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~*~*~ *November 2006 Mamas ~*~*~ Welcome to April ~*~*~*

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~*~*~ *November 2006 Mamas ~*~*~ Welcome to April ~*~*~*


Welcome to April!

Our babies are going to be FIVE months old! Nearly 1/2 a year old! Can you believe it? I can't! Time is passing so quickly. My DD is over 14 lbs. and rolling, swiveling, drooling, and singing! She makes great eye contact and has "conversations". Not only does she put her hands in her mouth, she puts her feet in, too!

How about you, mamas? How are your little ones? And, equally of importance -how are YOU doing?

I'll add your baby to the list when you post a thread.

We're a friendly, chatty bunch here and all are welcome! It's been great to talk about the different stages our babes have been going through - you can almost always find someone who has experienced/is experiencing what you are! The mamas here have been great for support, friendship, and advice!

Here we go into April!

Sydney 7-27 (home from hospital 11-16)
Gabrielle 10/23
Aaron 11/1
Benton 11/1
Georgia 11/2
Noah 11/2
Avishai 11/3
Devin 11/3
Hana Rae 11/3
Ilana 11/3
Porter 11/3
Abbi True 11/4
Awen 11/4
Chloe 11/4
Alex 11/5
Atticus 11/5
Ben 11/5
Lilienne 11/5
Clayton 11/6
Eden 11/6
Ian 11/6
Florian 11/7
Lillie 11/7
Peter 11/7
Ruck Turner 11/7
Eli 11/9
Guillaume 11/9
Magnus 11/9
Ruby 11/9
Erik 11/10
Evangeline Lily Marie 11/10
Siann 11/11
Alex 11/12
Colin 11/12
Ethan 11/12
Ingrid 11/12
Vivian 11/12
Elijah 11/13
Jaxon 11/13
Nyx 11/13
Emerson 11/14
Zeben 11/14
Dov 11/15
Elijah 11/15
Mikaela 11/15
Miriam 11/15
Aiden 11/16
Lea 11/16
Simi 11/16
Isabella 11/17
Landis 11/17
Morgan 11/17
Nate 11/17
Talia 11/17
Jericho 11/18
Joseph 11/18
Ryan 11/18
Seraphina Judith 11/18
Carl 11/19
Landon 11/19
Liam 11/19
Ruby Isabella 11/19
Theron 11/19
Trenton 11/19
Fiona 11/20
Kira 11/20
Libby 11/20
TJ 11/21
Darwin 11/22
Benjamin Louis 11/23
Yarrow 11/23
Carter 11/24
Lily 11/24
Marissa 11/24
Quincy 11/25
Asheby 11/25
Dorothy 11/25
Yasmeen 11/26
Omiros 11/26
Adam 11/27
Dominic 11/27
Indigo 11/27
Mara 11/27
Mackenzie 11/27
Nicholas 11/27
Abhainn 11/28
Joaquin 11/28
Khéna 11/28
Leroy 11/28
Macy 11/28
Owen 11/28
Scott 11/28
Yossi 11/28
Aubrey 11/29
Layla 11/29
Alex 11/30
Eleanor 11/30
Logan 11/30
Mila 11/30
Sophia 11/30

Running Total: 100 Babies!
Missing Date: November 8......c'mon you're out there somewhere:
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TwoGreenCars, I might have missed a post from you, but did you ever resolve all the breastfeeding issues? It sounds like she's been gaining weight, so that's good.
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Originally Posted by Dov'sMom View Post
TwoGreenCars, I might have missed a post from you, but did you ever resolve all the breastfeeding issues? It sounds like she's been gaining weight, so that's good.
Geez...in a word...NO! She's crying now...so more later!
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I'm a November mommy too!

Yey - my first post!
My DD is an 11/11 baby! Her name is Siann and she is just such a lovely little girl! She was 20inches, 6.9 pounds when she was born and is now 24 inches and 13pounds - all on my milk which makes me proud.
She is very smiley and chatty, laughs hysterically when her daddy plays aeroplane or the toes-to-nose game with her. She is getting so strong, just loves to stand (with help of course) and enjoys it when I dance around with her.
Our nights are very peaceful. Siann will go back to sleep after nursing but I am still waking to feed her every 2 or so hours. Needless to say I am exhausted, in fact, more now than at the beginning. Are any other Bf'ing mommies out there still nursing so often?
I think those teeth are on the way cos she is droooooling like crazy and somes days nurses continuously. Oh and she is a little grumpier than usual - did I mention that?

BTW, my name is Jacqui and I have been lurking for over a year now - since I first found out I was pregnant. I am soo grateful that I found this board - I have learnt so much from you all- thank-you!

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Hi there November mama's!! My little Elijah was born on Nov. 13th. He has an older sister, Isabel, who is 3. Look forward to hearing from you.
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Adam is teething : We've had success with Hyland's tablets and I'm going to buy their gel soon. I hate medicating him but sometimes the pain just really gets to us all. My mom bought some Oragel and after reading the ingredients I threw it out! He's been sucking his thumb too which is really cute, especially since he still won't take a pacifier. I'm beginning to think he never will. I can't believe there's 3 other babies who share his birthday, how exciting!
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It is so nice to see some "new" mamas join in! Welcome!!

Tomorrow is a big day for us. Little Yas has her 4 month WBV (a week late!). This was the time that her big sis registered a weight loss and eventually led to the demise of our breastfeeding relationship at 9 months (long story, but I tried sooo hard and so many things). So while my petite girl has nice chubby thighs and squishy cheeks, it is a big day for me. Wish us luck!

On other fronts, Yas is laughing. Her dad thinks she's a serious one, and she certainly is a major chiller, but I also see her smiley side. She just LOVES it when I'm reading Todd Parr books to her and her big sis and giggles lots when I have a chance to give her a massage. Something about stretching her arms over her head and the tone of my voice just makes her giggle and then both of us are laughing. I also soak up those rare moments when I can just be with her alone when she's nursing. A sweet babe snuggled in your arms, sleeping, nursing or gazing back up at you is the sweetest, most tender thing in life, isn't it?

Big sis is also doing pretty well, but I've been sick and she's regressed a bit on the potty. It seems no matter how much time and cuddles I give her, it is still difficult to share mommy at times. I have also been struggling a bit to be fully present this past week - due to being sick and being a bit low that some of my closest mom friends have moved away and other friends, which makes me feel a tad lonely and distracted. Nonetheless, big sis is loving and sweet, always looking out for Yas, holding her, bringing her toys and making sure mommy tends to any spit up or such right away!
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Good luck, citymama! My DD has frequently lost/not gained weight - so keep on BF'ing if that's what you want to do! Weight gain is ONLY ONE indicator of a healthy baby!
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My little Mila is the last babe on this list so she just turned four months old. She doesn't look like an itty bitty anymore!
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Welcome Jacqui and Siann! Is that pronounced "Shawn"? I love all of the November baby names...it's kind of amazing that there are no repeats on that huge list.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Citymama.
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So I'm starting the sleep logs that Pantley recommends in The No Cry Sleep Solution. I'm also trying to extend Simi's nap time b/c she's just not getting enough day time sleep and ends up being exhausted by 5:30. Her pediatrician said to have at least one hour of "quiet time" when she should be napping, even if she wakes up after 20 minutes. The idea being that she'll eventually get used to it and eventually extend her naps. I'm sceptical, but willing to try.

No other big news. Still no rolls, with the exception of going from back to tummy a few times accidentally. She just seems to not care about rolling. Now sitting and standing, she cannot get enough of that! Lots of laughs, too, although it's not always consistent. Our pediatrician said, "Well, maybe you're just not that funny."

Sleep issues aside, things are great. I can't believe we are approaching the 5 month mark!
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I love all of the Nov '06 names as well! From the list I have a Noah born in '99, an Edan (but not Eden!) born in '94, a Liam born '06 and my fathers name is Joaquin!
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Originally Posted by twogreencars View Post
Geez...in a word...NO! She's crying now...so more later!
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
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Welcome, more Nov 06 mamas! So many babies! Thanks, twogreencars for such a great thread starter every month. I love looking at the list.

Are any of you who are on your second baby suprised by how different they are from your first? I sure am. Carl is different from his sister in just about every way possible. Like...

1. he's rolling and only likes to sit up (no bouncy seat or baby bucket time for him!)
2. he only sleeps if its quiet and calm and the stars are aligned correctly
3. he only poops every third day- what's up with that?
4. he's a terrible co-sleeper and on that note....

I just moved him to a crib and even though I have to get up a lot at night to help him with his paci or resettle him, I am actually getting more sleep than I was with him kicking and snoring and snarfing (and farting!) next to me. I don't think he liked all the movement we made with covers and not being able to have a 'nest.' What a wierdo. My mother (from the crib age, of course) loves that he now has his own space to sleep. Whatever. At this point I'll do whatever it takes to get a few hours of sleep.

earthgirl; does Simi like mobiles or a stuffed animal to chew on? When Carl can't settle at about 6 am, I wake him by changing his diaper and then let him talk to his mobile and a stuffed toy he likes. After awhile, he falls asleep again. It's not like he can just fall asleep on his own any ole time, but when he's relaxed he likes laying in his crib talking to himself. I wonder if Simi would do well with some routine sleep triggers; like always napping in the same place with the same 'stuff.' We also use the same blanket for sleeping and as a breast milk rag- gives it that nice mommy smell.

citymama- good luck!
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Isabella has discovered high C, and I'm glad there's no crystal in the house . She's also sounding like a leaky balloon, somewhere between an A and an E. Still waking up every 2 hours <sigh> and no longer going to reliably going to sleep in the sling. But she is happy and cheerful, despite some teething issues.
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Originally Posted by esylvia View Post
Welcome Jacqui and Siann! Is that pronounced "Shawn"? I love all of the November baby names...it's kind of amazing that there are no repeats on that huge list.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Citymama.
Thanks for the welcome.
We pronounce it 'See-Ann.' I only heard the 'Shawn' pronounciation after we named her!
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We're still plugging away here too. Mara just turned 4 months at the end of March and I'm reminded how this infant thing just keeps getting better! She is a riot, laughing and talking a lot. She also loves being in an upright position and gets frustrated quickly when reclined in her bouncy seat. She loves her exersaucer! Rolling occasionally although not as a means on transportation yet!

Sleep is not as great as it was, I think teething is starting, but for the most part I'm well-rested since I'm not getting out of bed to feed her at night. She's also starting to watch us eat a lot, it's really cute. With DS I started solids around 4-5 months, I'm gonna let Mara lead on this one though and not start till she is self feeding. She still seems way too young.

We are loving getting out and about more with nicer weather. Happy Spring!
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I'm new to the site--my DD Eleanor just turned 4 mos., born 11/30. :

She is a big, beautiful girl, about 16 lbs. I am a first-time mom and new SAHM, too. I feel so fortunate to be w/her, and fortunate to have sites like this.

I look forward to reading more posts and joining in.
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Welcome Mama2Bean! My daughter was born 11/30 as well, 11:31pm. What time of day was your baby born?
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Haven't had much time to post. Just had to give an update on Clayton.

He got his first tooth yesterday! Luckily he hasn't been very cranky about it. Clayton is handling it much better than his older sister did.
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