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Originally Posted by Miss Juice View Post
All of a sudden Allison has gone from talking like a toddler to much more clear pronunciation and lots of big words. Her current fave is "because", which she uses multiple times per sentence.
That's really cute! Katie's fave big word lately is "actually"

Dh and I are going out tomorrow night to buy Easter basket goodies! We have a babysitter and we'll probably go out for dinner, and then go shopping at Target. Wild date night!

Heather, how you doing mama? We all miss you! And Lisa-thinking of your family. Hope you can get a few minutes to update us soon. :

Alrighty, better get moving. I totally agree with everyone who says they need their morning routine in silence. I like to read the paper and hop online for a few minutes and if I get interrupted (usually at least 24 times) I'm all : .

Oh, one last thing, we'll probably just do a small family thing for katie's birthday. That's what we did for Sarah, and it worked out well. If its nice, we might throw some burgers on the grill, or we might just invite everyone over just for cake, which is even easier.
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Hi all-

Sherri, that sounds like a perfect date! I love just window shopping and walking around Target. Although DH would probably hate it. See, Els, he's not perfect - he hates shopping, and has a phobia of fabric stores!

Lily is getting excited about Easter. She's not so sure about this giant rabbit that's supposed to bring her treats, but she likes all the fuss and candy in the meantime. DH's sister sent her a beautiful paper egg with a little bit of fancy candy in it yesterday, so she's already gotten a taste of the good stuff.

Jacqueline, I'm sure you've tried the GSE, right? Right?? Oh, and have a good weekend. Hope your DH survives and has fun.

Can't you just cut the egg cartons apart and plant them right with the seedlings?

OK, more to say, but must go. Off to my 14-hour marathon day. Learning how to suture, deal with shoulder dystocias, labor support, etc. Oh my!

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Wow. Are we the only ones who don't do an Easter basket? : It's funny because I totally know what to do about Christmas as a UU and non-Christian. But I can't quite wrap my head around Easter. For me, "Christmas" is more about the Solstice, renewal, spending time with friends and family, thinking of others, etc. For some reason, I can't quite do my thang with Easter... I guess it's because the non-Christian version (ie, the Easter Bunny) kind of freaks me out, and I haven't quite figured out a path through that. We *do* dye eggs with Grammie (will do that tomorrow--we really love doing that). No, I haven't explained that. I think I need to have a long chat with our DRE this weekend.

Ug. T was having all kinds of freaked out questions about death last night, and he chose to talk to dh, who was handling it pretty badly. (I don't know why, but dh was telling him about burial and cremation, and T's tearful feedback was that he didn't want bugs to eat him and that he didn't want to burn up.) T wound up sleeping with me all night, poor guy. Note to dh: when a child (especially a sensitive one) is asking questions about death, instead of just blinding lauching forth with all kinds of answers which yes, may be correct but are still potentially scary, ask a few questions of your own to find out exactly what he is wanting to know and what is prompting his questions. Just a suggestion. (Dh is in the doghouse about a coupla other things, too, but I won't go into it here and now.)

MCSB, the 14 hr day doesn't sound good. : :

Ooh, I loves me some Target (a little too much). I need to get some random stuff (a pencil sharpener, little boy socks'n'undies), so a trip to Tarzhay is in my future.

Z is a big fan of "actually" too.

Juice, I was thinking about coffee the other day, and how just a year or two ago, there's no way my body could have handled me suckin' down a couple of cups on a regular basis the way I do now. Hmm. Three kids have anything to do with it? I hate green tea. Give me real tea (ie, black tea) or nothing. Renae, I'm Silk Creamer's #1 fan. Hazelnut is my favorite. SC is what has allowed my coffee addiction to progress. Re the PETA thing... interestingly, my step-mother (who is a curious mix of gun-totin' western woman and very soft-hearted bleeding heart type) gets only free-range/organic/kindly raised and/or kindly slaughtered dairy products/eggs/meat because she can't bear the thought of the animals being mistreated on her behalf. (My dad rolls his eyes--grr--but he has to go along with it because she does the shopping.)

Are you *sure* it's yeast? When T was around 1, I totally thought I had a yeastie problem, but my nurse practitioner and dr. in Berkeley (defnitely by far the best health care providers we have ever, ever, EVER had) finally convinced me that it wasn't (in part, she swabbed and cultured and nothing came up). For me, it was a combo of hormones (I was about to get my period back) and a rough latch/too much comfort sucking. I say boo on the GV, yea on the GSE (in part because the latter is way more gentle).

In high school I was... hmm. I guess I was involved in more than one group. I was a brainiac (would have been the valedictorian, but I left a year early), and I was a band/jazz band geek, and I was prez of the speech club and a member of the drama club, and I did sports too (but I was the only "smart girl" on the team, and was generally mildly ostracized). But really now that I think about it, I was in a small town, and the music/art/speech/drama people had a lot of overlap. We sat outside and ate lunch together. Oddly enough, the only two people I am in contact with from those days (dh, and a mama friend IRL) are from that lunch bunch.

I'm curious what you changed your name to/from.

Jacquie, if you guys were smart, you'd have some kind of "action service" that involved the blessing and moving of all your stuff from one place to another.

Re electrical stuff, I have a confession to make (re Z and electricity), but I'll do it on the YG.

Els, if you need help throwing him out the window, I'm volunteering.

Around here, the dirt makes its way into the house whether I want it to or not.

Meg, take a deep breath, and say buh-BYE to those people.

Renae, we got your weather. Gee, thanks. : :
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Dudes. Virally resistant KK sounds like a scary new disease. "Watch out for virally resistant KK. You'll scratch your @$$ off." And isn't Pink Kitty some kind of a drink? (or maybe it's a pornstar name.)
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kk: pink kitty... : virally resistant kk...

els: i will help kk toss mr. sickydaddypants out the window.

renae: maybe i can talk kk into helping me toss raisin mama out the window for you, so then you don't have to be wussy-wuss-wuss.

we went through the "actually" phase a little while ago. now it's "but why?" and after my brief explanation which probably sounds majorly patronizing, another "but why?" oh, and marek now has a philadelphia accent to much of his speech. : bill's latent philadelphian?

jacquie: GSE, GSE, GSE!!! www.drjaygordon.com look up candida/yeast and follow his dilution recommendations. and i agree with kk that your dh/minister should consider an action service to help you with moving! play the pregnant wife card...

squeaky baby... leisurely breakfaster... : egg hunt with friends this morning...

oh, we haven't done easter baskets yet with M. i never had them growing up. not sure if bill did. but we did get a couple of small present things for M, including a cheapy kids digital camera with the current fave Ariel the Mermaid so we don't have to deal with the zillion pictures that M *has* to take with our nice new digi.

yum, jellybeans. and i think i'm going to splurge on the yummy pack of easter truffles from moonstruck chocolates... : not like i need more chocolate... omigosh, i scored a $6 box of mini brownie treats from costco yesterday. 36 of them in the box, made by just desserts. so :

off to shower.

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slacking on personals as per usual :

Just tired and more tired. Started today with what feels like BH occasionally? Too early for that at 11wks or no? Annoying at any rate!

We made some delicious pumpkin muffins this morning. C is quite a whiz with the baking and probably could fly solo if she could read the ingredients. She is a total number nut these days and has most of them down to 100, but gets tripped up on the 19/20 29/30 thing and insists it goes 19, 10-teen, twenty... Puzzles are suddenly a hit as well which is a nice QUIET activity. We're counting down the days til our trip to DC for her birthday where she thinks she will share cupcakes *with* the pandas....not sure how I'm going to orchestrate that birthday wish!

We're off to CT for the weekend after C rides her hippo tomorrow.
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I'm here slacking off at the puter naking a sleeping baby while dh is with Z at his music class...

Heather (I keep forgetting to say woo on just 1 ), I had BH earlier and earliest in each pg. I'm 100% sure that I had them by 11 wks with L, if not before. That's normal. But I'll let the real May Mama birth pros tell you that. (Me? I'm just an amateur. )
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Yes, I'm using GSE in the morning and GV at night. I'm giving the GV a couple more days...I actually think it *might* be helping, but it's kinda hard to tell, cause my boobs are, ya know...purple! Makes it hard to see if the infection part is dissipating. I still have major itchiness (big sign of yeast), so it's not totally gone yet. Thanks for the reminder, KK, about actually having a culture done...and it did pop up for the first time when G was 1 1/2 and my period was about to return. I haven't had it cultured. Though a doc I respect back in Texas did diagnose it as yeast last May and prescribed something that seemed to get rid of it until the last month. My sense is that pg hormones and being out of whack have brought it out again. But, I haven't ruled out getting a culture. If the current treatment doesn't clear it up, that's my next thing. I'll just have to go to a CNM for that visit since my CPM doesn't have the facilities to do that sort of thing.

And, KK, Re: Easter....as far as the non-Christian significance...I think you could go with the whole new life, springtime, birth aspect here, too. Eggs are a big signifier of that. I was raised in a Baptist household and no way did we celebrate the Easter Bunny (or Santa Claus for that matter)...it was all about Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. But, Easter didn't make a lot of sense to me since the church I grew up in focused on the death part so much. So, when we became Episcopalians, I learned about the whole "new life" and renewal side of things and it made so much more sense as a celebration ...and actually made the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs make more sense in an odd way. Also, going through Lent (a dark period of self examination and reflection) makes the Easter part make more sense to me, too. That's not something I grew up with as a Baptist.

So, there's my rambling Good Friday thoughts from your resident Clergy Spouse As always, I respect all of my May Mamas spiritual beliefs and truly enjoy the ways we're all different. Just thought I'd share a bit of where I come from to add to the mix.

Now, we're off to spend a little bit of G's Easter money from Grandma!
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Still here, still naking sleeping baby (love those dh days off, he's going to go pick up T from K)... can't resist replying to Jacquie...

I posted about my own nipple thing in part because I was so convinced it was yeast (not saying that yours definitely isn't yeast, but wanted to share that sometimes, one has the "symptoms" of yeast, and it isn't). I had the pink shiny nipples, the itchiness, the flaky skin, etc. In fact, I have it now, too. And I had it around this time with Z, too. Like I said, I think some of it has to do with hormonal changes in my body as I move toward menstruating again (and I am--my hair and skin are greasy and I'm having a hard time keeping up with them, and I can tell that my body is moving toward the dastardly egg). Some of it I also think has to do with teething (and possibly irritating saliva from the kid and a rough latch). What has been the most helpful for me is rinsing my nipples after nursing (to get rid of the saliva), letting them dry well, and then using Lansinoh. My NP gave me a big lecture about GV : how it can be a big irritant, how she thought it was not safe to use with children. It was also her opinion that it's *really* hard for healthy people who haven't been on antibiotics recently to develop yeast problems. Just food for thought.

I appreciate what you wrote about Easter. Really good stuff to think about there, and it resonates with me.

Okay, baby awake, and must go slay the laundry monster.
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dastardly egg

i was going to say much the same thing about easter signifying the springtime and new births and growth. i've been talking to isaac about that a lot. baby animals are born and we are seeing the new leaves on the trees and new flowers. i really *love* the feeling of new growth this time of year.

my mom didn't do huge elaborate easter baskets but we usually got some little treat in the morning. i am going to take isaac to church sunday even though the easter story is not my personal fave. i can totally get behind the christmas birth thing (a great story for kids i think). i do not really get behind the rising again thing because i don't agree with that part very much even on a metaphorical level. (plus it seems it might be confusing to isaac if he gets it at all.) i really offended my mom in high school when i told her i believed in god but not jesus. which is pretty much how i feel. i believe in 'a' god...but more in the form of the ominpotent 'one' than a persona. and i believe there have been several significant spiritual people that have lived like jesus, siddhartha and mohammed, etc. but i don't elevate them to 'god' status in my mind. so while i have spiritual inclinations (which doug does not really at all) and they are kind of a moosh of many religions i do think christianity is my 'cultural' religion. it is most accessible to me living here and i would like isaac to be exposed to it. i was...growing up. i was also exposed to 'everyday islam and buddhism' living in islamabad with my friends and how they lived and their rituals. and i really enjoyed that too. but i don't feel like i could 'be' a buddhist properly because it isn't what i have been raised in. (not that it couldn't work for other people). i think i would just feel like i was not quite getting it right. so i still consider myself a christian although i don't participate in anything. we've been to ONE baptism and isaac still talks about 'going to church.' so i think we should

whew. i got a little philisophical there.

the circuit that blew yesterday has all the plugs in our kitchen on it. so i couldn't make coffee this morning and begged doug to bring me a teeny tiny stumptown cuppa. he doesn't like the fact that i'm drinking coffee with this pg but he did anyway. he goes 'what is this kid going to be like??? you didn't even drink coffee with isaac and look how hyper he is!!!!' maybe that was the whole problem i really drink very little (usually not even a full cup) but stumptown coffee is like crack. and then i made isaac a waffle by taking the toaster oven into the living room. it looks like we are getting a whole new electrical panel to the tune of $2000. joy! i got up at 4am this morning because i was having a financial crisis in my head. i still don't know what i was thinking getting pregnant.

poor isaac has a new cold today but they are having an easter party this afternoon. so he was pretty excited. he asked me ten times 'is this easter day????'

he is HEAVILY into WHY? right now. repeat ad nauseum. also heavily into death and dying. he lies down and puts quarters over his eyes and goes 'i died. mom, i died. i died.' i'm like 'quit saying that!' we've been reading the prince and the pauper (the prince and pop!) and he gets hung up on the king dying. and then he had a brief phase of 'i kill you!!!' which i did not love. but luckily he dropped it pretty quickly. his understanding is definitely not that of T's...which seems like he just reached the age where he really understands it

did i tell you we are going to go to salem for an egg hunt at an animal rescue farm? i probably am repeating myself. i'm so excited! they have 150 animals. and the eggs have treats inside to feed to the animals. i think this goes perfectly with the 'animal/spring' theme.
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So many things to respond to, but oddly it is the revelation that Jacqueline was raised Baptist too that finally pushed me to post! You describe very well how I feel about realizing late the “new life” aspect of Easter. I remember well the day that the children’s pastor told us at church that Santa and the Easter Bunny were Satan trying to lure us away from the real meaning of the season and then later revealed that my parents were Santa and the Easter Bunny. In my head at 8 years old the church told me that my parents were Satan. It was a bit unsettling to say the least. Easter is now one of my favorite things to celebrate and I semi-practice Lent too. Episcopalian - hmmm, you are the second person in recent weeks that has made me question my assumptions about Episcopalians. Must think on this.

Annabel is doing okay. We had a great week at home and I am at work now. Basically she coughs a bit and is all screwed up with her digestion because she has been on the evil Amoxicillin but otherwise seems fine. Here’s my thinking on Annabel – I just gotta learn to trust that this baby knows what she is doing. She is a frightfully "good" baby. Frankly, it worries me. She gets tired and fusses every night at 8:30-9:00p, we swaddle her and put her in her bassinette, and she sleeps until 5:30-6:00a. Literally sleeping through the night, EVERY night, like clockwork, since BIRTH. She is a great nurser; content, gaining weight, asking to nurse every couple of hours that she is awake and then extra in the early evening. I don’t know what is worrying me really (besides the to-be-expected “my baby just coughed up blood” anxiety), but she seems a little too content in my opinion. I am trying to work on my faith that she knows what she is doing and learn to sit back and watch and maybe pick up a thing or two from her laid back little self.

So, how does one repair the digestive tract of a 9-week old? Her poops smell yucky, she is farting, spitting up, getting a nasty diaper rash, etc. I would normally think probiotics, but does anyone know how you deal with an infant in this situation? It sucks and makes me so sad.

I am so looking forward to the weekend and some time to enjoy my family and reflect on new life. It is important to me this year.

Yes, Elsanne, the windows here are all open and I am flexing my muscles.

I’ve got my eye on the raisin mama too, Renae, so let me know if she needs to get flung out the window with Els’ man.

It bugs me Megan that we live relatively close together, but not close enough that we can actually see each other. I am sorry you are struggling to connect with nearby moms.

Heather, enjoy your weekend (and your baking little girl – that is so cute!)

KK, I don’t know about Pink Kitty, but around here the Pink Poodle is the sex shop on the corner. It is painted a bright purple pink – just like you!

Jess - that is the cutest egg hunt idea I have ever heard of - Have fun and feed a goat for me.

I am thinking about asking for this for my birthday: http://www.xtracycle.com/electra-townie-p-86.html We can’t afford it really, but my dream is to bike to work (it’s 5 miles one way) and I will need to research if I can get this on the front of a bus (as a Transit Supervisor this is critical) so that I could do a bike/bus combo trip to/from home. If you aren’t already a biker does this seem like an impulsive thing to want to buy? What do you all think?
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Wow. I can't wrap my head around Lisa being raised a Baptist. I guess 'cause I see you as the anti-baptist now (not like Jacquie is the poster child for Baptists either, though). Easter Bunny/Santa = Satan ergo parent = Satan. Whoa. *That* is just wrong.

Lisa, L slept all night every night, too. Till she was about 3-4 mos., then she started nursing at night some. It freaked me out, too. Just get some sleep now and enjoy it, 'kay? Look for some Bifidus--that's what babies have in their gut. You can get it powdered. Wet your finger just a tiny bit, put a tiny bit on your finger, and let her suck it off your finger. And Alison should take it, too. And *dude*--I've been eyeing the Xtracycle, too.

I can see that I'm not going to get a darned thing done today. (Except dh straightened me out about T and the death talk, and we're going to talk to him again, together, during this afternoon's nap.)
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lisa you shouldn't even tell me that babies like annabel exist! i might think this baby thing won't be so hard. that is so WONDERFUL for your family though. probably very little disruption going on. i'm already getting worried about how the nighttime commotion is going to affect isaac's sleep. he's been sleeping like a charm lately but all our bedrooms are right next to each other and i fear it is going to be loud.
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Lisa, hugs on the abx distress. My Allison was on abx from 3 days after birth until she was 6 months (and then she had surgery so we didn't have to do bx anymore). Have your Alison eating probiotics regularly, and you can also get some for Annabel at a health food store. I think the one we had was called "baby bifidactlyl" or something like that. It's a powder, you can mix it with breastmilk and either put it on your finger and into her mouth, or in a dropper. But that might not all be necessary - once she's off the abx it shouldn't take long for her gut to stabilize on its own just by nursing.

So glad everyone's recovering.
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I see my undercaffeinated fingers are too slow for KK and jstar!
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Originally Posted by A&L+1 View Post

Yes, Elsanne, the windows here are all open and I am flexing my muscles.

I’ve got my eye on the raisin mama too, Renae, so let me know if she needs to get flung out the window with Els’ man.
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Originally Posted by A&L+1 View Post
Episcopalian - hmmm, you are the second person in recent weeks that has made me question my assumptions about Episcopalians. Must think on this.
Yeah, dh and I were pretty excited when we found a church that actually thought it was a good thing to use your BRAIN! It ain't perfect, but it's home for now.

I'm so glad Annabel is doing better. I third the bifidus rec. We did that with G after a course of abx and it did help alot.

KK-I'm glad you shared your "not actually yeast" story. It was quite helpful. What did your NP ultimately have you do? Just the washing after nursing and Lansinoh? I have had intestinal yeast issues in the past and was on an abx last spring as well as over the summer, so it's possible for my body to still be working it out. But, your comments will help me as I go to the next phase.

We're doing an Easter egg hunt tomorrow morning at a local park. And dyeing them after G wakes up from his nap.

Did anyone read the article in this month's issue of Mothering about the woman who lost her baby during labor (Mothering Charlotte or something like that)? I read it just now as G was going to sleep and it was hard to do. I didn't bawl as much as I thought I would...but the thought of delivering a term baby that has no heart beat just sounds horrendous (though this mom has a wonderful perspective). I have more fears about this kind of thing with this pg just because G's pg and labor/birth went so smoothly. Is that normal for the 2nd (or 3rd) time? I keep thinking about worst case scenarios...but then again, I do that more now as a mom in general. I don't know why. Why do we worry ourselves so much? It's exhausting and not very productive. I'll work it all out before the birth, it's just bothering me that it's even on my mind at all.

DH is home for a while! So, I must spend some time with him.
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I was totally stressed during my second p[regnancy. That something would go wrong, that the labor would be hard etc etc etc.

lisa, Mmmm, what in particular attracts you about that bike. It does seem impulsive, but 5 miles is very manageable by bike. In fact I have been thinking of getting my bike ready to ride again. Of course how to get two kids around I don't really know. N could do a tandem but I hate carrying a kid on the front.

Oh, bath is over
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long day out. good. fun. will write more about it later or tomorrow.

lisa: i sixth or seventh or whatever the powdered probiotics with bifidus. jarro-dophilus or udo's choice are good high quality ones in the refrigerated section of the health food store and they both make powdered ones for infants.

jacquie: yes, i worried about the second pregnancy, too. especially about the possibility of a cesarean when two of my close friends had c's after planned homebirths about a week apart at the end of june. it's okay to worry a little, but then repeat your mantra of what you envision for your birth when you are done worrying.

heath: braxton hicks at 11 weeks sounds about when i started them with S. sounds pretty normal to me. glad it's just one, too.

must go read stories.

'night mamas.

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Hey Renae, AFI is going to be on SNL tonight. Not sure if you knew that, but being the groupie you are, you probably already did. Maybe its a rerun, but again, the groupie you are won't really care.
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