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pristine gut?

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Does anyone know a good place I can find some info on "pristine gut"? I've wondered off and on about this but I've never seen much about it.

Is the pristine gut mainly desirable to protect a baby from developing food allergies?

It was my impression that with exclusive breastfeeding for six months (or until introducing solids at some time after that), your child has a pristine gut. I wonder, though, if this is only a theoretical construct. A long time ago, I read some good info about how introducing formula, even in a very small amount only one time, permanently alters the gut flora. And my assumption is that other things do, too. It stands to reason that other "foreign matter" is introduced over time, too, even without feeding formula or introducing solids. I've heard someone question whether the pristine gut concept really is functional in our society, given all the factors that cause a baby to "lose" it. A sibling's unwashed finger stuck into baby's mouth, whatever's on the baby's own hand, dirt, random bugs (etc.), Tylenol given for a fever, Lansinoh spread over a nipple & ingested while feeding (????), and compounds (many of the same ingredients found in that formula) found in breastmilk. (Cow's milk protein, other proteins, medicines and chemicals cross into milk and pass to baby, and could cross the gut.) So if a mother is eating the ingredients found in formula (in other forms),

I guess I'm wondering what it really is, how important it is, and whether desiring it would be enough to make someone second-guess any treatments or procedures that would introduce something to their infant's system (like wanting to avoid Tylenol etc. after circumcision.) But I don't know much about the pristine gut or why it would be really, really desirable to try to stay pristine (I just knew I didn't want to supplement, but I wasn't thinking about the gut, specifically) or if that would be a selling point for someone who is considering circing her son (if wanting to avoid Tylenol would convince her not to circ, since exclusive breastfeeding is important to her...)

Anyway, thought this forum might be the place to ask about pristine gut. Thanks for any info you can offer!
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There's a sticky in H&H on Healing the Gut, and one of the blurbs has links (studies) on infant gut flora. I would think one of the biggest problems infants would have with their guts is what flora originally colonized them. Csec or vaginal birth, what was mom's gut flora situation, like that. That sticky has articles that may be of interest to you.
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Thanks so much. There's some great info there.
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I know. I just wish I knew a quarter of it. I am reading in my spare time, and learning that I have _so much_ more to learn.
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