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Thanks Mom2JandG - have you considered the nuchal translucency test? I know this isn't definitive like the amnio but is far more accurate at spotting Down's. I should have done it but was so sick with m/s that I declined.
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Yes, I am going to do that I think. I was sure about my dates too, I don't think that is the main reason for the false positive, I think the main reason is that the test is designed to include mostly false positives. This is a really stupid analogy, but here goes. Let's say that most blue fish swim by the left side of a coral reef, but so do millions of other fish, but the blue fish really like it there. You want to catch a blue fish, so you cast an enormous net capturing all of the fish by the left side of the coral reef. Sure, you caught some blue fish, but also many, many (mostly) other colors. This is what this test does. Most (and I do mean most) women in this situation will have babies without downs, but it is the most uninvasive way to make people test for downs, so they are willing to put us all in this risk group to catch the tiny amount of women who have a baby with downs in hopes that the women will terminate (most do) and the baby will not be a burden on the state. Horrible, but true. If you get a number of 1:100 and you are called high risk, that risk is 1%, 99% not. Good luck, I remember the stress of this, I am hoping you get some good news.
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