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April Unschoolers support

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OK mamas. I'm giving this a try! Let's hope it's all suport! :

This weekend we've been playing outside all day long! I'm in Michigan and this week it's been very nice. I love it when the children choose to spend the entire day outside ~ I love seeing them free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We brought a first toad inside today for just a few minutes. We've got a little plastic toad house & the kids studied him & discussed him. I love it that my 2 year old can participate with all the children, rather than having them gone all day. Anyway, he's back outside amongst the grasses & mud where he belongs.
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Don't you just love it when it gets warmer out and outside play is more comfortable! I love how it smells outside. Magical I tell ya...

Yay for toads. :

My kids are upstairs yet. I think Dd is up hiding from our little overnight guests (I'm babysitting lol) and Ds is asleep. My living room is covered in paper, scissors, and various art supplies. Cartoons are playing and I am consuming more coffee.
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My living room is covered in paper, scissors, and various art supplies. Cartoons are playing and I am consuming more coffee.
Sounds just perfect!!! And more coffee is always a good thing.
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Gonna say hi and try to keep up.

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It's gorgeous weather here too. We went out twice today, just to walk around and do some little errands. We like to feed the pigeons

And my 8yr old dd has been pulling pranks on us all day long! LOL She loves April Fool's Day.
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I just received a report (from dh, sadly I am at work and away from my kiddos) that the ds & dd enjoyed the mud from our April Shower -- they were completely naked and stomping in the mud (thank goodness they are young and still get away with it, I can't).

hmmm, maybe I'll leave the library and go splash in the plaza for a bit

We did get to do an egg hunt (or 3) before I went to work this am and I did get pranked quite a bit!
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We spent the first day of April swimming at my parents and watching our new carpet being installed.

Right now, they are building a space station behind the couch with some empty boxes. They are pretending that the gravity is stronger so its really hard to walk. I wish the video camera worked!
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We spent the day at our friends' house for our monthly Messy Hands get together. Five families, all with kiddos around the same age, get together once a month at one family's house and do whatever needs doing. A couple parents watch all the kids, or the kids participate, depending on what's going on.

Today was a gardening day, so we built four raised beds and moved a lot of dirt around. DD got to help a lot this time and had a ton of fun shoveling dirt with the blade of a broken shovel and pushing around the kid-sized wheelbarrow. We found some worms and bugs and held them in our hands to watch them wiggle, talked about beneficial bugs and not-so-helpful garden pests, and then relocated the offenders and tucked the earthworms back in the garden beds.
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We've had a nice day with a late start due to ds wanting to get up for a couple hours in the middle of the night. Fortunately, I tend to have insomnia and was ready to get up for a while myself.

I've been reupholstering a chair with intermitten help from ds. He has been playing computer games, alternatingly with me and dh. He has been enjoying having me work on my project in the same room as the computer because he likes having everyone all together. Right now, he is watching Star Trek with dh while wearing roller skates.
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I'd get excited about the weather, it is supposed to be 90 this week, but my kid is still in Mistress of the Dark mode up all night and sleeping all day
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Originally Posted by Arduinna View Post
I'd get excited about the weather, it is supposed to be 90 this week, but my kid is still in Mistress of the Dark mode up all night and sleeping all day
Good gravy 90 degrees! I forget where you are. Florida or out of the US?

My Ds does the sleeping all day thing right now. Well, not all day I guess. He was up by 1pm today. LOL
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This thread is a great idea
Yesterday, we had a crazy hail storm!! I documented some of it at my blog: hannahbearski.blogspot.com. Today we followed up with reports of street flooding, car damage, and parts of town completely unaffected by our "blizzard." Crazy!

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We just got back from staying at my parents' vineyard farm. See my blog for photos, if you're interested. We liked it so much that we've decided to spend three months this summer working there. It is going to be so much fun! We've also been gardening and getting set up to raise chickens. At this very moment, my 8yo has every spice in the house out and is concocting...something... She made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies all by herself for the first time yesterday. I think she's trying to relive the thrill.
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We've had a crazy-busy couple of weeks... our trip to California, where we stayed with our awesome-awesome unschooling bestest friends and stayed in a cottage at the beach and toured a chocolate factory (GOOD chocolate, too, and lots of free samples) and I got to thrift at cool thrift stores and mostly we just talked a lot... they are such great people.

We got home after midnight, so about 16 hours later my brother arrived for a visit - I hadn't seen him in almost 3 years. So, we hung and talked and walked the dog by the river and went gambling, and he and Rain went to the Natural History Museum together, and it was good... although he does not quite get our way of life, and he repeatedly noted that we had found a very "hippie" town to live in, even here in Kansas... which is true. And oh, he considers unschooling Rain to be "an experiment" and he is waiting until she's 18 to see the results... whatever. I tried to explain to him that we weren't really focused on that, whatever it means, and that the now was important, and the now is very good... but I don't think it worked.

So, yesterday he left and today I worked and tried to write a paper and got some stuff ready for the boys I tutor tomorrow, and Rain's friend came over and they watched a movie and then walked the dog in the woods near our house (and she got all muddy - the dog, not the girl) and then I went to study with a friend and they went to Rain's friend's dad's house for dinner, and then she came back and went to sleep... because neither of us has gotten much sleep lately.

Oh, the the weather here is gorgeous! In the seventies, green and warm and wonderful, and everything is growing! Rain planted some wildflowers and I planted some herbs, and we have a volunteer tulip that just came up and bloomed, even though the landlord said no one had planted tulips here for years...

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Im so glad someone started this here thread. I need some unschooling support. I dont want to be a school at homer- I do not want to be a school at homer! My newest mantra. Its been hard deschooling myself tho. Its hard to just let go and trust that they will learn. I have twin girls at 7 (almost 8) and a son at 6.

My ds played football (or soccer) yesterday with church. I was surprised he enjoyed it so much. He was the youngest lad to go with a church group to a massive football pitch. My girls have been enjoying the sunshine, riding their bikes. We had finished the Little house series together just in time for the sunshine and they arent really interested in reading anything anymore, just little bits here and there. We planted some seeds and tried to sort out my mess of a compost heap. It stinks so no one will go near it but me: . Dh has been off work for a few days now just dossing about, enjoying his freetime with us. Its been a rather relaxing week actually. Usually it can get a bit stressful. Well it had been for a few weeks there. I think we're back into the groove tho. And hey, its been almost one year to the day that we took the kids out of school! Yay!!

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The weather is looking up here as well. The crocus are up and the daffodils and tulips and poking through the ground. We had some really great days last week and spent a lot of time outdoors--walking the dog, hiking, cleaning up the garden beds, setting up the composter (or "dirt maker" as my 7 y/o calls it) climbing trees, and generally just playing outside here and at the park.

My 16 y/o is thinking about becoming a carpenter and so we've been looking into apprenticeship programs for him. He's got to be 18 though to enter, which seems silly to me but I'm also kind of glad, for selfish reasons--I really enjoy having him around. He was showing me some stuff on YouTube this weekend--a young comedian that he and his friends thought was funny. I showed him one of MY fav comedians and we had a good time laughing together. I never hung out with my parents when I was 16--I love that he and I can do this. Other than that, he's busy with friends, archery, reading, WOW, and building things. We and several other family members have home improvement projects in the plans that he'll be working on.

My 12 y/o is still writing her book. She also just decided to re-read HP before the next book comes out. She LOVES going to HP websites and discussing what's going to happen next, as well as disecting past books and looking for discrepancies or clues. She'll be in a skating show in May that she's looking forward to. And she cooks. All. The. Time.

7 y/o has been playing with Legos, spending tons of time outside, he's taken up drumming (we got him one for his birthday) and he's excited about some projects we're planning, like making a bird bath and a squirrel feeder. And he's already on the look out for the ice cream man.
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Originally Posted by 4evermom View Post
He has been enjoying having me work on my project in the same room as the computer because he likes having everyone all together.
My dd, 8, is like this. We have one big great room with TV/gaming/lounging area, computer area with two desks pushed together so we can all three sit together, a dining area, and a little couch by the bookcases and stereo for reading and listening to music. I really like this set-up cuz we can all do our own thing but be together at the same time. We're moving soon and I'm sad to say, it's hard to find apartments like this with one big room I'll miss it!

Here: another great sunny day. Another walk in the air, feeding pigeons, buying veggies and fruit at the market, bumping into friends on the street, and DD got to go to the toy store and spend her monthly stipend. Also, we got our JList order in the mail today!!!! Happiness! I ordered some cards, kanji paper and a wipe-off kana practice board for us both and a DVD of Pokemon songs in Japanese with the kana at the bottom for us to learn Fun!

Also, DD spent some time this morning looking through a cookbook and picked out four new veggies to try. We bought them at the market and plan to make them for dinner (potatoes, broccoli, carrots and mushrooms, in case you're interested) along with a baked chicken.

Right now, we're listening to the Pokemon songs and DD is playing with what she bought and snacking on some cheddar and bread sticks. I'm resting my feet until I need to get up and finish the laundry. It's been a nice day and I hope it continues that way (It's 2:30pm now)
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Joan, why not approach a carpenter directly and ask if your son can work as a laborer under him and learn a few tricks of the trade? He could find out for certain by age 18 whether he wants to go through with the apprenticeship program. My dh is actually in school for carpentry. We couldn't find any apprenticeship programs. But he loves what he is learning about. He started back up today and is taking Floor Framing, Roof Framing, and Wall Framing, so after this term, he'll know how to build a house!
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I'll be back when I'm feeling more wordy. I just wanted to make sure I could find this again
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Joan, have you checked at the local Home Depot or Lowe's Home Improvement stores? They have "Do It Yourself" classes here. You can learn about laying hardwood floors, installing fencing, laying brick paths, building outbuildings, pouring driveways, hanging sheet rock, etc. And I'd imagine that he could sign up with your "permission", or perhaps take the classes alongside one of his parents, or another adult friend. I'd just contact the class instructor directly and discuss his interest in learning. You might even find an apprentice mentor that way.

Another possibility is to check at a Senior Center. We have one here which works with students (mostly middle school) to create intergenerational connections for both parties. You might find someone who'd mentor that way. Also, check your local homeschooling groups, there may be a dad or grandfather who'd welcome an apprentice. Another possibility is check in your neighborhood for folks doing home improvement themselves. Many would LOVE an extra pair of hands!

There are woodworking clubs also, I imagine. But that might be more skilled than he is ready for. I agree with contacting some small business contractors about taking him under his wing too. Or check small local hardware stores, like ACE Hardware. They often have ole' timers who'd love to pass along their knowledge to an interested party.

We have community college classes that permit teens to take classes at 15 1/2, iirc. Or younger, with an adult registered to take the class with them. You might check at a local Farmer's Market too. Often men do wood working and sell bird houses, furniture, tables, etc. And they might be willing to 'introduce the tools of the trade', gleefully.

Oh, often you can get 'Do It Yourself' videos about home improvement too, and unschool building!

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