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what did you do with the placenta?

Poll Results: what did you do with the placenta?

Poll expired: Jun 19, 2003  
  • 23% (19)
    Planted it
  • 1% (1)
    Cooked it and ate it.
  • 50% (41)
  • 24% (20)
81 Total Votes  
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Dh and I want to honor the placenta that so beautifully nourished our son during my pregnancy. We're leaning towards planting it in the garden so it can be returned to the earth and continue to nourish. I'm wondering what everyone else did with theirs and whether you had any special ceremony to accompany it.
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we planted ds's and plan to plant dd's. currently dd's is still in the freezer. with ds we planted a sunflower, we have not a seed for dd yet, we will plant it when we get the seed. no special ceremony but but we do feel it is important to plant it.
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A friend wants to use it in her birth class!
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With my 1st, we planted it after having it in the freezer for months & months! With my next (anyday now! ) I found a recipe to steam it with a jalapeno, lime juice, garlic and then slice it real thin and dehydrate it, then powder & encapsulate it to use for medicinal purposes such as PPD. I will also be willing to take a bite of it raw if necessary if I have any hemmoraging. I hear Moms love the smell of it cooking. I'll let you know what i think! I didn't really get a chance to check out my Son's placenta & look forward to really examining this one and checking out the amniotic sack & cord veins and will even make a print of it on some nice watercolor paper before we prepare it.
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I left mine at the hospital. I have to be honest, I didn't feel that much of an attachment to mine. I never really felt that it was my placenta that was nourishing my baby, but rather my body and spirit as a whole. I did look at it with my first and was surprised at how large it was. I couldn't eat it. It seems to much like liver, and I just can't do organ meat. This is just my hang up, but eating it is a bit to canibalistic for me.
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I voted other as DH made a placenta essence for DD#2's. DD#1 was born in the hospital -- c-sec -- so I never saw it even. DS's we left attached for 12 hours because DH threw away the cord thread away (he didn't know what it was), and on top of that DS was born in February and there was not enough sunlight to make the essence.

Edited to add:

I also took a small bite of DD's placenta (raw!), so I could have voted for ate it too.

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We kept it in the freezer. Then we gave it to the midwife. They take them and donate to whoever trains the search/rescue dogs.
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We had a lotus birth and after DD pulled her cord off, we wrapped the placenta in cloth and put it in the freezer. I don't want to bury it yet because we are in Australia and will be in America in a couple of months. I will eventually bury it in a huge terracotta clay pot and plant something on top of it! Hopefully DD will be old enough to help bury it then!
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I cooked it, dried it, ground it up, and ate it with a teaspoonful of applesauce. I didn't actually like the smell when I was steaming it; exactly like liver! Very iron-rich, very nourishing. I still have a bit in the freezer. I feel good about it.
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DS was born in August, but we buried it in January under the Christmas tree. My parents always buy their Christmas trees live - meaning burlap sack & all. DS was born at my mother's house. We got it out of the freezer and all went out to toss it in the hole. I said a few words about it nourishing the tree. Then we all got cold and let my step-father finish planting the tree.
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We have 2 girls, both of theirs are still in our freezer. Oldest dd is almost 3 1/2 . We didnt want to plant them where we used to live and where we now live is where we want them "planted" but we havent gotten around to it yet:
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My poor placenta...It was in the fridge the first few days, then I put it in the freezer. Then the ice storm hit and we had to leave, and our house was with out power for days, thus thawing everything in our freezer out. Blood everywhere. So I refroze it (ouch) but the baggie broke So I defrosted it again and set it in a bowl in the fridge and let it "beef jerky" it shrunk to less than half it's original size. I don't exactly know what I'm doing....was just going to keep it frozen till we found a place to bury it. Now it's in a better ziplock baggie and back in the freezer (dh was sick of seeing it in the bowl lol). Wonder what will happen next?
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I realized mid-c-section that I had forgotten to tell the doctor that I wanted to keep the placentas. Luckily, I managed to yell loud enough for them to hear me and save them. Then we ended up leaving the hospital without them! I remembered about them the second day home and promptly burst into tears . We called the hospital, and though the nurses thought we were nuts, they managed to find the placentas in some fridge. My mom (who never kept any of her placentas) was sent to rescue them. Just as the nurse was handing them over, the bag broke and the placentas fell on the floor! But they picked them up and put them in a better bag, and now they're in our freezer. We want to plant them under a tree (or two trees?), but we can't decide where to do it since we most likely won't be buying a house for several years. We might do it at DP's parents' house. . . After my mom brought the placentas home, I made lots of people hold both babies and the bag of placentas to see how heavy it all was. . . Too bad we couldn't save all that amniotic fluid too!

I hope we don't have the placentas in our freezer for years. . . I'd like to plant them before the ground freezes again.

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After saving ds' placenta in the freezer for more than 4 years we planted it alog with dd's placenta under a black oak (native California oak) in our front yard . The nurses at he hospital were I had my babies really wanted us to take the placenta and they put it in a dish with a lid
Now whenever we are palying in the front and I noticed that the tree is loosing its leaves or that it looks taller It always makes me think of my babies

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We had a beautifl ceremony planting a Magnolia tree on top of it. My inlaws were there, and to her credit (which I rarely give her ) MIL was extremley well-behaved. She didnt say anything derogatory, but did look a bit green!

My neighbors had their baby in the hospital and I helped them steal theirs so they could do the same thing. It was kind of funny, I was actually in labor at the time and I just slipped it into a bag and put it in my backpack. The babies are 2 days apart and each has her own Magnolia tree nourished by the placenta.
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With ds#1, who was born in the hospital, it got left behind (I was offered it, but not encouraged to take it...didn't know where I would put it, etc.). The midwife did play with it a little to show us it's structure (the amniotic bag was still attached to it, so she stuck her hands in it and "re-formed" it to show us it's shape...kind of cool).

With ds#2, we froze it and just thawed and planted it about 2 weeks ago . We cut it in two and planted it under two lilac bushes in our front yard, one for each ds.

OT, my d-fil came by yesterday and dh was showing him our new landscaping and mentioned that the placenta was buried underneath. He informed dh that that was "too much information" LOL I think he is still tramatized from ds#2's birth (he was around the house for several hours of my labor watching ds#1...it was his first and last experience listening to a naturally laboring woman and I was LOUD )...
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We bought a lilac tree at a local nursery, and planted the placenta and the tree (which was in bloom on dd's birthday) in a "naming/blessing" ceremony we had with family. My father acted as "high priest" and we found some passages on the internet by searching for "pagan" or "blessingway" or "birth ceremony" - can't remember exactly.

It was very nice - we honored the four directions, annointed the baby's forehead with salt water (for earth and water), and waved some candle smoke over her (for fire and air), then we passed her around and everyone made a "wish" for her.

The highlight of the ceremony was my 5 year old niece exclaiming at the top of her lungs "Ewwwwww! What's that? It's gross!" as the placenta slid out of the plasticware into the ground. Who was supposed to prepare that munchkin......?
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Both of mine are still in our freezer. I've been wanting to plant them for a long time now, but......
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I left mine at the hospital. It was sent off to verify if DD had a two vessel cord.

Surprisingly she had a three vessel cord. Very uncommon for a baby with Downs.
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