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trashy art

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Any suggestions on turning trash into art? I want some good ideas for my little girl. We want to take an ordinary container, glass jar, old sock..etc etc....and turn it into something useful and fun!!

Any good ideas?

I thought about turning a gallon jug into a terrarium, an old sock filled with sprouting seeds with some buttons sewn into it to make a face and waallaa...you have a cheea pet, hmmmmm what else.... paper mashe something, old containers into flower pots, coke plastic jugs into bird feeders.

I need some fresh ideas! HELP!!!!

Love cece
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Great ideas Cece

Eli is only 18 mos. so we are just getting started on some of these projects. We layered masking tape on old cardboard milk cartons, completely covering them, and colored on the tape. These boxes hold crayons and markers.

We took an old water bottle and filled it 2/3 full with mineral oil and added some food coloring (blue). Fill it the rest of the way with water and use a glue gun to glue the lid on. This wave bottle is fascinating to anyone who sees it, not just Eli.

We made some bean bags that are excellent for throwing and hiding. We used old scraps of fabric and split peas I can no longer stomach and some adzuki beans I once bought but could never figure out how to cook.

I have thousands (it seems) of those plastic containers tofu comes in and I can't recycle them (they don't take them at the recycling center) and I can't throw them out (guilt) so I'm looking for something to make from them. Any ideas?
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When I was elementary school age, I used to transform cardboard food/shoe boxes and plastic containers into Barbie doll furniture. I'd cover them with fabric scraps (glued or just draped on) to make it more attractive.
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You can take any paper and rehydrate it, blend it in your blender, make or buy a screen and then make paper! Once the paper is made you can use it to cover anything. Those tofu containers make great decorative boxes covered with paper. You can even add some table scraps to your paper trash for interesting organic effects.
I make paper for a living so if their are any questions about it I'd be happy to answer them.
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Thanks Tasha

What a great idea for the tofu containers. I used to make paper and still have the screens. I made some nice paper and I had some major disasters- so I may need some help when I get around to trying this again.
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