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Digestion Question

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DD is really getting into solids these days, but only wants to feed herself, wants nothing to do with a spoon. So I give her as many fingerfoods as I can come up with, though we are avoiding dairy, wheat & sugar for now. She doesn't really seem to understand chewing yet, either.

My question is this: If it comes out in the diaper looking much like it did going in, should I stop giving her that food for a while until she can chew? This happened with carrots which I had diced & steamed until soft, sweet potatoes prepared the same way, little bits of broccoli tops also steamed very soft, and just the other day watermelon. She isn't experiencing diarreah or any other problems that I can see.

I'd like to know how others who don't buy baby food prepare veggies for their fingerfood lovin' babes. She's still more than half breastfed, but I'd like to get more into her than fruits, avocado, potato & rice puffs. Any suggestions?
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I have never really "fed" my babies if they want to eat it they can put it in thier mouth themselves.

Babies do not have all the digestive juices that we have. They just don't have the enzymes that break down those foods, yet. They should be almost all there by 18 months.

We did vegtables and fruits at first, too. Usually just an unsalted, low seasoned serving of what ever we were having. I didn't worry about what went on through, but I also definatly wanted brestmilk to be most of their diets (like 75-95% well into the second year) so I don't really have any suggestion for other digestable foods, just to tell you its not the chewing, just that she really can't digest yet.
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Thank you. Mallory! That makes sense about the enzymes not all being present yet. I will stop worrying about it
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I was just going to post a similiar question since my 12 month old passed undigested chunks of steamed and peeled yellow squash I gave him yesterday. However I am still confused. Should I puree the veggies instead -ie. will this help the body digest the them? He seems to digest other things ok like Kiwi, avocado, chicken...this couldn't be a sign of an allergy to squash could it?
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In my experience meats are more easily digestable, and avacados and kiwis seem to do well too (or at least are colorless and soft enough that any pieces that are passed are not clearly visible).

I haven't heard that passing food through whole is a sign of an allergy, unless he had other signs (like diareaha, cramps) I wouldn't worry about it, or just wait a few weeks and try again.

If the food is mechanially pureed, then a small amount more will get digested because the greater suface area will come in contact with the small amount of what ever enzyme your baby is producing that breaks down thoses squash cells on a molecular level. But it won't really make your child better able to digest it, does that make sense?
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