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Wonder Wraps

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I'm not pleased with these. they are pricey at about $14 a piece. they are supposed to fit babies 7-35 lbs--a great thing if you can use them. they adjust as your baby grows, however i've been disappointed with these.

1. they leak. i've never dried mine, wash them like i've washed every wrap and they do not retain moisture inside as they should

2. after only one month, the snaps were breaking and not working right. : that really annoyed me.

3. i'm not really thrilled about the workmanship on the velcro tabs, either.

all in all, i wish i'd just gotten bummis or fuzzi bunz and bought the different sizes as ds grows.
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I wish I would have read this review before I order 2 of them.
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well, the update is that i emailed the montana diaper co. they do quality control on these and they agreed to take them back and fix and/or replace. so that is good. still, the snaps shouldn't have broken (on ALL of them, i might add) after only 2 months of use.
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I have a couple of these and haven't had any problems with leaking. The aplix still works well after 4 months of use. However, the blue one I have became pilly almost immediatly. It's completely covered in pills and looks all worn out. I don't know if it's because I wash it with my prefolds, but the green one I have still looks nice and is pill-free. I probably won't be buying them again.
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wonder wraps are my favorite cover! They wouldn't fit a newborn, but I don't really think any one size diaper would fit a newborn (not in my experience). They would definitely work from 10 pounds and up!
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I have to agree with goodheartedmama. These are my favorite covers and I have a bunch of them. I never get blow outs from them and the montana diaper store has great C/S and I think that its great they fixed your snaps.

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I bought one of these and I cannot stand it. Complete waste of money. The fabric is so thick and bulky, and then when you fold it over to make the rise shorter, it is just way too much bulk. My son was about 17 pounds and crawling when we tried it, and he had a hard time moving in it. Plus, who needs even more bulk on an already poofy cd'd bum??
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LOL...1 year later and I still love these covers.
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I was just going to add that I really like my (one) Wonder Wrap cover. I never used it on a small baby though, and my guy is chunky and solid---about 27 pounds now. I just use it with all the snaps open so there's no extra bulk. I think it's an excellent cover with good Aplix, and I have never had leak issues. It's probably a better cover for bigger/older babies.
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