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Discussion has started over in the media forum, http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=649460 here is the link to chime in.

Any thoughts about our next study? I thought we would allow a week for the first discussion, so we need to already be thinking about the next round.
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Anyone else want to discuss the science teaching article? We've had a little bit of discussion, but there are lots more points that could be poked at and rocks that could be turned over.

Thread is here: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=649460

We also need to find another article for our next round of discussion. Any topics of interest? Raise a topic, I'll try to find an article.
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Sorry I haven't had much time to participate in this discussion...

I'm mostly interested in articles concerning early childhood, nature, maybe something about colors (their effects in clothing, room colors, etc)

Thanks for organizing things!
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Early childhood, specifically birth through preschool, brought up 25 articles.

The Importance of Sleep

The Nursery Class as a Foundation for Later Life
Resource Type: Article
Author: G.L. Rowe

Pressure and the Spirit of Play
Resource Type: Article
Author: John F. Gardner

Here are links to three articles. Twenty-two more possibilities...

Let me know if any of these ring your bell. I didn't find anything specifically on color.

I remember a great article on nature. I wonder if it is published online anywhere? I'll go search. No luck.

Nature Deficit Disorder
Resource Type: Article
Author: David Mitchell

This one looks good. I found several other articles about nature.
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Is anyone interested in one of these articles as our next study? I'm pretty busy, but I could start the thread for the discussion and put in the link and even raise a few points for discussion. However, I won't do all that unless at least a couple of people want to participate!

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I'm still game for this, but it was getting lonely over there with just the two of us

Hope to see some more interest in this.
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Your wish has been granted. Two more people have jumped into the science discussion.

Online study groups have a different rhythm than real life study groups. You never get everybody in the same "room" at the same time, for one thing.
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Sorry for being a bit flaky--I think all of those articles you posted above sound interesting--I scanned them a bit. I will try my hardest to participate if anyone else wants to discuss one of them.
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I think I'll start us off with the article about Nature Deficit Disorder. It will make a nice segue from the discussion about science teaching. Won't have time to set it up before tomorrow though. I'm supposed to be working...
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Mind if I join in? I'd be interested in the Nature Deficit article, too. I clicked on the link you provided, but didn't see an article on that topic. Maybe I missed something?

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Yes, you are welcome to join in, and yes, the article is there, but it is almost at the end of the pdf. They put up an entire issue as one file. I'll put in the page number in the study thread when I start it.
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I just printed the article. it's on the pdf pages 28-30, don't forget to switch the page orientation to landscape.

thanks for the thread, i'm learning by reading along, even though I didn't comment on the first article.
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Thank you for the page references. I'll go set up the thread and then come back here and put in the link.

Okay, I've started the thread, including the helpful instructions for printing in landscape mode, and quoted the first paragraph.

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Third discussion group. This one is on the article: Pressure and the Spirit of Play by Gardner. It is from 1963.
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I definitely want to join, I am sorry I missed this thread!

Maybe the next one discussion. Subbing!
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The third discussion didn't get any responses so far. Why don't you read the article and let me know what you think? Perhaps we can get it going again! If you go to the thread referenced in post 34 there is a link to the article.
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Perhaps we should start up the study again?

Anyone interested? Topics for discussion?

Can someone help with the organizational work? I'm pretty busy right now.
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I'd be interested in joining your discussion group.

I went to your link-Waldorf Library- and really liked this article:

Bidding and Forbidding
Resource Type: Article
Author: Alfred Schreiber

It's about Disipline--or lack there of, in children up to 7 years.
Something I wonder about with my 2.5 year old.

Not sure if anyone else would be interested in this topic or what would be involved with organizing at discussion group....
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I'd be interested in joining in. Discipline sounds good, and it's a good length.

Another potentially interesting article was recommended on another forum:


It's from the Waldorf Science Newsletter and it's about the study of
ecology in the Waldorf curriculum (from k through 12). It starts on page 22 and
is titled "What is Home?". It includes a chart showing subjects from the waldorf curriculum in relationship to environmental education.

Could be interesting...
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Both good. Why don't we just take them in order? It seems to take about a week to two weeks to get through a discussion, so it won't be a long delay.

How to start a discussion:

1) Go to the books and other media forum,
2) start a thread,
3) use the topic of the article as the title and add "study group"
4) Put in a brief note explaining that this will be a study thread and then put in the link to the article. A short quote can also get people interested.
5) Come back to this forum and put in a link to the study thread.

It is a good idea to subscribe to the study thread so you know when people have responded. Anyone want to try it out?
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