whether we will go to church Sunday, I think it depends on how all of us are feeling; if it's nice we may just go to the public Easter Egg hunt near us, and I will make a big yummy breakfast, and we will spend all day together (if we went to church we'd all get pulled in a million directions because they'd invariably "need" me for SOMETHING...can ya tell church is getting us kinda : lately? I feel bad but...) We'll see!
Gosh, good luck moving too! to y'all for dealing with all that!

The popular table? Nah, come hang out with me at the arty-geeky-gothy-punk table! I loved my last two years in high school; I moved to a new town, changed my name, met the friends who, even though they drive me sometimes, are my family, and well, yeah.

I'm TIRED, damn!
I switched to Silk creamer (did I tell you about the PETA thing?? I think I did...sorry, no brain right now) and surprisingly, it's going pretty well. I do miss half & half though. The organic stuff's WAY too expensive so...

Oh kay! Rowan keeps padding into the room in his feetie pajamas, reminding me that he loooooves me (AWW!) and that I need to bring the bubbles to M & L's house today! I also need to pack him a lunch--we have a playdate this morning.

Have a great weekend and happy Easter, mamajamas!

OH! I have "wuuuuussy, wuss wuss! WUSSY, wuss wuss...." stuck in my head now too! Elsanne!
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Aaaw, Renae

Getting my zen on this morning with a little green tea. Maybe it'll make for less chaos? OK, I'm really just trying to smile around my : about the lack of coffee beanage in my home. No pirates to crack today, so a slower start is cool.

Purple is very springy all the crocuses came out a few days ago and it was lovely. Now they are all covered in snow and not so lovely. On the nips, though, I've also heard great things about Grapefruit Seed Extract. Haven't had to use it, so no report on its effectiveness, but another option to google.

We didn't line our egg cartons, but that would have made sense. We also did flowers, herbs, tomatoes. Nothing's come up yet, but I'm not very good at keeping things watered so we'll see what pops up (if anything).

Els, boo to the brooding artist. And if you ever get tired of the popular table, I'll be outside on the grass with my homemade carrotcake

All of a sudden Allison has gone from talking like a toddler to much more clear pronunciation and lots of big words. Her current fave is "because", which she uses multiple times per sentence.

I'm going to have to go tear through my freezer in search of emergency backup coffee now.
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