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Originally Posted by jstar View Post
...ok here's my big dilemma: what do i want to WEAR for birthing? (serious consideration i know...) ...what are you going to wear hospital birthers????

I'm not planning a hospital birth but I think we should all wear capes with the MDC logo printed on them!
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I'll probably bring a brinsi skirt and sports bra for the hospital birth...last time I was in just a sports bra for most of it though (I'm not very body shy, so as soon as we arrived I stripped to my bra and stayed that way till after DD arrived...I did wear a gown for a while pp since I had a c/s and the gown was just soooooo comfy and easy to nurse in).

In terms of packing a bag...I was a typical first time mama last time and had the whole thing packed and unpacked and packed a dozen times. But I played it cool and said "oh yeah, we should remember to grab X Y Z on our way out the door too". Of course, we didn't grab any of those things (including a tape player and birth cds) soooooooo....

This time I'll pack later but I'll pack a heck of a lot more completely I think!
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Hospital birth attire

For my first, I wore a much-oversized (XXXL) Lands' End swimsuit cover-up in bright orange. I bought it on sale in the fall, so it was cheap ($9.99?). It hits me at about knee length, so plenty of coverage for moving around, but is loose enough that it easily hitches up to allow access for birthing. It has big enough armholes and a deep enough v-neck that I can nurse through any of those three openings. It is 100% cotton (and loose) so it didn't feel hot. I know there was at least some blood on it, but there are no stains. I wore this thing ALL THE TIME as a nursing nightgown, too.

If I get my water birth this time, I figure I'll probably wear a cotton criss-cross front nursing/sleep bra (so we can nurse in it.) I'd love a brinsi skirt for moving around, but can't really justify buying a labor skirt for what will probably be my last childbirth... I've wondered if I can improvise such a thing with a big scarf or maybe find a cheap, elastic-waist cotton skirt.

If I can't have a water birth in the hospital (since this is a change of plans, I haven't got all the info yet--they have tubs, but maybe only for labor?), I'll wear my old orange gown again.

I might splurge on a new pair of nursing pj's to wear the next day, though. At least I know I'll get lots of use out of those.

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I'm probably gonna start out in a nursing gown, I have a big dress-type one from motherhood that has a robe that goes with it. But last time I ended up naked, I got so hot during transition and any clothes on my body bothered me. That is very unlike me because I'm a modest person.

I'm hoping to try a waterbirth so I have a bikini that I might wear or a gigantic maternity bathing suit. But I'll probably end up naked again.
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I think I'm still in denial about going to the hospital. I always just envisioned wearing whatever I happened to have on that day and stripping when it got hot or uncomfortable which would probably be pretty early on for me. I like being naked better than dressed.

The hospital scenario still baffles me a bit. I read somewhere that one should wear something that opens easily in the front. The implication was that med staff would need to access your body--not that it would make nursing easier. My immediate reaction was, "what? they're going to touch me at the hospital?!!!" ...definitely still in denial.

One thing I know I'll bring is the really gnarly and worn-out fleece button shirt that I wear while working in my studio in winter. It should be warm if the air conditioning is too much, but more importantly it continues to figure in all of my birthing dreams: I (somehow magically) birth both twins before reaching the hospital (in all manner of places) and as the dream ends I'm walking while nursing both twins and wearing that shirt with the babes and their still-attached placentas wrapped up in it. The dream doesn't have me wearing pants.
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I asked my midwife about what to wear. My MIL will be there for the birth and I would like to have something covering me up while I am laboring. With #1 I was naked half the time. She said the easiest thing for her to work around is a twin sized sheet just draped over you. That way you are naked, covered and have easy access for her. She also suggested a big long tanktop. I will probably bring it all, but probably end up naked again.
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I'm haveing a home birth, but, I will most deffinately be naked: I was with ds and it didn't bother me one bit, I like the fact that the baby has instant skin contact, and honestly I just didn't notice. However, I really like the idea of getting cute PJs for after the birth and the next few days after, I think I will definately be looking at gap.com or something. I remember feeling kinda ugly afterword and cute pjs would be really nice to cozy up in!

I am also not so worried about getting ready, I think it is because it's my second, but I just think as long as I have my baby bundle and a bundle of diapers I am good. which is probobly very lazy thinking on my part, I just don't have the energy with a toddler too. The baby will come no matter what, I pray I can get my act together and do the very leaste of prepping too!
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Okay, the frenzied preparations of all the first-timers has prompted me to wash the few items I bought new for this baby. Today, I washed the three organic cotton undershirts and the one-piece coming home outfit that I bought this winter. I'm going to assume Mom will be here in time to get out and get ready all the other clothes. It'll be warm, right? Baby won't need any pants!

I've got a little list started of the stuff that I want to get by certain dates. A lot of it is functional--the carseat, plus just-in-case prescriptions for domperidone and All Purpose Nipple Ointment (APNO)...

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AAAAKKK! Willo, no don't do it, stay with us unprepared ones, I was not feeling that guilty, UUUGGHHH! now I am feeling unprepared
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well i have had my eye on the gap polka dot nursing jammies. and a couple of days ago i checked and they would have been >$50 with shipping or something. and then i checked today and they went on sale. so i ordered them!! woo woo.

i think a nightgown thing would probably be better for laboring (the big orange one sounds great!). maybe i'll go to target and get something big and flowy. and i was thinking i'll take a bikini top for laboring in the tub. i plan to stay home as long as possible so i don't know if i'll even make it to the tub. i have a couple of friends who may be visiting who i do not want to be around buck naked. at least they were there while i was laboring last time. i know from the pictures.... i was really not tuned in to who was there when. and hopefully labor will be shorter this time.

last time i wore the hospital gowns the whole time i was there. after birthing they gave me a nursing one with boob holes. the funniest were the disposable mesh panties. i soooo didn't care what i was wearing at all. i think i was feeling kind of ugly too : or else i was just reveling in my own funk. i remember not wanting to shower and people came to visit and i wasn't looking so great.

i haven't washed any of the new items i have bought for baby. actually i have only bought ONE outfit (my what self restraint!). oh yeah and a tshirt. but i received several gifts. i reallllly think i should wait until may 1 to do any of it. and then if anything happens early i will be doing laundry while in labor
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Hmmm - you are all scaring me. I am 30 weeks on Saturday (my day to turn it forward one week). I am still aiming for Sunday June 17 (Father's Day) which is one day past my due date. The thought of 37 weeks full term (I think that would be May 25 or something like that) really really freaked me out - I somehow don't consider 37 weeks full term since I was over due with two. Regardless - nothing has been bought for this baby and all is in the basement in a big old bin. I will likely pull all that out in mid May.

What to wear - gosh, I like the hospital gowns, coverage but no restrictions. Since I am aiming for a homebirth (kind of), I won't have that luxury. Also since I want my little ones with me, naked doesn't quite seem too appropriate either (not fully clothed but not stark either). Nevertheless, with the last one, it only got really uncomfortable about 1 hour before the babe was born so I should be fairly functional for most of it (I was making beds at home at 3pm and the babe was born at the hospital at 4:15pm) - so maybe a simple long shirt (husband t-shirt perhaps).

Packing - will think about that at 35 weeks!
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The "what to wear" issue really has me thinking. Lately all I've been wearing are mens crisp cotton pajamas size XL. I just roll up the sleeves, hike up the pants, and away I go! They are SUPER comfy and cheap ($15 bucks at target, $10 at Wal-Mart). The shirts have buttons and the pants have snaps--adjustable even! Best of all, they come in nice cool colors that I find relaxing. I'll probably wear these during labor. These are what I'll pack should I find myself needing a hospital transfer.
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*sneaks in here*
Better late than never huh?

Add me to the OMG this baby could come in 8 weeks-club. I feel like I have sooooooo much to do, mostly because I don't seem to get anything done though, if you look at it objectively, it isn't that bad. I keep stalling on the same projects over and over and over. I must just pick up one project and finish it, not work at 7 things at a time.

I had my "30 week" (at 29 weeks) u/s yesterday. It was so much fun, the images were so clear and crisp! Baby was yawning and sucking his hands . So cute. More importantly, he was right on track. I wanted to scream: BOOYA EVERYONE! See? I'm not starving my baby, he's not not growing well, I'm just HIDING it well. I'd gotten so many annoying comments over the last few weeks. What people stick their noses into, it's unbelievable. And the thing that sucks most, was that while *I* knew things were fine, people make you start doubting yourself. My appointment was fine this morning too. My OB is mostly amused about the lack of weight gain.

Ok, too much rambling about myself again.
What to wear during birthing? Man, I hadn't even thought about that yet! I'll have to do some thinking now (yay, another thing to add to the list : )

I should get off of here and get some stuff done. Rambling on here is not going to make that list any shorter
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Okay, so everyone's washing things, which gets me thinking.

If I wash all of the baby's things NOW, won't they be . . . not exactly dirty, but, you know, dusty and sort of stale by the time I give birth??

I guess I can always do it now, and then check them closer to my due-date and rewash, if necessary . . . . .

I have no idea what I'll wear to labor. Probably an old (thin!) pair of cotton PJ pants that still fit and a sports bra. One of DH's old T-shirts overtop if I get cold . . . . I'm sure I'll end up mostly naked, though.
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Originally Posted by ChristineIndy View Post
If I wash all of the baby's things NOW, won't they be . . . not exactly dirty, but, you know, dusty and sort of stale by the time I give birth??

I guess I can always do it now, and then check them closer to my due-date and rewash, if necessary . . . . .
If this is your FIRST baby, you'll end up re-washing them, because they will be too dirty for your precious new baby.

I think, for 2nd+ kids, they will be perfectly fine.

Honestly, don't you have stuff in your closet or dresser that sits for more than two months before you wear it? I certainly do! And how often do you feel the need to wash it before YOU wear it?

Might also depend how often you take out the little t-shirts, hold them, cuddle them up to your face, re-fold them, sniff them as if they might already hold scent cues of what your baby will smell like, shake them out and fold them yet again more perfectly... Oh yeah, I had a little bit of time for doing that last time!

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I have to admit I loooooved those hospital mesh undies! They were just so, well...comfy! I took a whole box home with me and seriously I wore them every day for the first week. I kow it sounds positively wacko, but I've actually had other mamas confess to the same thing. And one partner even thought they were "beyond sexy" so...if you're hospital birthing it may be a hidden perk. And you can buy them online for homebirth use as well.

I'm sort of looking forward to having the brinsi this time (since I'd like to walk around the hospital gardens if it's during the day) but it's actually a gift...I wouldn't buy it just for this birth since money is a bit tight. I had thought I'd wear a sort of fuzzy short bathrobe thing last time but really the sports bra and nothing else was fine...the only time I had to "cover up a little" (wrapped in a blanket actually) was when I walked down the hall from the tub room to a birthing suite when I was "done" with the tub for a while and wanted to lay down a bit. The nurses at my hospital are really used to naked mamas wandering around...their only request is that the partners remain somewhat clothed!

Oh! And last time I bought a pair of super comfy XXL sleep pants at Kmart...they have funny monkeys all over them and the wasit band has "monkey noises" printed on it (like "oooogh" and "aaaaaagh!"). DD calls them my "funny monkey pants" (which makes me think about that Buffy episode) but they are ridiculously comfy and I wear them to sleep in most nights so I'll probably do some of my birth in those...
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I haven't washed any baby things but I've definately started thinking about it! My birth kit came yesterday so I am going to start putting together a tote with just birth stuff. My mom was here when my birth kit came, and I opened it, and she laughed. She had no idea it was mostly pads. LOL!

I had a midwife appt yesterday... it was good. Baby is head down and OA which is great news for me, even if they are still moving a ton. I don't remember my son ever being anterior.

As for what to wear in labor... I wore a maternity tank last time with shorts, and eventually with no shorts, and at least part of it naked. Once we transferred to the hospital I wore that ugly gown. This time I fully plan on being naked. I'll probably start out in the same outfit... the tank and knit shorts. They are just so comfy!
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I haven't washed any baby clothes yet, but I do have a few things at least, so I'm feeling a little closer to being ready. DH suggested we order CDs as our Easter present to ourselves this weekend, which sounds great to me. We have a car seat (but no car) and I am thinking about getting nursing pjs too, because a friend of mine said she really regretted not having something cute to wear in the hospital after the birth.

No matter how much stuff I buy to get ready, though, we're still waiting for our landlord to arrange to have our apartment deleaded before the baby comes--so that will be way more disruptive and it just isn't in our control (no matter how many times we ask him nicely to do it asap--not in June). We didn't know he was legally required to do this for children under 6, but when the city inspectors were here for something else they noticed I was pregnant, so now they're requiring him to have it done.

I finally did my glucose tolerance test yesterday (yuck) and am waiting to hear today if I passed it. We had a great trip to Nova Scotia (home) last week (hi Corri!), but the downside is that from sitting in the car for many hours, I now have some pretty serious lower back pain. My ob says it's probably sciatica, but I'm not sure that's what it is because there's no pain at all in my legs. Anyway, I'm limping, and trying to do some stretches to make it go away.

Since this is baby #1 I have a feeling I'll be more than 40 weeks, and I just have this sneaking suspicion that since I'm a Canadian in the US, this American baby will be born July 4th. Or maybe she'll decide to appear on Canada Day instead!
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This being my first I'm almost baffled by the idea of nursing pjs (but incredibly curious!!!). Where does one find cute nursing pjs? (I don't mean to sound like an uninformed mama to be, but this is seriously a new idea for me!)
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Originally Posted by Robbins0614 View Post
This being my first I'm almost baffled by the idea of nursing pjs (but incredibly curious!!!). Where does one find cute nursing pjs? (I don't mean to sound like an uninformed mama to be, but this is seriously a new idea for me!)
Well, one can nurse in many kinds of regular nighties and pj's, but cute nursing pajamas are a beautiful thing for when you are feeling a bit sore, exhausted, and weird stuff has been coming out of precious parts of your body for a few days!

www.motherwear.com is the most obvious place to buy them (to me.)

www.roundbelly.com is another place I have personal good experience with for both maternity and nursing wear.

www.nordstrom.com has a maternity shop and a few nursing gowns (Japanese Weekend and Olian maternity, mainly.)

And my personal "aspiration pajamas" are made by www.majamas.com (sold only through online/retailers, not direct), but I haven't spent the money on these yet and I've never seen them on sale. They just look good. I haven't actually worn anything by Majamas yet.

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