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*aug '05 Mamas ~ It's April!*

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Happy April!

Positive Birthing Vibes, Nonny~!!!


opening into springtime...sunshine...flowers...rain...green grass...daffodils and tulips...and the park!!!

link to last month's thread
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i guess my april fools joke from mdc is that the title of april's thread didn't come through in all caps, as i had it on my end. so now it's all dorky, all month (kinda like me!)

Originally Posted by new mama
So if you could send some good thoughts this way, I'd appreciate it.
may everything flow smoothly and perfectly, with harm to none, goodwill to all
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Hi everyone! I've been following along, hoping to be more active in the thread this month.

How you feeling, Nonny?
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Subbing! to everyone
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I couldn't figure out why you were posting a new thread already. And then it hit - today IS april. Hmmph. Where did March go?

The babies are finally feeling better - they were hit by the most awful stomach bug that lasted a good week - and they lost a lot of weight.

Anyway, just quickly dropped in, I'm back t getting ready for Passover.
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Subbing...can't wait for news from Nonny!!!

Thanks for starting the thread, Jeremy!!
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Hi everyone. It seems like ages since I've posted and I guess it really has been -- well, at least four weeks, since I now have been back at work for that amount of time. I'm always lurking, though, and trying to keep up with all of you.

The transition has been relatively smooth. I'm just working three days a week (normally Wed-Fri) and Tova is going to a sitter who was recommended to us in our neighbourhood. She's got a couple of other little ones there, plus she takes some school-aged kids at lunch and after school. That's good, because it means Griffin can go there on the days I work. Tova is so thrilled to see him when he walks through the door! And that thrills him. We had eased her into the setting -- she started going here and there before Christmas -- so it hasn't been too tough. She still gets a bit upset when I leave, but it's getting better, and she settles right in quickly. Eats well, has a nap in the afternoon, is playing happily when DH picks her up. I'm working 10-6 and he works 8-4, so it doesn't make for as long a day at the sitter's as some kids have.

I'm enjoying being back at work, too, for the most part. I've moved from arts and entertainment writing back to news reporting, which I did for quite a few years before Griff was born, so it feels like a fresh start. Everyone has been lovely to me and so far I'm managing to stay healthy. However, I do find it exhausting -- thank goodness it's only three days a week. I find getting home at 6:45 really stressful, but I'm so glad I'm still nursing Tova because it's a lovely way for us to reconnect and have some quiet time together. Then the race starts to get the kids off to bed and I don't generally get dinner until after that. Then I find I get the kids' stuff ready for the next day and collapse into bed! What can I say, I'm a wimp ...

Tova is at a lovely stage, I'm finding. She is still very clingy, but it's improved enough to make a difference, and she is so funny. She is trying to say more words, although quite a few of them sound alike. It's fun to communicate with her, though, since it's obvious she understands pretty much everything we say. She loves to walk, everywhere. So as long as I'm not in a hurry, I let her. I wear the Ergo and when she's tired she gets on my back, but she's got a lot of stamina. She's started to take an interest in dolls and stuffed animals now and it's really cute to watch her pretend with them. She can be very goofy, which I love.

Hope everyone else is doing well and here's hoping spring is well on its way. It's been pretty nice here the past couple of weeks. I'm always thinking of you guys, even when I'm not posting. Tivka, glad to hear the twins are doing better. Thanks to those who sent me birthday wishes last week (39 is fine), Nonny, I'm pulling for you and can't wait to hear about your new babe. Kristin, we are thinking of you and hope to hear something from you soon. To all the moving mamas, hope you are getting settled. Emily, you are obviously doing great with your two little ones.

To the mama who asked about child spacing (sorry, can't remember who it was) -- we've got 7 1/2 years between our two, so my experience is probably not a big help. However, even though we didn't really plan it this way -- we actually started trying when DS was five -- it has worked out beautifully for us. I personally could not have coped with two little ones, but every situation has its pros and cons.

All the best, Mamas, and Happy Easter in advance.
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Hey everyone!!
April is great- spring is coming.
Someone told me that it is going to snow at the end of the week here!:
I am choosing not to believe them
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Happy Birthing Vibes Nonny! Can't wait to hear from you to find out about your birth and your little guy. Congrats!

Hip, Hip Hooray for spring! The snow is FINALLY melting. It's been in the 40's here. We had the 4th coldest March in all of recorded AK history. I've decided to start walking everyday AND continue Jazzercise. Summers coming and I've got to turn the notch up to get ready for shorts. I'm excited to get C out to the playgrounds this summer. Last year He just wasn't able to do much because He wasn't walking. WooHoo Summer!
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Ack, I'm going crazy ladies. I thought that my above post didn't stick so I typed another one, but alas there it is.
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I'm new to the boards but both kiddos are Aug babes.

April came in with sun then snow,, it tried really hard to snow yesterday and today it is cold but bright sunny blue sky.
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Mamazon - both my girls are August babies too. One lovely Virgo, one fiery Leo.

Nonny, what's the word????????? Can't wait until you're doing this and this :, since you'll be having one of these

and then we'll all be !
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glad you found us!

skana, great to hear that the transition is going smoothly
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A memorable April Fool's baby indeed!!

after getting to the hospital at 10am....

Justin Nathaniel born perfectly healthy @ 6:25pm at just 6 lbs. 1 1/2 oz

details and pics later mamas! nak here...
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I am so happy for you and your family. Yahoo. Enjoy.:
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Originally Posted by wsgrl84 View Post
A memorable April Fool's baby indeed!!

after getting to the hospital at 10am....

Justin Nathaniel born perfectly healthy @ 6:25pm at just 6 lbs. 1 1/2 oz

details and pics later mamas! nak here...
Yay Nonny!!!!
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Originally Posted by wsgrl84 View Post
A memorable April Fool's baby indeed!!

after getting to the hospital at 10am....

Justin Nathaniel born perfectly healthy @ 6:25pm at just 6 lbs. 1 1/2 oz

details and pics later mamas! nak here...
WOW Mama Nonny!!! That was fast!

Congratulations to you and to your family and : to baby Justin!!!

I hope you're all doing well and that you have a nice long restful babymoon!

--Love from Adrienne and Owen
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Yay Nonny! Congratulations! I can't wait to hear the details.
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Congrats Nonny and family!
Have a lovely babymoon and catch us up on the details when you can!
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